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Chapter 3-Part 3

Mrs. Wang chuckled and said, “Alright, alright, you’re capable. But Mrs. Lin also said you’re very capable. I trust Mrs. Lin.”

Li Hehua pouted intentionally, annoyed: “Fine, Mother, you believe outsiders but not your own daughter. I’m angry now. I want to eat fried eggs.”

Mrs. Wang chuckled and got up, saying, “Alright, alright, wait, Mother will make fried eggs for you.” Her daughter loved the fried eggs she made the most, and when they went to Lu Village together, she could make them for her daughter frequently.

With Mrs. Wang in a good mood, she happily went to the kitchen, while Li Hehua began to write. She intended to finish this book before getting married.

The next day, the matchmaker from the Lu family, along with the elders and Aunt Lian, came to the Li family. This time, it was the formal engagement proposal, betrothal gifts, and setting the wedding date, all in accordance with tradition. Lu Junyu didn’t need to be present.

Watching the negotiations between the Lu family’s matchmaker and Aunt Lian, they finally reached an agreement: Li Hehua would marry into the Lu family on the eighth day of the twelfth month, two months later.

The Lu family left satisfied.

Seeing Mrs. Wang’s sad expression, Aunt Lian comforted her: “Mrs. Wang, this is a joyous occasion. Besides, in the future, you and Hehua won’t live far apart. You’ll still be together. Cheer up.”

Mrs. Wang forced a smile and said, “But my daughter won’t be mine anymore.”

She would have to consider her mother-in-law’s feelings to see her daughter.

Li Hehua stepped forward, took Mrs. Wang’s hand, and said, “Mother, I’ll always be your daughter. You can’t disown me.”

Seeing the closeness between the mother and daughter, Aunt Lian quietly left, taking her leave and allowing the two to have a private conversation.

Seeing Aunt Lian’s departure, Li Hehua quickly got up to see her off, expressing her gratitude before returning.

Mrs. Wang was still wiping her tears and said, “You’re getting married. Your late father would be ecstatic if he knew. He used to dote on you a lot.”

Li Hehua couldn’t help but smirk inwardly. All of this was her mother’s speculation. She remembered clearly that her father had visited her once but refused to hold her. How could he have doted on her? And he probably didn’t have much affection for her mother either. He came back for just one night and then hurriedly left, never to return again. Her mother’s assertion that he would be happy was probably far from certain. But she didn’t want to debunk it. Without this hope, her mother might not have been able to go on living.

She said, “Hmm, I’ll go offer incense to my father then.”

After all, he was dead. Saying a few kind words to make Mrs. Wang feel better wouldn’t hurt.

Mrs. Wang looked at her with relief and said, “Hehua is the most filial. Good people will be rewarded.”

Li Hehua smiled silently and helped Mrs. Wang into the side room, where they worshipped their ancestors.

Half a month before the wedding, Li Hehua finally finished writing the ending of her new book and planned to go to Moxiang bookstore tomorrow to submit her manuscript.

After telling Mrs. Wang, Mrs. Wang nodded and said, “Be careful, and bring back some red thread for me.”

Over the years, Hehua has been running around outside. Mrs. Wang had gone from being anxious about it at the beginning to being used to it now.

Anyway, Hehua knew how to handle her father’s kitchen knife. Speaking of which, when Hehua’s father asked her to remember a bunch of things, Mrs. Wang memorized them all for Hehua. Her daughter was really clever and quickly learned.

Li Hehua nodded and went to her room to pack her things. She polished the most important kitchen knife, practiced her knife skills again, and then finally felt calm.

She hadn’t been here long when Mrs. Wang started asking her to remember things. If it weren’t for her inherent skills, how could she understand what Mrs. Wang was saying?

As for the so-called Li family’s ancestral kitchen knife martial arts left by the original owner’s father, it was just some small killing techniques on the battlefield.

But for her, they were quite useful. Then, combining them with the modern combat techniques she had learned before, she improved them and found them still effective.

Actually, as a PhD student in Chinese literature, she had nothing to do with combat. But after several trips to ancient tombs and encountering many unscrupulous tomb raiders, she had to learn a bunch for the sake of her life. Unexpectedly, she was using them now. Oh well, who knows what happened to her modern self?

Anyway, there was no point in thinking about it. She couldn’t go back. Being able to live again was already a blessing from heaven. People should be content. Besides, she was about to have a handsome husband, hehe.

The next afternoon, just as the sun was about to set, Li Hehua arrived in Wangshan County. Inside Moxiang bookstore, she saw a stranger standing behind the counter and immediately stopped in her tracks.

Had the shopkeeper changed? But the young servant who usually greeted her was still the same. When he saw her, he happily exclaimed, “Master Li, you’re here!” Then he loudly called out to the counter, “Manager Fan, Master Li is here.”




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