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Chapter 242: The Male Lead Raises a Cat (59)

Jiang Yiran withdrew from her mouth, slowly licking away the water stains lingering on the edge of the girl’s lips, then kissed her all the way down.

Shen Mubai breathed heavily, the overwhelming pleasure making her mind a mess. She was unable to control herself, her dark pupils still in a slightly dispersed state.

She felt her neck forced to tilt up, Jiang Yiran’s moist touch kissing down, a feeling both strange and familiar.

Jiang Yiran lowered his eyes slightly, taking an unobstructed view of the girl’s fair and slender neck. His slightly cool lips pressed against the other’s, and he stretched out his tongue to slowly outline it, finally leaving a kiss mark on it. . Those deep pupils became deeper and deeper, and finally they turned into an invisible black pool, full of aggression and possessiveness. His face still maintained the usual cold look, but it was a little more abstinent., but with added sensual restraint, falling from grace due to desire.

A heavy breath brushed against the girl’s tender skin, feeling her body curl up in response to his actions and emitting a whimper. Jiang Yiran’s eyes grew darker as his large hands roamed up from the bathrobe, caressing the girl’s delicate waist and occasionally teasing her sensitive tail, while his other hand asserted dominance, firmly holding her down.

Shen Mubai sensed what he wanted to do but was powerless. Her overly sensitive body, invaded by pleasure, and her chaotic mind could only struggle weakly, her soft voice carrying a hint of crying, “Jiang Yiran…”

Before her words could fully drop, her sensitive ears were once again captured by him, gently kneading, accompanied by a slightly hoarse and chilly voice: “Be good.”

“Be good? Screw you!”

Shen Mubai exclaimed angrily, but with her most vulnerable part being ambiguously manipulated by his hands, the tantalizing sensation rendered her incapable of coherent thought.

Unable to resist, she weakly appealed to the system for help, “Think… think of something quickly, you useless system.”

Rustling sounds came from above, and Shen Mubai’s expression was tinged with a hint of despair. Was she about to lose her virginity in this situation?

The system, which had long blocked visual and auditory functions in such situations, remained calm and said, “Don’t worry.”

Shen Mubai retorted, “How can I not worry? I’m about to lose my virginity!”

The system then replied, “That’s it; if you wait a little longer, it will be almost done.”

Shen Mubai didn’t understand the meaning of the system’s words, only to be grabbed by the chin with a strong hand, the other party speaking with a slightly displeased tone, “What are you thinking?”

Jiang Yiran, with his handsome face, looked down at her, emotions brewing in his slightly lowered eyes.

Perhaps due to the impending loss of her virginity, Shen Mubai temporarily regained a hint of her remaining intelligence, understanding that he was angry because her mind was elsewhere. But what could she do? Was she supposed to be so happy that she’d set off fireworks?

The girl’s lips were already slightly swollen, and her damp eyes were entirely fixed on him. Jiang Yiran’s eyes darkened, then he leaned in to kiss her again, assertive yet gentle, once again leaving the girl breathless.

In a slightly hoarse voice, he stared into the girl’s eyes and softly said, “I want to hug you.”

The atmosphere suddenly quieted down, the previous ambiguity becoming even more intense because of this sentence.


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