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Chapter 34-Part 3

Seeing a glimmer of hope, Xu Jiahui was ecstatic and hurriedly said, “I noticed the woman who’s with you is secretly wary of you. Why don’t you just leave her and start your own business? I’m very familiar with the environment on Huangsha Star; I can help you get settled. Do you need money? I can give you some.”

Yan Hao looked at her strangely. “The master is wary of me?”

Xu Jiahui nodded repeatedly. “That itching powder is quite powerful. If she wasn’t wary of you, why would she keep it herself instead of giving it to you to use? She’s at level two; you’re at level six; it would be safer and more reliable if you handled it, right? That day, I overheard her saying that the powder is ineffective against those above level seven. Just think, if you go against her wishes, she could use the powder against you! You should have made plans earlier.”

“But I can’t oppose her.” Yan Hao chuckled and asked back, “I always follow her lead; listen to her in everything; why would the master attack me?”

Xu Jiahui was stunned, stuttering as she repeated, “F-follow her lead; listen to her in everything?”


Xu Jiahui quickly realized that she had misunderstood the relationship between the two.

Recalling their interactions every time she bumped into them, their intimate behavior, flirting. They weren’t masters and servants at all; they were a couple!

Unable to contain her regret, Xu Jiahui wished she could slap herself.

Why did she try to sabotage the relationship of a loving couple?

Fortunately, the man seemed quite tolerant. If it were someone else, they might have just swung their blade at her.

“Did you just say you’re willing to do anything?”

Yan Hao confirmed with her.

Xu Jiahui hesitated. The words had slipped out in order to save her life, but now, upon reflection, it seemed inappropriate.

She intended to backtrack, but as she was about to speak, she saw the man across from her grip the knife again, staring at her coldly.

It seemed like he was ready to strike her down at the slightest disagreement.

Xu Jiahui was terrified; her spirit was on the verge of collapse. “Y-yes, I did say that.”

“Even if it means going against the Qi family?”

Yan Hao asked again.

Mentioning the Qi family, Xu Jiahui’s mind conjured up Qi Xing. The unnamed pharmacist poisoned her, and Qi Xing abandoned her without a second thought—none of it was pleasant.

For her, it would be good news if anyone was ruined.

“I am willing.”

Xu Jiahui forced out a few words through her gritted teeth.

Yan Hao sheathed his knife.

“I’ll take you to meet the master. She’ll give you specific instructions on what to do.”

At the mention of the unnamed pharmacist, Xu Jiahui’s face under her veil couldn’t help but contort. It was that despicable person who disfigured her!

Unwilling to accept this, she asked, “Will she trust me? Won’t she fear that I might betray her once I leave?”

Yan Hao looked at her as if she were a fool. “The master will administer the medicine. After giving it to you and letting you leave, if you betray us, you’ll wish you were dead.”

Xu Jiahui shuddered suddenly, feeling a chill deep in her heart.

Yes, she had been itching all over after being sprinkled with the powder, and it had led to her disfigurement. What if that person used even more potent substances against her?

She dared not dwell on it, forcing out a few strong words to maintain her composure. “Deceitful and venomous. What if I help her, but she still wants my life?”

“If you don’t actively seek attention, I won’t care who you are,” a clear and melodious female voice suddenly rang out.

Xu Jiahui trembled, turning around to find the troublesome woman standing right behind her.

Though her eyes were filled with resentment, her body couldn’t help but tremble uncontrollably.

There was no escaping the deep-seated memory of the itching powder. She couldn’t forget it.

Tang Xin held a medicine pouch as she walked up to Yan Hao. “You’re only allowed to yell at me, to beat and kill me, but I’m not allowed to strike back and retaliate fiercely? If you’re going to be in this game, at least be able to handle it.”

If you can kill others, you can be killed by others. Such a simple principle, and she couldn’t understand it, despite her years of experience on the streets.

“Why are you here?” Yan Hao frowned slightly, intending to deal with the woman in white alone.

Tang Xin thought to herself, How could she not come? Her guard had abandoned her and ran away!

If it weren’t for Yan Hao’s memorable face and the attention of the nearby stall owner, she wouldn’t even know where to find him.

Before coming, Tang Xin swore to herself as she gnawed on her skewer that if Yan Hao dared to betray her, she would never let him off.

Even if they were very close, the itching powder still needed to be used if necessary.

As she approached, Tang Xin overheard the woman in white instigating Yan Hao to rebel.

Tang Xin stayed far away, able to hear their voices but not easily detected, quietly waiting for Yan Hao’s response.

Then she heard him say, “I always follow her lead; listen to her in everything.”

Tang Xin was instantly stunned.

Gossiping about people behind their backs is usually not pleasant.

Tang Xin was mentally prepared, intending to ignore it as long as Yan Hao didn’t say anything too extreme.

But Yan Hao’s words completely caught her off guard.

For the first time, Tang Xin self-reflected. Was it too much for her to occasionally leave a loophole for Yan Hao out of caution?

After all, Yan Hao trusted her so much.


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