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Chapter 231: The Male Lead Raises a Cat (48)

Actually, that’s how it happened. When she turned away, Jiang Yiran also turned his body.

The white shirt and black sweatpants seemed a bit oversized on this roughly 1.6-meter-tall body, making Shen Mubai feel somewhat awkward as she stood up.

Just then, a cool voice rang out, “Are you dressed?”

Shen Mubai blushed and responded quietly.

Jiang Yiran turned around, and when he saw the girl standing on the bed, his eyes flashed slightly.

Although there was a calm indifference on the cat litter officer’s face, Shen Mubai inexplicably felt a sense of inexplicable shame under his gaze.

Jiang Yiran walked over. He was tall, so even though the girl was standing on the bed, it didn’t give a feeling of looking up but rather a sense of equal and indifferent gaze.

Shen Mubai heard him say to her, “Come here.”

Her body naturally obeyed the command, and when she came to her senses, she had already walked over.

Jiang Yiran bent down slightly and used his slender hands to roll up the girl’s pants, revealing her fair and delicate feet. Her toes were round and very cute, with a faint hint of pink.

His eyes dimmed, and Jiang Yiran felt his throat slightly dry. He forced himself to look away and immediately concealed all emotions on his face. When he looked up again, he had reverted to his original cold demeanor.

Shen Mubai lowered her head to watch him roll up her pants for her. When his gaze met hers, she quickly looked away, feeling guilty and nervous.

Timidly lowering her head, she couldn’t help but stammer, “That… I…”

“You are my cat.” The unique cold voice gave a most soothing feeling in the summer.

To Shen Mubai’s ears, it sounded like ice cubes in a refrigerator, making her shiver. She hesitated for a moment, then struggled to say, “I’m not…”

Seeing the pitiful and timid girl in front of him, Jiang Yiran’s eyes flickered with a barely perceptible smile.

Without getting a response, Shen Mubai quietly raised her head but unexpectedly met a pair of deep eyes. At that moment, she almost felt herself being tightly imprisoned by the other party’s gaze, as if being trapped in a painting.

Jiang Yiran’s gaze slid down her slender neck as he said lightly, “Bell.”

Shen Mubai subconsciously touched the thing around her neck. This thing actually changed with her body.

With a despondent expression, she dared not meet his gaze, her whole body tense like a drawn bowstring.

However, Jiang Yiran took out a new pair of slippers from the cabinet and then squatted by the bed, lifting his face and saying, “Sit down.”

Although Shen Mubai was very nervous, she obediently sat down.

Jiang Yiran held her fair, tender feet and then put on the slippers for her.

Shen Mubai blushed even more intensely, unable to utter a word for a while.

However, Jiang Yiran casually stood up, but when his gaze inadvertently fell on a certain place, he was slightly startled.

Shen Mubai, who was still bowing her head and not speaking, didn’t notice his anomaly until a pair of fair hands landed on the button on her chest. She was slightly startled, as if frightened, and suddenly raised her head, her eyes widening.

Meeting her gaze, Jiang Yiran calmly explained, “It’s undone.”

Shen Mubai blushed even more.

The girl’s body was still in the developmental stage, but it could vaguely outline a seductive curve. Jiang Yiran impassively fastened the button and then said, “After breakfast, I’ll take you to buy some clothes.”


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