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Chapter 1

“Oh, pity my fragile body, a cute girl who is easily knocked down. She stubbornly resists the job of dealing with these perverted monsters…*sobs*…”

Whenever encountering such eerie and bloody cases, Xuanyuan Tianxin would inevitably howl for a while while clutching the photo of her third sister on her phone.

Undoubtedly, this heart-digging demon incident in City B made her howl for the 1111th time during the year when Xuanyuan Tianyin went missing.

As she howled, she took out a strawberry-flavored lollipop from a jade-like bracelet on her right hand.

Unwrapping the candy, she popped it into her mouth and continued howling…


Just as Xuanyuan Tianxin was about to raise her voice to continue howling, the phone in her hand suddenly vibrated. When she saw the screen showing a face that was eighty percent similar to hers but more masculine, Xuanyuan Tianxin immediately quieted down and slid to answer the call. “Hey… Fourth Brother, didn’t I tell you not to call me at this hour! I’m at work!”

“Xiao Wu, hurry back; Mother is about to give birth!” came the clear and excited voice of her twin brother, Xuanyuan Tianche, from the phone, filled with excitement.

“What? About to give birth?” Xuanyuan Tianxin sprang up from her office chair in excitement, her beautiful and delicate face also showing a hint of excitement and joy. Could she not be excited? Ever since her mother became pregnant again at the age of forty and the elders of the clan predicted it would be a daughter, Xuanyuan Tianxin had been eagerly awaiting the birth of her little sister from this pregnancy.

Because once this youngest sister was born, she could step down from her position as the 66th-generation successor of the Exorcist Dragon Clan. After all, inheriting the position of the clan’s successor had been quite challenging for her. As a twin with her fourth brother, Xuanyuan Tianche, half of the spiritual power that should have been inherited by her in the womb was forcibly taken by him.

As a result, her spiritual power was the lowest among all the generations of Exorcist Dragon Clan successors, and the most unreliable one at that. If it weren’t for her naturally strong mental power, which enabled her to become a spiritual speaker, the descendant of the exorcist dragon clan of this generation would probably have had to let her middle-aged aunt come back to take on the main responsibility after her third sister Tianyin disappeared.

Thinking about her retired aunt, who is over fifty years old, coming back, picking up the demon-slaying staff again, jumping around among a group of demons and monsters, fighting demons, and expelling evil, she feels an inexplicable pain all over her body.

Now that she heard her mother was about to give birth, after the excitement and joy settled in, Xuanyuan Tianxin quickly grabbed the small backpack on the table and rushed out of the door of the Supernatural Crime Department like a gust of wind.

She had to hurry back to Xuanyuan Manor to witness the birth of her youngest sister.

“Fourth Brother… tell Mom to wait for me; don’t rush to give birth; wait until I come back…”


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