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Chapter 108-Part 1

The news of Sun Xu and Wang Jingjing’s relationship has completely exploded online.

Sun Xu’s fans are all screaming in disbelief, saying it’s impossible. They are convinced that someone is trying to frame their beloved Sun Xu because their baby is too popular. They claim that Wang Jingjing is ugly, surrounded by scandals, and absolutely not worthy of Sun Xu.

It’s all fake, they say. On the other side, Wang Jingjing also has her own fans who fiercely defend her, insisting that Sun Xu is not worthy of their fairy. The conflict between the two fan bases becomes chaotic and intense.

New Star Entertainment is not sitting idle either. They spend money to suppress the trending topics, hire internet armies to control comments, and release statements clarifying the rumors. They simultaneously demand Sister Chen, Wang Jingjing, Sun Xu, and others return to the company.

Meanwhile, they are puzzled about when Wang Jingjing and Sun Xu started their relationship. The situation becomes more complicated when they remember that Sun Xu vehemently claimed innocence when investigated earlier, accusing Jiang Nian of deliberate defamation. Now, the situation is turning against them.

The relationship between Sun Xu and Jiang Nian is very secretive, known to only a few. Firstly, the company prohibits dating, and secondly, they are both in a rising period of their careers, fearing that rumors might affect their popularity.

Sun Xu’s original intention was to have a casual fling and break up, so he naturally didn’t want to make it public. As for his relationship with Wang Jingjing, which is already discreet, he certainly wouldn’t dare talk about it openly.

Initially, the online discussions were centered around Sun Xu and Wang Jingjing’s relationship, but at some point, voices started claiming that Jiang Nian was the one in a relationship with Sun Xu! This infuriated Sun Xu’s fans even more.

With the situation already chaotic due to the initial rumors, the addition of this twist involving Jiang Nian makes things even messier.

As the situation escalates, Jiang Nian’s legal team and the police release the results of their recent investigations. The revelations from these two investigations create even bigger waves than the rumors about Sun Xu and Wang Jingjing’s relationship!

It turns out that this was not just a malicious event where Jiang Nian, with a large fanbase, bullied a lesser-known actress. Wang Jingjing and Jiang Nian did have a conflicting working relationship.

The truth is that Jiang Nian and Sun Xu were indeed in a romantic relationship for the past six months. The dispute between Jiang Nian and Wang Jingjing was not a case of Jiang Nian bullying her, but rather, Wang Jingjing intentionally showed Jiang Nian intimate photos of her and Sun Xu!

Wang Jingjing suddenly transformed from a victim into a third party. Her crystal fanbase had not reacted yet, while Sun Xu’s little sun fanbase on the other side was even more explosively charged. What was once just a love affair has now turned into a scumbag playing with emotions, treading on both sides of the line?!

Of course, even busier are the onlookers who are eating melon from all walks of life, one after another, almost exhausted!

The online chaos intensifies. Even the bystanders who previously criticized Jiang Nian, believing in the negative publicity, are now quiet. They realize they were manipulated and turn to attack Wang Jingjing and Sun Xu.

Amidst the online turmoil, Xue Hang doesn’t forget to add fuel to the fire. He releases the video from the charity banquet, where Wang Jingjing deliberately fell, accusing Jiang Nian of tripping her. This single action creates a massive uproar!

Now, those who initially questioned Jiang Nian for pushing Wang Jingjing downstairs are starting to waver. They suspect that Wang Jingjing, with her proficiency in falling, might have done it intentionally to smear Jiang Nian and snatch her boyfriend and opportunities.

“I heard that Jiang Nian has been completely abandoned by New Star Entertainment. The scripts and endorsements she had previously are now all given to Wang Jingjing. I used to think this company treated everyone fairly and didn’t intentionally favor those with more fame. Now, thinking about it, Wang Jingjing is really cunning!”

“I never liked Wang Jingjing. Clearly, it was just a minor injury, and she stayed in the hospital for over ten days before releasing a video forgiving Jiang Nian for harming her. She pretended to be magnanimous and strong, but she was actually playing the victim, acting like she was wronged and pitiable.”

“Yes, after that video came out, Jiang Nian was completely turned into a scapegoat. Look at Jiang Nian’s latest Weibo post; almost all of the hundreds of thousands of comments are criticizing her!”

“Wang Jingjing is a scheming hypocrite, and Jiang Nian is really pitiful. Not only was she dumped by her boyfriend, but she also got framed by him and another woman!”

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