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Chapter 113-Part 2

Jia Ping rubbed his forehead and shook his head. He was also a sharp person. Although he had only seen Xue Hang and Jiang Nian together twice, how could he overlook the unusualness of those two occasions? The first time might have been his illusion, but after the second time, he was almost certain. Jiang Nian might not have any special intentions, but Xue Hang’s intentions were uncertain.

Of course, Xue Hang’s assistant also figured out something. It seemed that their boss was here to visit, all for Jiang Nian! But Jiang Nian seemed a bit at a loss, sigh.

The atmosphere at the dinner was tense. Halfway through the meal, Jiang Nian got up and went to the restroom. Xue Hang watched her walk away, feeling relieved… Perhaps he was afraid of making Jiang Nian angry. = =

However, Jiang Nian took longer than expected in the restroom. Xue Hang frowned, glanced in the restroom’s direction, and got up to follow.

The assistant immediately wanted to follow, but Xue Hang glanced at him, and he immediately sat back down, pretending as if nothing had happened, burying his head and eating a piece of spicy beef, wrapped in coriander and crushed peanuts. It was tender and spicy, with the fragrance of oil. Hmm, delicious!

On the other side, Xue Hang went to the restroom, intending to teach Jiang Nian a lesson. But he saw her being grabbed by a man in all-black attire with a baseball cap, who was pleading bitterly, “Nian Nian, please, please help me this time, for the love we once shared! Just this once! Now, everyone believes only your words. As long as you speak up for me, I can definitely return to the entertainment circle! I promise, I won’t do anything to hurt you again in the future!”

Sun Xu had never been so submissive. He showed weakness and played the emotional card, hoping Jiang Nian would soften and help him out. After all, aren’t women easily moved and nostalgic? In reality, he was Jiang Nian’s first love, making it even harder for her to forget. He didn’t believe Jiang Nian could be heartless and watch him suffer. He said sincerely, “Nian Nian, we have so many beautiful memories together. Have you forgotten? And I really love you. I believe you haven’t forgotten me either.”

Jiang Nian smiled, slightly pushing Sun Xu’s hand away, mocking, “Enough, stop pretending. Your acting wasn’t good before, and it’s still not good now. Don’t think I don’t know. You only think of me now because you’re down and out. If you weren’t in this situation, would you have the nerve to come and apologize to me? If we switched places, I bet you wouldn’t have repented. You would still be cozying up to Wang Jingjing, turning around to tell me you’re speaking up for me, doing it for my sake, making me feel grateful, and making me suffer for your sake, treating me like a fool, right?”

Sun Xu lowered his head, unable to express his anger. “I know I was wrong before. You can hit me; I won’t fight back. Hit me until you’re satisfied!”

Jiang Nian said coldly, “No need to hit you. I’m afraid of dirtying my hands. Kneel down, kneel in front of me, and admit you were wrong.”

Sun Xu looked up abruptly, unable to believe it. He seemed to have never expected Jiang Nian to be so ruthless, let alone come up with such a way to ridicule him. “How can you…”

“Kneel or not?”

“A man’s knees are made of gold…”

“Get lost.”

Jiang Nian didn’t look at him anymore, turned around, and walked away. But Sun Xu didn’t want to miss this rare opportunity. He suddenly lunged at her as she passed by, grabbing her shoulders and trying to kiss her!

He had acted in too many idol dramas, thinking that a forced kiss could soften a woman, thinking that a forced kiss could make someone forgive all his mistakes.

Seeing this, Xue Hang felt his heart suffocating and uncontrollable anger coursing through him! His whole being exuded an icy aura!

He rarely lost control like this. He rushed forward, wanting to tear Sun Xu apart, never allowing him to appear in front of Jiang Nian again.

Jiang Nian had already been hurt badly by him, misunderstood and trampled upon, and had almost ruined her acting career. How dare he come and ask for Jiang Nian’s forgiveness and help? He failed with one plan and wanted to resort to force?

In just a few moments, Xue Hang reached Sun Xu from behind. He was about to pull him away when he suddenly heard Sun Xu scream in pain. He was sweating profusely, curling up on the ground, holding his lower abdomen, his face pale, tears streaming down, unable to even speak a word.

Jiang Nian withdrew her foot, glanced coldly at Sun Xu on the ground, and thought to herself, How dare he try to force himself on her? Does he even know his own limits?

Seeing this, Xue Hang kicked Sun Xu away with one foot, then stepped forward and pulled Jiang Nian, who was standing expressionless, into his arms. He turned his head to glare at Sun Xu, who was crying and howling on the ground. Seeing the shock and resentment in his eyes, Xue Hang kicked him again, with a coldness in his eyes that seemed to look down on him from a high position.

“You dare touch my woman?”

Jiang Nian looked at Xue Hang in surprise, seeing his perfectly defined jawline.

…Was she desecrating her benefactor’s divine body, and now she had to desecrate his reputation too?

Xue Hang’s brow furrowed imperceptibly, and he tightened his grip on Jiang Nian’s shoulder.

Sun Xu was shocked and pale. He forgot about the pain all over his body and looked up at the man who held Jiang Nian in his arms with a cold and imposing aura, unlike the way he treated him. There was tension and concern in his posture, as if Jiang Nian was his precious treasure.

They were high and mighty and glamorous, while he was being trampled in the mud.

Sure enough, sure enough! The relationship between these two was indeed extraordinary!

Xue Hang gently patted Jiang Nian’s back to comfort her while dialing a number on his phone. In a short while, his assistant hurried over, and a few minutes later, even the police arrived, and Sun Xu was carried away.

Because of the commotion, it naturally attracted Xiao Qian, the producer, and the assistant directors. Afraid of rumors spreading, they found a few trustworthy people to seal off the scene. However, Sun Xu’s attempt to find Jiang Nian still spread, especially with his sorry state, and rumors began to fly.

Jiang Nian watched as Sun Xu was taken away, her face showing no emotion. She smiled faintly at Xue Hang and said, “Mr. Xue, thank you for helping me again. I’m fine; don’t worry.”

Xue Hang felt heartache. Seeing Jiang Nian again, her inner despair hadn’t diminished much. Now, with Sun Xu’s disturbance, she was probably even more hurt.

With things as they were, how could she still smile and say she was fine?





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