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Chapter 95

With so many eyes watching the scene, according to He Zhizhou’s personality and financial situation, if he wanted to run away or argue on the basis of reason, it would only tarnish the reputation of the Xuanxu Sword Sect.

He had long wanted to use this trick on He Zhizhou, seeking revenge for snatching the title of the courtesan. Today, with the opportunity finally presenting itself, he naturally wouldn’t let it slip by.

Sure enough, after hesitating for a moment, the other party gritted his teeth and asked begrudgingly, “How many spirit stones do you want?”

Pretending to be weak, Ye Zongheng lay sprawled on the ground and gestured with his hand, “Not much, just five thousand spirit stones.”

“Five thousand?”

He Zhizhou was probably startled by this number, pulling out his money pouch and weighing it. After a fierce internal struggle, he handed the money pouch to Ye Zongheng, whispering in a volume only they could hear, “I don’t have that much; you can take a look and take it yourself.”

A pauper.

Ye Zongheng sneered inwardly, reluctantly propping himself up and sitting on the ground, reaching out to take the money pouch.

Unexpectedly, He Zhizhou didn’t let go.

Frowning, Ye Zongheng impatiently increased his strength, pulling the money pouch towards himself forcefully.

And at that moment, He Zhizhou’s thunderous voice rang out in his ears, “Help! Robbery! Why are you taking my money pouch!!!”

Haha, didn’t expect that, idiot!

While He Zhizhou’s face was filled with terror, his eyes were full of arrogant sneers.

What was his job before crossing over? An actor! This brat, today he’ll show you what “Actor’s Self-Cultivation” is!

The situation was instantly reversed.

Ye Zongheng: Damn it.

Unlike the feigned weakness and convulsions of Ye Zongheng, He Zhizhou’s voice was full of vigor, tinged with a hint of panic and helplessness, as if he would burst into tears the next moment, utterly pitiful.

So, the passersby stopped in their tracks, turning their heads in the direction of the two.

Ye Zongheng was speechless, but in a flash, he heard someone pointing and whispering, “Robbing money in broad daylight, what a scoundrel! Look, he’s carrying a sword at his waist; which sect’s disciple is he?”

He felt a surge of blood to his head; one plan failed, and another one formed in his mind.

Since He Zhizhou was determined to drag him down, then don’t blame him for not being polite!

With this thought flashing through his mind, Ye Zongheng’s eyes narrowed, and spiritual energy surged around him, and his sword intent suddenly emerged. He Zhizhou sensed something and started to panic a bit.

No way, could it be that because he was outsmarted, Ye Zongheng was furious and ready to attack directly?

It can’t be, big brother! Clearly, you started this charade!

Ye Zongheng’s cultivation had reached the Nascent Soul stage, naturally surpassing a mere Golden Core cultivator like He Zhizhou.

Just as he was about to flee in panic, the opponent’s sword intent surged like a stormy rain, momentarily pausing before pouring down like an avalanche—

Directly onto Ye Zongheng himself.

He Zhizhou was dumbfounded.

Ye Zongheng was thrown backward like a pirate ship caught in a storm, struck airborne by a single blow. After a graceful 360-degree somersault, he landed heavily on the ground like a sack of rotten potatoes.

Then, convulsions shook him like a broken ragdoll, as he struggled to raise his right hand weakly. “I only took your money pouch… why… why did you have to resort to such violence…”

With that, he felt a rush of heat in his throat, spitting out a mouthful of blood.

—Haha, didn’t expect that, did you? He still had this trick up his sleeve! Compared to his acting skills? What a fool He Zhizhou is!

He Zhizhou: …

He Zhizhou: Damn it!!! Are you insane!!!

This person, Ye Zongheng, injured the enemy a hundredfold while harming himself two thousandfold!

What kind of genius is he! This isn’t necessary, really, it’s not necessary at all, brother!

“Help, murder!”

The onlookers had never seen such a breathtaking and ghostly turn of events. Screams, sighs, and pleas for help filled the air.

Ye Zongheng continued to lie there, twitching uncontrollably, occasionally spitting out foamy blood.

He Zhizhou was trapped in the eye of the storm, with nowhere to escape, and countless thoughts flashed through his mind in an instant.

His basic acting skills, the history of Chinese television, horror films, comedies, and rural love stories.

When the mountains are high and the rivers are deep, another village will appear when the willows are dim and the flowers are bright.

He still had a way out!

“I’m going to beat you today!”

Amidst the uproar, He Zhizhou took a deep breath, his eyes filled with fury as he shouted, “If it weren’t for you squandering all the family’s money, would our mother, who’s bedridden with illness, be robbed of her life for no reason!”

The voices of the melon-eating crowd became quieter.

He Zhizhou, filled with resentment, continued to angrily berate, “Second brother! I know you love visiting brothels, but Dad can’t even afford a meal anymore. He’s counting on the spirit stones in my money pouch to save his life! Can you bear to snatch it away and give it all to that little peach blossom girl!”

Little Peach Blossom was the woman who lost her position as the top courtesan to He Zhizhou.

In just a few short sentences, the situation had completely changed.

The surrounding people began to curse angrily, “Heartless scoundrel! If it were me, I’d break your bones!”

Some even had a compassionate heart, already preparing to crowdfund donations: “I wonder if there are enough spirit stones in the money pouch? It’s so pitiful. I have some spare money here. If you don’t mind, take it home and buy something good for your father to eat.”

Ye Zongheng listened to the blood spurting out, almost wanting to get up and scold these ignorant people.

Now, not only was he unable to move due to being beaten, he had also become the one condemned by everyone. Truly, the loss outweighed the gain, damaging his wife and sacrificing his army.

He wanted to retort a few more words, but suddenly noticed that the voices of the crowd had diminished significantly. Looking up, he saw the bustling crowd dispersing to both sides, creating an unobstructed path.

A tall young man dressed in dark robes approached slowly, roughly assessing the chaotic scene before nodding solemnly. “I am the Chief Magistrate of the Luan City Tribunal. I heard there was something unusual here, so I came to investigate.”

In short, he was the senior inspector in this city.

Ye Zongheng had only wanted to teach He Zhizhou a lesson, but who would have thought he would attract this person? In a fluster, he could only smile awkwardly and say, “This… there’s no need.”

With that, he inwardly cursed. They had caused such a scene, and even if they wanted to investigate, they wouldn’t find any wrongdoing.

But unexpectedly, the young man in dark robes said with utmost sincerity, “I’ve already heard a rough account of the incident from the bystanders. Although it’s complicated, please don’t worry.”






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