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Chapter 61

At this moment, the scene is quite awkward.

In the drizzling rain, a beautiful woman walks alone. It was supposed to be a fleeting romantic encounter, but it turned into a preposterous murder case because He Zhizhou slipped and fell on his buttocks, turning it into a sensational crime.

The desperate cry of ‘Help! Murder!’ still lingers in the wind. Unexpectedly, another voice, as if a male announcer, suddenly resonates in everyone’s ears.

The voice sounds deep and clear, resembling the narration in a documentary. Without warning, it hits like a sudden thunderclap.

[Wind whispers, rain veils, countless towers in the mist and rain.

Meeting on the long embankment, whose tears touch whose heartstrings? Whose hand reaches out to offer a lifetime of gentle waiting?

The slender hand is close at hand; she blushes and smiles, gently clasping it—]

It pauses halfway.

Then comes a shocked and almost collapsing shout: [What the hell is going on? Where is she!!!]

“This is a specially designed voiceover by the Floating Tower.”

Zheng Weiqi explained in a low voice.

“In some levels of the tower where the difficulty is too high, hints are provided through the commentary to assist the challengers.”

As a result, He Zhizhou demonstrated through his actions that “as long as I act fast enough, the thought prompts won’t catch up with me.”.

Even the official commentary in the Floating Tower was left baffled by him.

Watching the girl spin down from the riverbank, He Zhizhou suddenly got up from the ground and said, “Wait, don’t panic, I can still remedy this!”

Since even the commentary values the girl in the green dress so much, she must be an important character in the plot. If she were to meet an unfortunate end, their journey through the tower might be ruined.

—Moreover, he’s just an innocent and naive young man. He doesn’t want to bear the burden of a life so early!

He Zhizhou made a decisive decision and jumped into the water from the riverbank. Thanks to the captivating filter of the scallion pancake, he didn’t have to exert much effort and soon saw that glimpse of green cloth struggling in the water.

It was like scallion pancakes dancing in a boiling pot of oil, making him hungrier.

Although he’s not very reliable, matters involving human lives are crucial. Besides, most sword cultivators are physically superior and excel not only in swimming but also in diving.

So, by the time Ning Ning and the others reached the riverbank, He Zhizhou had already rescued the girl onto the shore.

The girl’s face was pale as ash, unsure whether she had been choked by water or had become dizzy from spinning like a top earlier.

In short, it was all melancholy and miserable. Nowhere could one find even half of the tenderness from their first encounter. Upon seeing He Zhizhou’s face, she abruptly sprayed out a mouthful of water while anxiously stepping back, tears faintly glistening in her eyes.

The narrator was probably a genuine, artificial idiot. Due to the current bizarre situation, the lines weren’t pre-set, so it chose a segment from the script that best fit the circumstances to recite.

[Her body was soaked by the rain, so fragile and helpless. Perhaps due to the karma from a previous life, repaying the fruits of this life, tears wet her long eyelashes at the first sight of him.]

Then there is a string of very fitting and melodious zither notes, full of romance.

But Ning Ning felt that the most appropriate lines at the moment should be:

[A teenage girl narrowly escapes death but still can’t escape the ruthless clutches of a murderer. The two stare at each other; she remains silent, her eyes turning red—out of fear.]

“Sorry, Miss Scallion—Lady.”

Zheng Weiqi was almost led astray by He Zhizhou as she struggled to swallow the last ‘pancake’ word and slightly hesitated, “We are disciples of a martial arts sect. My junior brother is reckless in his actions, and I apologize for any offense. Please forgive him.”


The girl, still shivering, burst out, her voice choked. “He kicked me into the river! No, you have to compensate!”

At the mention of compensation, He Zhizhou’s face immediately turned green.

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