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Chapter 69

(T/N: the painting enchantment gender is a bit confusing as it seems genderless… Previously, I translated it as’she’ but now I decided to translate it as ‘he’ as the painting enchantment is wearing Chen Yaoguang painted skin.

The painting enchantment looks quite arrogant, but in reality, it’s just a paper tiger with no substance. In the words of He Zhizhou, if this thing is supposed to be the ultimate boss of this layer of floating tower,then he would eat the entire tower in one bite on the spot.

Let’s first eliminate the possibility of He Zhizhou deceiving others with food and drink. Judging from the fact that the painting enchantment was knocked down by Pei Ji with one strike, he’s probably just a small fry.

Otherwise, if so many elite disciples with Golden Cores and Nascent Souls are defeated by this skeleton, it would be more suitable for the Xuanxu Sword Sect to close down on the spot and go down the mountain to make a living by performing arts rather than cultivating immortals.

The painting enchantment, held by Pei Ji at his throat, couldn’t move, with half of his painted skin falling off, revealing the sinister white bones inside; the other half was still clinging wetly to his body, trembling incessantly.

He didn’t dare to make any unusual movements, only his eyes rolling around, scaring Chen Lubai in the room so much that she almost fainted with her eyes closed.

“Wanna save him?”

The skeleton, with half of Chen Yaoguang’s face, trembled all over. “I’d rather die than tell you!”

The narrator is already half-crazy, so it’s not quite right. He sighed and spoke loudly, his voice booming and powerful, reading out his determination to face death and his loyalty to heaven.

〔When falling into the hands of the demon and looking at the terrifying and hideous faces in front of him, the painting enchantment knew he had no retreat.

But even if there is a bottomless abyss ahead, he will still charge forward bravely! He is a demon with loyal beliefs, and he will never reveal any information under severe torture! 〕

Zheng Weiqi’s lips curled coldly at the words, “Death? Naturally, we won’t kill you; we’ll just make you wish you were dead. I have plenty of torture methods here; I wonder which one you prefer.”

After sizing up the painting enchantment’s expression, she continued, “Don’t talk to me about suicide. As a skeleton, would you like to bite your tongue or starve yourself? After spending a few days with us, I guarantee you’ll understand what ‘new surprises every day’ means.”

The narrator trembled: 〔This demoness is so cruel and ruthless! Inhuman! 〕

It had already figured out a way.

To avoid being slapped in the face, just put the lines that were previously used for the villainous characters on these people, and it should be fine!

“I, I can still…” The painting enchantment’s voice was already a bit pitiful: “I can still retract my yang energy, turn my skin into blades, and kill myself!”

Retracting yang energy and turning skin into blades, even in the demonic path, can be considered truly sinister techniques. Righteous cultivators often blush and feel embarrassed to inquire further after hearing about them.

Who would have thought Zheng Weiqi would look at him with pity, hesitating before speaking, “Forgive me for being blunt, but just a little needle poke wouldn’t kill you, would it?”

The painting enchantment’s face turned ashen, his eyes looking downward, trying hard to glance at his lower abdomen.

(T/N: the painting enchantment actually wants to kill itself by using it p*n*s…hehe)

How could she understand this so well?

She understands it even better than this demon.

This sentence completely shattered the last psychological defense line of the skeleton and his male pride. Having no way to survive is not the most terrifying; having no way to die is true despair.

After a symbolic silence, the painting enchantment finally spoke weakly: “Chen Yaoguang is hidden in a cave on the back mountain.”


The young master of the Chen family was eventually safely brought back home. When he was found by everyone in the cave, he was already so thin that he was almost just skin and bones, apparently having lost a lot of yang energy.

If they had arrived a little later, they might have seen not Chen Yaoguang but a cadaver for medical dissection.

Worried about her husband’s condition, the ailing Zhao Yunluo hurried to the back of the mountain as well.

When Chen Yaoguang saw her, it was as if a dying ember had been rekindled. He took out a heart-shaped pale gray stone from his sleeve and said, “Madam, look, this is what I found in the cave. A naturally formed stone heart, enduring so much wind, sand, and collisions to become like this. I hope our feelings, like this stone, are solid and can withstand all tests.”

Moved to tears, Zhao Yunluo embraced him, turning the theater of “The Ring” into a magnificent scene from “Autumn in My Heart.”

(T/N: The Ring is a 1998 Japanese supernatural horror film. Where as Autumn in My Heart is a 2000 South Korean romantic television drama.)

It seems that love not only blinds both parties but also blinds the onlookers.

It’s really too cheesy.


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