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Chapter 225: The Male Lead Raises a Cat (42)

Shen Mubai’s silence was because the system had definitely concealed something from her.

Neither of them noticed that, on the other side of the French window, a tomcat had been wandering outside for a long time.

It was an orange tomcat, a stray cat. Yesterday afternoon, due to an accident, it wandered here. When it leaped past with its agile and heroic posture, it accidentally caught a glimpse of the cat sleeping soundly on the tatami inside the French window.

The beautiful and soft fur and the exquisite and lovely face instantly captured its little heart. So, it jumped in from the railing, gazing infatuatedly at the direction of the French window for a while. When the cat was about to wake up, it ran away, very unimpressive.

It told its brothers that it had met its true love, a cute, gentle-looking female. The brothers mocked it, saying the toad wanted to eat swan meat. But it didn’t mind, thinking that with perseverance and determination, nothing was impossible.

So today, it bravely grabbed a fish among the other cats, just to come and strike up a conversation with its true love.

With the fragrant raw fish in its mouth, it resisted the urge to eat. After jumping into this household, it ran in the direction of the French window. However, the imagined figure wasn’t on the tatami. Disappointed, it lowered its head and lingered outside for quite a while.

Just when it was about to give up, the desired figure appeared in its line of sight. The other person stepped into the living room, then jumped onto the tatami.

The tomcat was very happy, hurriedly carrying the fish, and began meowing at the French window, almost sticking its whole body against it.

Meanwhile, Shen Mubai was startled. She had just finished watching cartoons and was planning to take a nap. She didn’t expect to be confronted by an orange-spotted cat, grinning and meowing at her.

The cat seemed to notice her looking, and its grinning expression intensified.

Shen Mubai was confused, thinking, “I didn’t steal your fish.”

The outside tomcat misunderstood her intentions, thinking that she was captivated by its heroic posture. So, it jumped up, scratched the glass with its claws, and shouted to the admired cat inside, “Come out quickly! I brought you a fish!”

It had specifically consulted the experienced big brother next door about love affairs. The big brother said, “To win over your goddess, the first step is to give her a different gift every day.”

So, on the first day, it presented a fresh and sizable fish.

Shen Mubai continued to look at the cat outside, carrying a fish and shouting at her. Then she made a decision, turned around, jumped off the tatami, and moved to the sofa to sleep.

The outside tomcat was puzzled, then thought, “I must have been too enthusiastic, and the goddess is shy.”

After some consideration, it put the fish down and walked away.

Shen Mubai thought the cat had appeared by chance, but unexpectedly, the next morning, it showed up again.

This time, it carried a mouse in its mouth, sitting on the grass outside the French window, staring straight at her lying on the tatami.

Shen Mubai shivered inexplicably, realizing that something was amiss. Trembling, she said to the system, “System, it’s not trying to pursue me, is it?”

The system replied, “What do you think?”

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