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Chapter 98

By the time they were utterly exhausted, it had gone from noon to dusk.

The evening banquet at the city lord’s mansion began an hour later, but after some discussion, everyone decided to return to their rooms first to rest, lest they end up like a few fish out of water later.

The reputation of the Xuanxu Sword Sect really couldn’t afford to be tossed around.

While they went back to their rooms, Ning Ning specifically went to the jewelry store to buy the Night Pearl. After wandering aimlessly in the streets for a while, she quietly returned to the inn and unexpectedly caught sight of a figure sitting blankly at the top of the building.

It turned out to be Pei Ji.

This “top” was not the top floor, but the highest eaves of the entire inn.

The young man was still dressed in clothes that blended with the night, making his pale face even paler. He seemed to be in a not-so-good mood, and he was visibly startled when his eyes met Ning Ning’s at this moment.

What he was thinking at this moment, Ning Ning had no idea. After seeing Pei Ji on the eaves, only a few words lingered in her mind—

“Wow! He is flying over the eaves and walking on walls!”

For sword cultivators of their level, it allows them to rise into the air at will, just like in martial arts movies, so naturally, it’s not difficult for them to perform feats like flying over the eaves and walking on walls.”

But previously, during their time at the Xuanxu Sword Sect, all they saw and experienced were mountains, rivers, and forests, without eaves or walls, nor the hustle and bustle of the city, which made it feel a bit lacking.

But now, things were different.

Ning ning squinted her eyes against the light and smiled. With a light tap of her toe, she effortlessly landed beside Pei Ji.

“Junior Brother!”

Her voice was scattered by the evening breeze: “Instead of idling here, why don’t we do something fun together?”


The city of Luan in the evening was entirely different from during the day, especially when walking on the rooftops. With just a glance down, one could take in all the charming scenery of the city.

As dusk fell, the sun was about to set. The bright moon had already climbed to the treetops, resembling a maiden’s graceful eyes, veiled in a layer of drifting gossamer.

Lanterns were lit in countless households, their flickering flames forming a patchwork of light and shadow, with moonlight enveloping them, adding a dreamlike sense of unreality.

The sounds of people, water, and horses mingled like waves, children’s laughter echoed incessantly, and the air was filled with the scent of honey and apricot blossoms. Floating into the faint night, even the fragrance seemed elusive.

Ning Ning moved lightly, hardly making any sound as she walked on the rooftops. Coupled with her fast pace, she darted between the lights of the city like a dragonfly skimming over water.

Pei Ji followed quietly behind her, occasionally responding to her words.

“Junior Brother, have you ever been to such a big city before?”



With a candy in her mouth, Ning ning smiled to herself, “Well, that’s good too. The first time is always memorable! Since the first time you came to Luan City was with everyone, maybe every time you come here in the future, you’ll think of us.”

Pei Ji remained silent, casting a fleeting glance at her figure through the mist-like glow of the lanterns.

In a light-colored dress, her skirt flowed freely with her movements, outlining rippling curves like water. Though she was conversing with him, there was always an intangible distance, as if she could disappear into the twilight at any moment.

Suddenly, the girl ahead stopped in her tracks and turned around without warning.

Pei Ji paused as well.

“Junior Brother.”

She still had a smile at the corner of her mouth and tilted her chin toward him. “Look, what’s behind you?”

Pei Ji turned his head at her words, but in the corner she indicated, he only saw a cluster of low houses, with nothing particularly noteworthy.

As he was inwardly puzzled, he suddenly heard footsteps getting closer and closer to him.

The sound was deliberately subdued, almost blending into the evening breeze, but his sensitive nature allowed him to perceive something unusual in an instant.

Pei Ji turned sharply.

Ning Ning, who was quietly approaching him, froze in place.

She hadn’t expected her little movement to be noticed, so this sudden turn startled her, causing her to stumble slightly, and her foot slipped on the tiles.

Then, just a few steps away from Pei Ji, she toppled forward completely.

Ning ning: …!

Wait a minute! This wasn’t the scenario she had imagined!

Regardless, the correct plotline definitely wasn’t her prematurely falling down before achieving anything, just tumbling flat on her face. According to the planned scenario, this super harmonious and friendly surprise should have been like this:

Today, she and Pei Ji went out together, and she noticed that his clothes had faded a bit, probably because he was so focused on sword practice that he didn’t have time to think about his appearance.

Unfortunately, most of her pocket money had been spent on Lin Xun’s Night Pearl. After thinking it over, she quietly took out the last bit of her secret money and bought him a dark brocade hairband embroidered with golden cloud patterns.

As Pei Ji turned around, Ning Ning was supposed to approach him silently. When Junior Brother turned around, bewildered, he would see the gift right in front of him, unable to believe his eyes—

That’s the correct way to present a surprise!

Little did she expect that the surprise she had intended for Pei Ji would end up scaring her instead.

Ning Ning’s heart sank, and she gritted her teeth inwardly.

She had already prepared herself for a clumsy fall, but to her surprise, the expected pain did not come as the wind rushed past her, carrying a brisk pine scent.

A hand was pressed on her shoulder.

Then her whole body fell into a lean and powerful chest.









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