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Chapter 63

After the basic questions were asked, the young policeman stared at Su Hua.

“Where were you yesterday at noon?”

Su Hua thought for a moment. “In the parking lot.”

“Why do you remember so clearly?”

“I had to report a case.”

“What?” The young policeman was stunned.

“Weren’t you asking why I remember so clearly? The case I reported has the answers.”

The door of the interrogation room opened, and a female police officer entered.

“Host, this woman is also a quick transmigration tasker.”

“…Isn’t it rare for two taskers to appear in one dimension?”

“In most cases, yes, but there are also exceptions.”

As soon as Mu Ran entered the interrogation room, the system sounded an alarm.

“Host, this woman is indeed a quick transmigration tasker. Be careful; her system seems more advanced than ours.”

Mu Ran’s expression slightly froze. She had just arrived in this dimension yesterday, and her task was to make Mo Han turn dark, collecting the resentment of the antagonist bosses. The more the antagonist bosses turned dark, the more resentment she could collect.

But just as she arrived, the task she received was completely different from the existing storyline. The person causing the storyline to change was Jian Hua, the fiancée of the male lead.

The system speculated that Jian Hua might be a time traveler or someone reincarnated, or perhaps she was a quick transmigration tasker like Mu Ran. However, this possibility was small, and the system could only detect it when in close proximity to Jian Hua.

Mu Ran sat across from Su Hua, and the young policeman briefed her on the situation.

“Jian Hua, right? What case do you want to report?”

“President Tang Tan of Tang Group kidnapped my husband.” Su Hua’s expression was calm.

“Reason and evidence.”

After Su Hua explained the situation, she once again took out the photos she had shown Grandpa Jian.

“You see, Tang Tan is gay.” Su Hua crossed her arms.

“As for the reason, it might be because I broke off the engagement with him, so he retaliated.”

“Alright, let’s put aside the reporting of the case and continue with the previous questions.” Mu Ran scrutinized Su Hua, already ninety percent sure it was her.

“Yesterday at noon, in the parking lot, did you see these four people?”

Four photos were placed in front of Su Hua, who looked at them with confusion, shaking her head. “No.”

“Really?” Mu Ran narrowed her eyes.

Unfortunately, she was destined to be disappointed; Su Hua’s expression remained as perfect as ever.


“Do you know that these four people died in the underground parking lot shortly after you left yesterday?”

Su Hua looked surprised. “What? My new home is still there; isn’t it dangerous?”

“I’m currently looking for the murderer.” Mu Ran stared at her.

“You… don’t tell me you’re suspecting me?” Su Hua realized belatedly, then smiled, “I’m the victim here. Instead of looking for the murderer, you come here to question the victim. What’s more? What evidence do you have? Just because I went into the parking lot? Where are the tools? Fingerprints? Or surveillance footage?”

“Officer Mu…” The young policeman looked at Mu Ran.

Mu Ran stared at Su Hua but spoke to the young policeman: “Make a record for her and let her go.”

She knew that if it was indeed Su Hua who did it, she wouldn’t be able to find any evidence.

“System, can I access the surveillance footage of the parking lot that day?”

The system’s cold voice said, “No, the opponent’s system is more advanced than ours.”

Mu Ran felt a chill. In fact, she didn’t care whether or not Su Hua was convicted, but she didn’t know what Su Hua’s task was. If it conflicted with hers, that would be troublesome.

One had to admit that Mu Ran was seeking the truth.


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