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Chapter 68

She paused for a moment, feeling somewhat amused and exasperated. “Thank you. It hurts, doesn’t it?”

“The junior brother actually understood Ning Ning’s intention?”

Zheng Weiqi exclaimed, “Wow! You two can even come up with these thoughts together. You’re quite destined for each other.”

Cheng Ying boasted, “Keep praising, keep praising. I love to hear it.”

“But this trick of the painting enchantment is too cruel!”

He Zhizhou was quite indignant: “He caused a harmonious family to suspect and resent each other, while he continued to hypocritically play the victim. If he hadn’t been exposed, the Chen family might have been destroyed one day, and others would still think he’s the most pitiful one.”

“Such fiends rarely have a conscience.”

Zheng Weiqi smiled and raised her voice. “Don’t you agree, Master Chen? You’ve been eavesdropping outside for so long; isn’t it time to come in and take a rest?”

The shocked expression on Chen Lubai’s face had not yet faded. Upon hearing this, she quickly raised her head and looked towards the door.

The wooden door was forcefully pushed open by Zheng Weiqi’s spiritual power, revealing Chen Yaoguang standing outside with a grim expression and bloodshot eyes, devoid of any trace of his previous refined and gentle demeanor.

“So what if you’ve seen through it?”

Chen Yaoguang chuckled coldly, emitting a dry sound like bones rubbing together from his body. The skin he wore, like soaked paper, began to develop folds that undulated up and down, growing longer and more numerous until it finally completely fell off, revealing the skeleton wrapped in layers of painted skin.

And his voice had also become neither male nor female, indistinguishable in gender. It sounded more like the harsh clangor of metal clashing than a human voice: “A bunch of rodents! Since you’ve seen my true form, don’t even think about leaving!”

〔Never did they expect the demon to reveal her true form directly, shocking everyone present!

The demon was ferocious, with murderous intent emanating—as fierce as a demon from hell. In the minds of those present, the same thought flashed: If we can’t defeat him, we will definitely die without burial—!〕

Before the last word “place” could be finished, the narrator once again fell into an awkward deadlock.

It was really infuriating.

Could you all let it finish the lines smoothly for once?!

—Suddenly, the black-clad youth who had been sitting at the table stood up, drew his sword in a swift motion, and at that moment, a cold and sharp light pierced through the misty rain.

Pei Ji was very fast, and compared to the crazily laughing demon, his chilling aggressiveness seemed even more intense.

With the sword drawn, he aimed directly at the vital point of the demon outside the door, bringing forth strands of sharp sword wind like blades. The demon never expected this person’s killing intent to be even more terrifying than hers. For a moment, her face changed, and unable to dodge in time, she could only hurriedly dodge to the side.

And it seemed that Pei Ji had long anticipated her actions. He reached out with his other hand and ruthlessly grabbed the skeleton’s throat, pressing it against the pillar next to the corridor without any hesitation.

The demon was dumbfounded.

According to Chen Lubai’s description, these people were just from small sects, with nothing remarkable. They were just trying to make a living by going down the mountain.

But what is the situation now?

Who was she, where was she, and what should she do?


There was a killing intent and coldness between Pei Ji’s eyebrows, and his voice was equally icy, like that of a true villainous boss. If anything displeased him, he would take her head with a single sword strike.

“Where is the real Chen Yaoguang?”

The narrator remained silent for a long time.

As if to salvage what little dignity it had left, the familiar male voice sounded once again.

〔Never did she expect Pei Ji to draw his sword directly, shocking the painting enchanment!

Seeing the murderous intent of the sword cultivator and the fierceness of his demeanor, as fierce as a demon from Shura, the painting enchantment couldn’t help but have a thought in her mind: if she couldn’t satisfy him, she would be without a burial place today!〕


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