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Chapter 74

Even though he hadn’t read a single word.

“What are you thinking?”

Ning Ning saw her junior brother lost in thought for some reason, and she tiptoed and snapped her fingers at him. Her round almond eyes were filled with a smile as she suddenly appeared in Pei Ji’s line of sight.

“Both the frog and the butterfly are very cute! How come I’ve never heard that you can make these? Are you afraid that I’ll snatch them all once I know?”

She paused for a moment and added, “Can you make rabbits too?”

Pei Ji’s figure stiffened, and he responded softly from his throat, “Yes.”

The little girl exclaimed with round eyes, “Wow!”

He kept a straight face and, as if performing a magic trick, pulled out a round and chubby rabbit from his storage bag.

Ning Ning treasured it as if it were a treasure, thanked him, and took it over. While pinching the rabbit’s ears, she looked up at him and said, “Junior Brother, are you keeping this skill a secret? When can you teach me?”

Cheng Ying clucked like a crazy mother hen, “She likes it! Pei Ji, did you see that? She likes it! Was Ning Ning as happy when she received He Zhizhou’s sword manual? Pei Ji, you’re the best!”

Cheng Ying regarded He Zhizhou as the archenemy, but his lack of backbone far exceeded anyone’s imagination.

Now, he was smiling shamelessly.

“Junior Brother, do you have a bird? I want to play with a bird.”

The narration, true to its nature as an artificial idiot, immediately emitted a series of squeaks.

Narration: “[Malicious behavior or bad word was detected from the tower intruders; a severe warning will be issued after the beep. Please maintain a proper attitude; the Floating Tower is not a lawless place.]”

Zheng Weiqi looked at him in shock.

Then she watched as He Zhizhou took the little bird from Pei Ji, who bent down and handed the toy to the children—

Of course, what Pei Ji handed over was not a bird.

It was the small butterfly he had forcibly snatched from the unruly children not long ago.

The group of children stared angrily but dared not speak.

Chen Lubai had never seen anyone so shameless, competing with children for toys. After a long silence, she reluctantly spoke up: “You are indeed a cultivator, truly remarkable.”

As she finished speaking, she suddenly heard footsteps behind her. She turned her head and was surprised to see a Chen Mansion servant.

The man was panting, surely having rushed here for some time. Upon seeing everyone, he seemed relieved, panting as he exclaimed, “Miss, something bad has happened at the mansion!”

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