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Chapter 65

“What’s wrong?”

Entering the room, she saw Mo Han sitting on the sofa with a downcast expression.

Mo Han looked up at her, swiftly masking his emotions in his eyes and smiling. “You’re back?”

“Yeah.” Su Hua sat beside him, continuing her earlier inquiry, “Are you having trouble finding a job?”

“Huahua, you—”

“Tell me, okay?”

Under Su Hua’s gaze, the disguise in Mo Han’s eyes gradually crumbled, then he pretended to be casual, “Actually, I anticipated that no company would take me in.”

“Then don’t work; I can support you.”


He didn’t want to be a kept man; that would make him feel useless. “I can always change careers.”

Although he didn’t know what else he could do by changing careers,.

“I’ll be out for a while this afternoon; you behave.” Su Hua took out a bracelet and said, “Here, wear this at all times.”

“A gift for me?”

“Yeah, don’t lose it.”

Mo Han’s lips curled up, the morning’s frustration instantly disappearing.

The two of them had a cozy lunch together, then Su Hua left.

Looking at the three people in front of her, Su Hua commanded, “Who is Tang Group’s biggest competitor?”

“It’s Shengyuan Technology.”

These three people were recruited by Su Hua from the talent market in the morning.

“Your first task is to acquire Shengyuan.”

“Excuse me?”

Shengyuan was one of the top ten enterprises in the country, and its electronic industry dominated a large part of the domestic market.

Did their new boss have a bit too much confidence?

“How long do we have?”

“We need to first draft an acquisition plan regarding funding—”

“Three days.” Su Hua extended three elegant fingers and said, “You don’t need to make any plans; just throw money at it and bring Shengyuan to me, got it?”


Throw money at it?

Boss, do you know that throwing money might cost tens of billions?

You’re still too young.

“Boss, if we throw money—”

“100 billion.”

Su Hua extended a finger and said, “Bring it to me.”


They seemed to have encountered a formidable boss.

Under Su Hua’s continuous monetary offensive, Shengyuan’s largest shareholder was soon replaced.

Although Su Hua had mentioned a bottom line of 100 billion to the three, they only used 15 billion to complete the acquisition plan.

If they had more time, they were confident they could do it with 10 billion.

With the change in leadership at Shengyuan, as an old opponent, Tang Tan naturally knew about it as soon as possible.

“You’re not going to tell me that Jian Hua’s money came from winning the lottery again, are you?”

The secretary wiped nonexistent sweat from his forehead, trying to keep his voice from trembling. “Miss Jian Hua won welfare lotteries and sports lotteries, including Double Color Ball, 3D, Seven Happy Lottery, Two-Step Lottery, and Super Lotto—”

Every type of lottery was won every time.


Tang Tan’s eyes harbored a storm, gritting his teeth. “So her money indeed all came from winning the lottery?”

The secretary nodded and said, “Yes.”

Although he didn’t want to believe it either, the information he investigated showed that.

It’s really a wonder that the lottery company hasn’t gone bankrupt yet.


The secretary felt like he had been granted a reprieve and immediately left the office; Tang Tan’s temper was getting more and more irascible.

His phone rang; Tang Tan saw it was an unfamiliar number and instinctively wanted to hang up.

But considering ordinary people wouldn’t have his number, he answered.

“Who are you?”

A pleasant female voice came from the other end: “Who I am isn’t important; what’s important is that I can help you bring down Jian Hua and get Mo Han.”

“Heh, what right do cats or dogs have to come to me with just a bit of information?”

Mu Ran’s face was gloomy after the phone was hung up.

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