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Chapter 48-Part 1

In the amusement park, amidst the booming music, the surroundings were noisy with laughter, loud conversations, and the chatter of children. In such a bustling environment, his words drifted so clearly into Ji Ran’s ears.

Ji Ran’s eyes quietly stared at him, with a hint of subtle shyness in the depths of her black eyes.

Then she felt her cheeks warming up bit by bit, until they were burning hot.

Even though the cold wind of winter blew on her face, she still felt unusually hot.

Fortunately, at this time, the previous batch of roller coaster riders began to descend one after another, and the staff immediately opened the barriers to let them enter and take their seats. Shen Zhi naturally held Ji Ran’s hand and moved forward.

Suddenly, Ji Ran pointed to the front and said, “Let’s sit in the front row.”

The front row of the roller coaster had always been the leftover seats. When the staff heard her request for the front row, they immediately said with joy, “Please come this way.”

Shen Zhi didn’t move.

Instead, Ji Ran pulled his hand over and walked over. However, before getting on the ride, she looked at his expression and couldn’t help but ask, “Aren’t you afraid?”

“Me?” Shen Zhi looked up.

Seeing that he appeared calm, Ji Ran felt relieved and happily sat in the front row.

Soon everyone fastened their seat belts, and after the staff checked everything again from start to finish, the people in the control room immediately started the roller coaster.

Then the long train slowly moved forward along the track, making a squeaking sound between the wheels and the rails, giving it a slightly eerie feeling.

Sure enough, just as it started, a girl in the back row exclaimed, “I’m so scared!”

Her boyfriend beside her quickly reassured her, “It’s okay, I’m holding your hand.”

The coaster gradually climbed upward along the track, reaching the highest point where it paused for a few seconds. Ji Ran couldn’t help but glance down.

It’s so high!

“Wow.” She let out a soft gasp, seeming surprised and excited.

Suddenly, with a swoosh, the coaster plunged downward like a released arrow, causing screams from the passengers, some even with a hint of tears in their voices.

Ji Ran looked ahead excitedly, occasionally letting out crisp laughter.

She always liked these thrilling rides. Back in the United States, she not only rode roller coasters but also specifically learned parachuting, leaping from high altitudes. The thrill of such experiences truly resonated deep within her soul.

Until she excitedly turned her head to talk to Shen Zhi.

As she turned, she found the young man beside her tightly closing his eyes, his lips pursed, his jawline tensed, and his usually casual and handsome face now showing a hint of nervousness.

It was the first time Ji Ran scrutinized him so blatantly.

The roller coaster was too fast; the wind whistled around, even lifting his black hair slightly, revealing a full forehead, thick eyebrows, a prominent nose, and a youthful face.

Why is he so handsome?

Ji Ran couldn’t help but smile, just as the roller coaster made a sudden turn, throwing everyone to the left.

Shen Zhi didn’t make a sound throughout the ride, but once again, he affirmed that he really didn’t like this stuff. Everyone around was wailing and complaining, yet the girl next to him seemed quite happy.

But suddenly, he noticed that the girl beside him didn’t seem to be smiling anymore.

Shen Zhi thought for a moment before finally opening his eyes and turning to look at Ji Ran.

Unexpectedly, at this moment, Ji Ran was staring at him intently.

Shen Zhi was slightly stunned, but the next moment, Ji Ran’s palm gently reached out and covered the back of his hand, her palm feeling warm.

Shen Zhi stiffened for a second.

The next moment, he reached out and held her hand, intertwining their fingers.

Throughout the ride, until the roller coaster slowly stopped and reached the end, Ji Ran never let go of his hand. When the ride stopped, Ji Ran turned to look at Shen Zhi and asked softly, “Are you still scared now?”

Shen Zhi looked at her helplessly.

But the next moment, Ji Ran softly said, “Don’t be afraid; I’m here with you.”

Shen Zhi lowered his head and suddenly chuckled softly. The roller coaster didn’t seem so unbearable anymore.

After the two of them left the roller coaster ride, they continued further inside. Ji Ran wasn’t in a hurry to play the next attraction, so she looked around. When they reached a particularly large square with rows of booths and a very large store next to it, Ji Ran could see various toys displayed inside the store, all pink and tender.

Surely, no girl could resist the temptation of dolls.

Ji Ran casually glanced around, and suddenly, Shen Zhi beside her spoke up, “Let’s go in and take a look.”

“No need,” Ji Ran immediately said.

But before she could refuse a second time, Shen Zhi directly pulled her inside. The majority of the customers in the store were girls, with many boys accompanying their girlfriends.

The store was filled with various cute toys, headbands with adorable designs, and various cute accessories.

Ji Ran looked at a strawberry-shaped bag hanging on the wall. The bag was made of plush material, resembling the texture of a stuffed toy.

It seemed a bit childish.

But she couldn’t help but glance at it a few times.

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