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Chapter 112-Part 1

The director was actually quite satisfied with the shoot just now. Jiang Nian and Xiao Qian portrayed the tension of the urgent situation and their suppressed yet eager feelings towards each other perfectly.

Most importantly, this kiss, though sudden, was also an important turning point in the relationship between Song Chengcheng and Du Wei. Naturally, the mood had to be captured, and it had to be captured beautifully.

But the boss wasn’t satisfied and even said it was mediocre… Couldn’t help but mutter: Why didn’t President Xue care much about the shoots when he visited before? Why was he so dissatisfied this time?

With the director’s command, the staff and actors on set naturally took their positions again, preparing for the next take. Because the producers and assistant directors were urging them with their eyes from the sidelines, the pace was surprisingly fast. In the blink of an eye, Xue Hang watched as Xiao Qian embraced Jiang Nian again and pressed her against the wall.

Jiang Nian naturally also saw Xue Hang. Xue Hang stood there like a proud prince, surrounded by people. Those who were irrelevant quickly moved aside or backward. Who would dare to obstruct his view? So both Jiang Nian and Xiao Qian noticed Xue Hang’s arrival.

Jiang Nian was actually quite happy to see Xue Hang. After all, she hadn’t seen him for almost three months. However, her happiness didn’t last long. She turned her head and heard the staff saying that the big boss was not satisfied with their work, feeling that they didn’t shoot well, and so on. Jiang Nian felt like kneeling down upon hearing this, feeling extremely nervous. How could this happen?

She couldn’t help but feel anxious: How could she disappoint her benefactor’s expectations? It seemed that she had to put in extra effort to shoot this scene well! She must not let Xue Hang down!

Xue Hang: “……”

Xiao Qian naturally sensed Jiang Nian’s nervousness, as if she were facing a major enemy. Thinking she was worried, he comforted her, saying, “Don’t worry, you did great just now. Let’s work on the details, and it’ll be fine.”

Over the past few months, Jiang Nian and Xiao Qian have become quite familiar with each other. Xiao Qian was upright, highly skilled in acting, and dedicated.

They got along very well. Whenever they had time, they would discuss their scenes and occasionally exchange jokes. They felt relaxed and stress-free, even when filming intimate scenes.

But Jiang Nian didn’t quite believe Xiao Qian’s words. She felt that she hadn’t performed well just now, which is why Xue Hang was dissatisfied. However, she couldn’t undermine her teammate’s confidence. She feared that it would backfire and make the scene worse. So she immediately said, “Yes, let’s make sure to shoot this scene well!”

Xiao Qian said unexpectedly, “This is the first time I’ve seen you so nervous. You’ve never been like this before.”

The way she acted made it seem like she had been caught doing something wrong by the dean.

Jiang Nian hurriedly said, “No, I’ve always been this serious and dedicated!”

Xiao Qian raised an eyebrow and smiled, conceding, “Alright, alright.”

Jiang Nian nodded but secretly pondered: Was it because she didn’t kiss convincingly enough or because her emotional expression was lacking…? Surely it wasn’t because Xue Hang’s expectations were too high. Xue Hang was already remarkable, with broad insight; he must have seen their shortcomings!

Xue Hang on the side: “……”

He couldn’t help but grind his teeth. Who instilled all these messy thoughts into Jiang Nian’s mind? Not to disappoint him meant to shoot well… an intimate scene?

He squinted at Jiang Nian and Xiao Qian, who were close together, laughing and talking. Their demeanor indicated a good relationship.

At this moment, Xue Hang couldn’t quite articulate his thoughts. He just felt a strange sensation seeing Jiang Nian being embraced and kissed by another man, even leaning against another man’s chest like she did with him before… In that moment, he felt an inexplicable feeling surging in his heart, surprising himself.

Xue Hang understood the nature of the acting profession; there would inevitably be emotional and intimate scenes with co-stars. It was part of the job.

…But despite knowing it was just work, seeing this scene still made him feel uncomfortable.

The assistant directors and production assistants were all secretly observing Xue Hang’s expression. They felt that his expressionless face was becoming even more inscrutable and somber, making it hard to guess what he was thinking.

The atmosphere around them seemed to grow colder by several degrees… They couldn’t help but wipe the sweat off their foreheads. Was it because their dedication was lacking? Otherwise, why did the big boss seem increasingly displeased?

Even the director was under immense pressure. Everything was set for the next take, and he was about to shout “action” when suddenly someone reached out and took away his megaphone.

The director was about to explode in anger, wondering who dared to cause trouble, when he looked up and saw Xue Hang standing next to him, looking courteous yet somewhat proud.

He immediately put on a fake smile and said, “Mr. Xue?”

Xue Hang said seriously, “No need to reshoot; the one we just did is fine. You’ve all worked hard; take a break.”

The director was still a bit puzzled, his work attitude being very rigorous. “It’s okay, Mr. Xue. We can shoot a few more takes and select the best one.”

Because Xue Hang’s actions were quite strange, many people looked over at him for a moment, including Jiang Nian and Xiao Qian.

Xue Hang’s expression stiffened for a moment, and he coldly said, “No need!”

The assistant, seeing the situation, glanced at his boss and quickly stepped forward to smooth things over. Although the assistant director was a bit confused about Xue Hang’s intentions, he quickly agreed not to shoot anymore. Since the boss had spoken, they dared not disobey.

With that settled, they decided not to shoot and take a break.

The reshoot was finally put on hold, and Xue Hang visibly breathed a sigh of relief.

Xiao Qian had already let go of Jiang Nian. He glanced at Xue Hang, then at Jiang Nian, and suddenly smiled, a hint of understanding in his eyes.

Jiang Nian was quite happy. She wrapped herself in the shawl brought by the assistant and eagerly went to find Xue Hang.

In this circle, there were no secrets, and Xue Hang’s assistance to Jiang Nian several times was not a secret either. Who didn’t know that Jiang Nian and Xue Hang were acquainted? Seeing Jiang Nian’s cheerful expression, others weren’t too surprised.

Xiao Qian followed Jiang Nian, extending his arm in a gentlemanly manner, allowing Jiang Nian, dressed in a gown and heels, to hold onto his arm to prevent her from falling.

Jiang Nian expressed her gratitude, saying, “Thank you.”

Xiao Qian replied, “You’re welcome.”



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