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Chapter 2

The chief instructor on the stage continued to give orders, “Go and get a few people; record the class numbers of those who haven’t arrived, and they’ll have extra training later.”

“The rest of you, quickly assemble at the designated location!”

Only then did the students dare to move, quickly jogging to their respective class positions, afraid of being late and punished.

In Li Jiao’s class, there were still around forty students, relatively complete, with only five or six absent.

Everyone consciously stood in order of height, forming several rows.

Due to her short stature, Li Jiao could only silently stand at the end of the first row. Being a Southern girl, she was only 1.6 meters tall. Su Linyin and Zhang Yue had already positioned themselves in the later rows.

After standing in formation, the chief instructor on the stage continued to speak.

“Stand in military posture for half an hour!


As soon as these words were uttered, a wave of lamentation spread across the field, with many people complaining.

“Half an hour? Aren’t they afraid I’ll faint?”

“I might die; I haven’t even had breakfast!”

“Do they want us dead? Haven’t even eaten, and it’s already half an hour?”

The noisy complaints from the students displeased the chief instructor.

He was a stern military man in his forties, with a square face that looked quite formidable.

At this moment, he raised the loudspeaker and said forcefully,

“Anyone who speaks again, one hour!”

Immediately, on the vast military training ground, there was silence.

A few who quietly complained and didn’t agree were hushed by the people nearby and quieted down.

Seeing this, the chief instructor spoke again.

“Now, stand in a military position, and let’s begin!”

With this command, everyone on the field stood straight, chest out, and head held high.

Thinking, ‘Isn’t this just standing in a military position? Who can’t do this?’

They were all eighteen or nineteen years old, inherently rebellious, having just been scolded several times, and inevitably feeling disgruntled.

Now, they all wanted to show the chief instructor that even without having breakfast, they could still stand well and perform excellently!

Li Jiao didn’t think so much. She just hoped she wouldn’t faint later; otherwise, it would be too embarrassing.

As someone who is not good at sports, she couldn’t set her expectations too high.

On the high platform, the chief instructor, overlooking the entire field, observed the new students below, each standing upright.

He understood their little thoughts very well. A slight smile appeared on the stern face of the chief instructor. Indeed, it was the age of fearless newcomers.

He looked at the various military postures on the field, each one unique and somewhat awkward.

He raised an eyebrow, and he could tell in a moment.

It was now a little after nine in the morning, but the sun was already scorching hot. The sunlight, like the heat in an oven, baked every person on the military training ground.

In the air, even the exhaled breath felt scorching.

Thousands of new students stood on the training ground, initially spirited and lively.

After a little more time, they couldn’t hold up.

One by one, looking wilted and sweating profusely, they swayed on the field as if they could collapse at any moment.

Having gotten up early without eating breakfast and having run frantically for a few steps, now standing under the sun, many couldn’t endure it.


On the quiet military training ground, everyone heard a sound from behind. Subconsciously looking back, they saw that a female classmate had already collapsed.

The chief instructor on the stage had been paying attention to the scene below, picked up the loudspeaker, and said,

“Medical personnel, take her away.”

“The rest of you, stand firm!”

Soon, nurses in white uniforms arrived, carrying a stretcher. They quickly took away the student who had fainted.

The remaining students continued to stand in military positions, watching the collapsed person being carried out of the training ground with a hint of envy in their hearts.

If only it were them who had fainted.

The chief instructor paid attention to the expressions of the crowd. With a single glance, he knew what they were thinking.

He raised the loudspeaker again, but this time it wasn’t directed at the new students; instead, it was aimed at the instructor formation that had maintained military posture from the beginning.

“Instructor, get out of the queue!”

Suddenly, everyone was startled, but quickly realizing this, they all turned their gaze towards the instructors.

“Proceed to your respective classes and correct the military posture!”


The response, like a roaring lion awakening, was full of vigor.

With just this command, many students who were on the verge of fainting were abruptly awakened!

After receiving the order, the instructor formation jogged forward. Upon reaching the center of the training ground, they separated and began searching for their respective classes.

The new students on the field, one by one, became spirited. Stretching their necks and eagerly looking, they all wanted to see who their class instructor was.

In Li Jiao’s class, there were more female students, so the natural focus was on whether the instructor was handsome or not.

Whispering to each other, they discussed in hushed voices.

“Wow, look at how handsome the instructor from that class is.”

“Why hasn’t our instructor arrived yet?”

“Hey, is it him? Is it him?”

“Oh, it’s the instructors from the other classes.”

“Instructor, where’s our instructor? Where is he?”

The students from Class 1 of the 19th batch, one by one, were eagerly awaiting, their necks almost turning into giraffes, but their class instructor had yet to appear.

On the contrary, glancing at Class 2 of the 19th batch, there was a tall and handsome guy, and envy ensued.

“Is our instructor lost?” one student said.

“I don’t think so, more likely he got lost.”



Inside the class, there were quiet chuckles.

Li Jiao stood at the end of the first row, not particularly concerned about the instructor.

She closed her eyes, feeling a rare cool breeze by her ears. Contentedly, she slightly bent her eyebrows, like a satiated little cat.

So comfortable~

“Hey, here he comes.”

Someone whispered next to her, and the whole class craned their necks to look.

Similarly dressed in instructor camouflage, a man with a military cap, around 1.8 meters tall, wearing a pair of black military boots, exuded an imposing aura.

He was very handsome, with sharp and distinct features. His eyes were deep and mysterious, with thick eyebrows and a straight nose, forming an exquisite face with a cold and distant air.

Like a dagger in the dark night, unsheathed with a sharp blade, emitting a faint cold light, capable of taking lives!

Although he wore the same outfit as other instructors, his demeanor was worlds apart.

Dominance and killing intent!

This was something other instructors lacked.

Quite a few girls in the class whispered in admiration.

“So handsome~”

“Oh my, our instructor surpasses all the others.”

“He’s so handsome; he’s so handsome!”

“I love this instructor~”

“Let’s make students from other classes envy us too.”

Li Jiao had just opened her eyes to take a look at what the instructor looked like.

As she lifted her head, a figure in camouflage walked past her, emanating a faint, cold fragrance and a distinctly masculine aura.

Before she could react, she only saw a side profile of the instructor, sharp and exceptionally good-looking.

Subconsciously, she blurted out, “So dark.”

As soon as the words left her lips, Li Jiao quickly closed them tightly, subconsciously watching the figure walk away.

Seeing that he didn’t stop and there was no sign of any reaction, she breathed a sigh of relief.

Luckily, he didn’t hear.

However, what she didn’t notice was that in the next second after she spoke, the instructor’s steps paused for a brief moment, and then he continued walking.

The entire Class 1 of the 19th batch eagerly watched as the man approached. When he stopped in front of their class, everyone widened their eyes in pleasant surprise.

Indeed, this was their instructor!

A few bold girls cheered.

“Instructor, you’re so handsome!”

“Instructor, you’re the most handsome!”


As soon as the words were spoken, the whole class burst into laughter.

In reality, it was more of a sense of accomplishment. After all, just now, they were like kids without a father, eagerly watching other classes get their instructors while they had none.

Now, finally, their own instructor arrived, and he was so handsome!

Really, the more they thought about it, the more satisfied they felt!

However, it seemed like the instructor didn’t appreciate the students’ laughter. He wore a stern expression and reprimanded them.

“Maintain silence!”

The man’s voice was magnetic but simultaneously highly intimidating.

The entire class froze, stupefied in their places.

The instructor in camouflage, namely Zhang Jiuling, swept his eyes across the entire class. His gaze was imposing and oppressive, causing many to dare not lift their heads.

In private, they timidly whispered to each other.

“He’s so strict, we’re done for. The instructor is really fierce; case closed.”

“Don’t mess with this instructor; trust me.”

“So fierce, if he glances at me, I’ll be dumbfounded.”

“Obviously, look at the insignia on his shoulder—two bars and a star. He’s a major!”

“Second row, fourth, fifth, sixth; third row, fifth, sixth; fourth row, sixth.”

The sudden statement from Zhang Jiuling left everyone a bit confused.

Only Li Jiao, who was closer to the speakers, knew that the instructor was referring to the positions of those who had just spoken.

As the confusion lingered, Zhang Jiuling opened his thin lips and coldly declared, “Twenty push-ups!”


The entire class looked bewildered. Forgive them for being dumbfounded; what are you saying, Instructor?

Zhang Jiuling frowned slightly, his eyes icy, showing impatience. He repeated, “Second row, fourth, fifth, sixth; third row, fifth, sixth; fourth row, sixth; twenty push-ups.”

“I don’t want to repeat it for the third time.”

People finally caught on and quickly looked at the specified positions, realizing it was the girls who had spoken earlier.

Most art students are attractive, but now they wear sorrowful expressions, looking pitiful.

With other instructors, the punishment might be eased.

However, Zhang Jiuling wouldn’t have it. With a stern look and emotionless tone, he warned, “If you don’t start in three seconds, the count will be doubled.”

“Three… Two…”

The girls, unable to protest, hurriedly assumed the starting position.

Zhang Jiuling glanced over and corrected, “Feet together, heels, buttocks, and head in a straight line.”

“One, two, three… eighteen, nineteen, twenty.”

Twenty push-ups, and a few girls completed them under the gaze of the entire class.

When they reached twenty, two of them were exhausted and simply lay on the ground.

They were dying; they were just art students, not athletes. Twenty standard push-ups were too difficult for them.

Upon seeing the miserable condition of these girls, Class 1 of the 19th batch collectively swallowed hard, suddenly feeling that the days ahead might not be so easy.

Other classes around them were already correcting their military postures. Only their class, because of the push-ups, had lost some time.

So, with the help of others, the girls stood up. Immediately, they heard their instructor say,

“Stand in military position, starting now!”

Some people instinctively groaned, but upon seeing their instructor’s cold face, they forced themselves to stop.

Hold it in, hold it in!

Zhang Jiuling stood at the front of the class, upright, like a poplar tree guarding the frontier. He raised his eyes, looking majestic with determination in his brows and eyes. Although his gaze was cold, he truly looked like a military man.

He began speaking, his voice cold and crisp, like a cool spring in a mountain valley, bringing a sense of chill even in the summer.

“Heels together and aligned; toes pointing outward at approximately 60 degrees; legs straight; lower abdomen slightly contracted, chest naturally upright; upper body straight, slightly inclined forward; shoulders level, slightly pulled back; arms hanging naturally, fingers close together and slightly bent, thumbs against the second joint of the index finger, middle finger against the seam of the trousers; head straight, neck straight, mouth closed, lower jaw slightly pulled in, eyes forward.”

The students in Class 1 listened somewhat dazedly, their eyes spinning. They subconsciously followed his instructions, correcting their postures one by one.

After this, their overall spirit and posture did indeed improve.

Zhang Jiuling scanned the class, not entirely satisfied. He walked to each student and corrected their posture individually.

“Fingers close to the trouser seam.”

“Eyes level and forward.”

“Heels together, weight forward.”

“At ease!”


The students’ movements were somewhat uniform, and the sound of heels hitting the ground was audible. After all, they had already undergone military training in high school.

Seeing this, the instructor from the adjacent class made a playful remark.

“Oh, not bad.”

The students felt pleased, thinking their instructor might praise them as well. However, they were met with Zhang Jiuling’s cold reprimand.

“Sloppy and without any intensity. Is this your attitude!”

In an instant, a bucket of cold water was poured, extinguishing everyone’s enthusiasm.

The instructor from the adjacent class noticed that the instructor of Class 1 was Zhang Jiuling?

Soon after, he gloated and shook his head.

The former ace of the Special Forces—Zhang Jiuling!

Tsk tsk, encountering the living Yama, it seems they’re in for a tough time now.







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