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Chapter 61:Dark clouds over the Croitzer family?

For some reason, Rosa became concerned when she received a warning from Ethan to be cautious around her. So, aside from her work, while she was at the mansion, Rosa decided to observe the servants.

However, she surprisingly didn’t know much about the servants who weren’t directly involved with her. She knew who took care of herself, but she didn’t know who took care of her father, brother, or mother.

She couldn’t tell if there had been any changes among those she hadn’t observed. The ones who would notice any changes quickly would be her father or mother.

Her mother always kept an eye on the lower-ranking servants.

That evening’s dinner was just Rosa and her mother. It wasn’t unusual for her father and brother to be absent due to business dealings, so Rosa didn’t particularly mind.

“Are Father and Brother out for business again today?”

Rosa asked as she took a bite of salad.

“No, they’re both having their meals in their rooms today.”

“Huh? Is something wrong? Are they sick or something?”

Whenever her father or Philbert were home, they always had meals together in the dining hall.

The Croitzer family was a close-knit one.

“It seems that several long-serving secretaries and senior servants have resigned in succession, causing some disruptions.”


Rosa paused with her fork in hand.

“Why would they leave so suddenly? Our conditions are good, aren’t they?”

Her heart began to beat faster.

“That’s what I thought. But apparently, it was so sudden that even the lower-ranking servants left. So, we have to train new ones, and I’ve been too busy to even host tea parties.”

(Huh? What is this situation? His Excellency’s prediction has come true.)

And Rosa’s actions were swift.

“Mother, in that case, I’ll help out starting tomorrow.”

“Oh, but weren’t you all excited about developing new products?”

Her mother supported Rosa’s business endeavors.

“I can’t just focus on work when the family is in trouble.”

“Well, Rosa, you’ve become quite a considerate daughter.”

Her mother wiped her eyes with a handkerchief.

“Mother, you’re exaggerating.”

The next day, Rosa began assisting her mother with the education and management of the servants.

Normally, this would have been the job of the head servants hired for each floor, but since they had left, there was no choice but for her mother to do it.

Her mother gathered the servants in the grand hall and briskly gave them instructions, appointing someone as the education officer.

Rosa was surprised to see her mother like this. Normally gentle, her mother changed when it came to work.

“This is truly unusual. I’m surprised by the misfortunes and sudden departures at home.”

After dismissing the servants, her mother asked Rosa,

“Do you have anything else to do after this?”

Rosa had only been observing her mother’s work until now.

“Let’s keep observing for a while. You should also discreetly keep an eye out.”

“Huh? Is that surveillance?”

“Of course. We shouldn’t just blindly trust what the servants say. First, you need to see and confirm things for yourself. There are disputes and bullying among the servants, so keep a close eye on them.”

Rosa was surprised.

“Mother, do you really do that every time a newcomer joins?”

“Of course. It’s like choosing friends. Since we live together, you wouldn’t want to live with thieves or people who unfairly degrade others, would you?”

No wonder the Croitzer family was comfortable.

“Mother, you’re amazing.”

“It’s only natural. How did you raise your employees while managing the shop?”

Come to think of it, she did start from scratch and then appointed leaders.

She also conducted interviews herself.

“True, I do it similarly, but the number of people is different, isn’t it?”

Then her mother put her hand on her cheek, looking troubled.

“That’s the problem. No matter how vigilant you are, there are always those who steal.”

“Huh? Is that so? That’s news to me.”

Surprised, Rosa let out a strange sound.

“Yes, there have been instances where expensive vases, pitchers, and silverware were replaced with fakes.”

Saying so, her mother sighed.

“Rosa, let’s take a break. Would you like some tea?”

Anyway, the Croitzer mansion was spacious, so there was a lot to do. Rosa accompanied her mother until midday, busily helping around the house.

Rosa waited for afternoon tea time, then headed to her father’s study. This time, she needed to conduct an inquiry with her father and Philbert.

When she entered the study, the two of them were busy working.

Rosa quickly ushered out the servants, saying she would make the tea herself.

“Are you making tea yourself? Is something wrong… Do you have something to discuss?”

Rosa casually brushed off her father’s slip of the tongue.

“It’s quite important. Father, it seems familiar servants have decreased and new ones have increased. What happened?”

Buried under piles of paperwork, Rosa directly asked her father.



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