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Chapter 60: Miss Jian Hua Wins the Lottery Again

“President Tang.”

Manager Zhao trembled. “Mo Han has cleared the compensation.”


Tang Tan raised his eyebrows in surprise. “He returned the entire ten million?”

Manager Zhao nodded and said, “Yes.”

So much money, Manager Zhao thought; even he couldn’t come up with it in a short time.

“You can go now.”

Tang Tan waved his hand helplessly, feeling that nothing was going smoothly lately.

“Investigate where Mo Han got the ten million.”

After hanging up the landline, Tang Tan picked up his mobile phone and made another call: “Lao Hei, how’s the task I gave you?”

A rough voice came from the other end: “We’re still keeping an eye on him. Don’t worry, we’re doing it for safety.”


After ending the call, Tang Tan rubbed his temples. Thinking about what he instructed Lao Hei to do, his mood improved a bit.

The landline rang.

“Did you find out?”

“President Tang, the ten million from Mo Han came from Miss Jian Hua.”

“Where did she get the money?”

Tang Tan asked this question, his eyebrows jumping, feeling like it wasn’t a good answer.

“Miss Jian Hua won the lottery again.”


The phone was hung up.

“… ”

Tang Tan was speechless for a long time.

The motherf**king lottery agency is run by Jian Hua’s family, right?

How come winning the lottery is like playing for fun!

Tang Tan roared in his heart.

Su Hua was unaware of Tang Tan’s inner turmoil. At this moment, she was at Mo Han’s parents’ house, preparing for the wedding banquet.

Originally, Su Hua didn’t want to have a wedding banquet, considering that the previous one almost exhausted her in another dimension. However, Mother Mo said that it was necessary to at least invite some relatives and friends, even if it wasn’t a grand event.

Su Hua couldn’t refuse Mo Han’s mother, so she let Mo Han run around outside, preparing the invitations and booking the venue.

Su Hua stayed at home, enjoying a peaceful time.

“Host, you should go with Mo Han to show him your virtuous and gentle side.”

Su Hua, holding a tablet, almost dropped it with a shake of her hand.

“I don’t need to be virtuous and gentle for him to like me. Also, please call me goddess. Thank you.”

“…When can we move past the goddess thing?”

From morning until noon, without any sign of Mo Han, Su Hua made a call to him.

No one answered.

“Hey, locate Mo Han. Why isn’t he answering the phone?”

“Host, to use the locator, you need to buy a tracker—1000 points each, very cheap.”

Su Hua smiled, “Why don’t you go snatch one?”


“In the first dimension, it was free.”

“Host, that was a beginner’s benefit.”




“Deal at 500.”

After buying the locator, Su Hua was about to swear, “Damn, isn’t this Tang Tan’s private villa?”

In the original plot, Tang Tan and Xu Chenyi reconciled, so Tang Tan should have released Mo Han.

However, Tang Yan didn’t. He kept Mo Han imprisoned and even cheated on Xu Chengyi while being with Mo Han.

Mo Han, confined by Tang Tan, could only endure humiliation. In the end, he returned to Tang Tan’s company and tried to bring down the Tang Group. Of course, Mo Han couldn’t overcome Tang Tan, the chosen son of heaven, and was eventually gang-raped by a few big men under Tang Tan’s order.

It can be said that Mo Han’s blackening was entirely caused by Tang Tan.

“This Tang Tan still doesn’t let go of Mo Han. Isn’t there Xu Chenyi? He really is fickle.”

Su Hua didn’t know that there was a saying: What you can’t get will always disturb you.

With no time to think too much, Su Hua went downstairs and directly went to the parking lot to get her car. Just as she arrived in the garage, she sensed danger…

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