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Chapter 115-Part 1

Jiang Nian had a good night’s sleep. The next morning, she originally intended to go to the set early, but Jia Ping told her that there were no scenes scheduled for her today.

If she went, she would only be there to watch the hustle and bustle on set. It would be better to rest at the hotel, recharge her spirits, and be more productive: “Be obedient, go back, and rest.”

Jia Ping earnestly advised her. Besides advising, what else could he do? Xue Hang had spoken, and the director had already informed them last night that there were no scenes for Jiang Nian today. Even if she went, it would be in vain.

Jiang Nian had no choice but to return to her room after having breakfast.

In fact, she found it somewhat strange. Xue Hang had unexpectedly asked her to cling to his thigh last night, which was even more surprising than when he said “my woman.”

Perhaps at that time, he was just trying to intimidate Sun Xu? But clinging to someone’s thigh was different; it was a stark contrast to his previous attitude. Before, he helped her, but with a sense of sympathy and reluctance, as if hoping she wouldn’t misunderstand… This time, after three months apart, she hadn’t done anything special, so why did it feel like that distance had disappeared?

As for the female lead in this world, she was betrayed and used by Sun Xu, leaving her disillusioned with love. She focused all her energy on her work, from TV dramas to movies, sprinting all the way. On her forty-first birthday, she achieved the grand slam of television and film awards, even standing on the highest podium at the Oscars.

Despite her brilliant achievements, she didn’t settle down, didn’t marry or have children, and had a few boyfriends, none of whom worked out. She lived freely and generously, donating all her wealth to charity after her death.

As for Xue Hang, he was just a legendary figure to the original owner, Jiang Nian. Mysterious and powerful, he was revered and untouchable.

Rumors outside said he had never married. Some even speculated he might be gay; otherwise, why would he show no interest in women? People joked that even women who weren’t afraid of death tried to seduce him, but he didn’t react even when they were naked, instead driving them away with a grim face, showing no signs of masculinity… Xue Hang’s sexual orientation had become the biggest unsolved mystery in the industry.

This world was different from the previous ones. Jiang Nian had long been prepared to play the game of life and live a carefree life, making the pursuit of wealth her lifelong career!

Jiang Nian rubbed her chin. Looking at it this way, Xue Hang was like a high monk!

Jia Ping sat on the sofa and said, “I heard from the police that Sun Xu was released on bail last night. He didn’t cause any substantial harm to you, so I’m afraid this matter will end like this.”

Jiang Nian nodded. Anyway, every day for Sun Xu is now filled with pain. The strange looks from others were enough to strike his pride and ego; whether he suffered inside or outside prison didn’t matter to her.

Jia Ping smiled.

“Jiang Nian, tell me honestly, did anything happen between you and Mr. Xue after he sent you back last night?”

Jiang Nian’s face turned serious. “Big Brother Jia, don’t spread rumors and tarnish Mr. Xue’s reputation.”

Jia Ping chuckled.

“We all saw the situation yesterday. Mr. Xue was so protective and concerned about you. Wasn’t there anything?”

Jiang Nian said, “That’s why I said Mr. Xue is a good person. He left after sending me back last night.”

“Heh, it’s just you. When has Mr. Xue treated others like this?” Jia Ping said again, “It’s normal for feelings to develop between a man and a woman. Compared to Sun Xu, who can’t even compare to a single hair of Mr. Xue, if Mr. Xue has feelings for you, don’t cling to the past. People need to look forward.”

Jiang Nian glanced at Jia Ping. She was very attached to the past, but not to Sun Xu. After all, her past was full of wealth and prosperity… Her mood became melancholic.

Seeing Jiang Nian’s downcast look, Jia Ping felt anxious.

“Many people want to curry favor with Mr. Xue, but they can’t. You’ve struck gold! If it were someone else, it would have become public knowledge by now! You need to seize the opportunity!”

Jiang Nian didn’t want to discuss Xue Hang with others. It was disrespectful to him. She said, “Big Brother Jia, you can talk to me about these things, but if others ask, don’t spread rumors. It’s not good if it gets out.”

Jia Ping sighed. Forget it. He wasn’t in a hurry. As long as Xue Hang was interested, they could not avoid this matter altogether by not talking about it, right?

When Xue Hang came to find Jiang Nian, it was around nine o’clock.

Jia Ping had already been driven away by Jiang Nian.

She was alone in her room, reading the script for the next day’s shoot. When Xue Hang arrived, he was still wearing a white shirt and black trousers, with slightly tousled black hair falling on his forehead and his handsome face carrying a hint of gentleness.

He stood at the door, elegant and proud.

“Good morning. Have you had breakfast?”

Jiang Nian nodded and invited him in. “Yes, I’ve already eaten. What about you?”

Xue Hang replied, “I had to go out for something, so not yet.”

Jiang Nian then called room service to deliver breakfast and poured him a glass of water.

Xue Hang held the glass, still feeling a bit nervous. After all, he had never given things to a girl before, let alone pursued one. He didn’t know how to make Jiang Nian happy. The only thing he could do was give her what she liked…




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