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Chapter 28-Part 2

When Feng Liwu walked into the room, the sight that greeted him was the two entangled figures, like twisted strands of rope.

Feng Liwu’s face darkened, and he waved his hand, ordering the guards behind him to step back outside the door. He watched the two figures still entwine for a moment before walking forward. He forcefully pulled Jiang Xiurun away from the woman, finally seeing clearly the woman entangled with his tutor—it was none other than his future crown princess…

At that moment, Feng Liwu’s pupils slightly contracted, his face alternating between dark and light, uncertain whether he wanted to strangle the audacious lad who dared to cuckold him or the future crown princess who had a notoriously flirtatious nature.

But the rage exploding in his chest at being betrayed was undeniable. Feng Liwu’s murderous intent had been thoroughly aroused by the double betrayal.

Since these two were so despicable, neither of them could live!

Just then, the effects of the anesthesia on Jiang Xiurun began to wear off slightly. Though her tongue was still stiff, she could speak.

At this moment, she had already figured out that someone had set a trap. The letters she received at the crown prince’s mansion were likely not written by the crown prince himself.

Someone had manipulated her and Tian Ying to come to the Taoist temple, intending for Feng Liwu to stumble upon this scene…

Seeing Feng Liwu’s murderous intent rise, Jiang Xiurun felt a sense of despair. What should she do now? Should she reveal that she was a woman, or should she kneel before the crown prince and beg for mercy, pleading that she was framed?

Either way, both options were dead ends. Jiang Xiurun was momentarily plunged into despair, barely managing to say, “Your Highness, I… I have been framed…”

At this point, she caught a whiff of the distinct scent of a young man emanating from Feng Liwu’s body. Her mind swayed for a moment, feeling as if she could hear the rushing sound of blood in her ears. In a sudden surge of heat, she threw herself into Feng Liwu’s arms, her soft lips pressing against his. Everything else faded away, consumed by the overwhelming effects of the drug…

Who dared to scheme like this! Feng Liwu thought to himself as he glanced at the youth rolling on the ground.

At this moment, the youth’s outer garments had been undone, and his undergarments had shifted slightly upwards due to the rolling, revealing a glimpse of fair ankles. As his feet pushed against the ground, his ankles formed an alluring curve…

Just then, Bai Qian pushed open the door, desperately trying to enter, pushing past the guards blocking the doorway.

The guard received the crown prince’s order to keep out unwanted individuals and was unwilling to allow anyone in, causing a commotion.

Jiang Xiurun had already thrown caution to the wind at this point. She struggled to get up again, pulling at the hem of the crown prince’s robe, and whispered, “Please, Your Highness, let my maid take me away to detoxify… Once the effects wear off, whether to kill or to spare, it’s up to you.”

Feng Liwu’s eyes lowered slightly as he looked at the hand grasping his robe. Jiang Xiurun felt the cold gaze he projected, and she too felt despair. If she were in his shoes, she would never forgive a man who dared to cheat on his fiancée.

Especially a man who, in his delirium, had dared to kiss such a distinguished figure as the Crown Prince…

But just then, the Crown Prince spoke up: “Your maid is too ugly. I’ll find you a prettier one.”

Jiang Xiurun’s ears rang with a thunderous roar, and she shook her head to clear it, barely grasping the meaning behind Feng Liwu’s words.

He had obviously misunderstood and thought she wanted Bai Qian to serve as a distraction… and he even wanted to find a more attractive one…

Jiang Xiurun’s throat tightened, knowing there was room to maneuver. She quickly said, “Just let Bai Qian prepare a cold water bath for me…”

This time, Feng Liwu didn’t stop her. He only allowed Bai Qian to enter. Without a word, the sturdy maid hoisted up her young master and hurriedly carried him out, running to the nearby Taoist priest’s courtyard. After waking up the priest, they fetched cold water and poured it over Jiang Xiurun’s body after undressing her.

After three buckets of water were poured back and forth, Jiang Xiurun felt the restlessness gradually dissipate.

Bai Qian was afraid she might catch a chill, so she quickly tucked her into bed and dried her hair, saying, “Master, you should leave now, or else when His Highness finishes interrogating you, he definitely won’t spare you.”

Jiang Xiurun shook her head. Her brother was still in the city, being held accountable. Where could she run to? Moreover, feigning death to escape and fleeing with a woman who had slept with the Crown Prince would lead to completely different outcomes.

Considering Feng Liwu’s vengeful nature, wouldn’t he pursue her to the ends of the earth?

So she calmed down a bit and, with Bai Qian’s help, tied up her clothes again, raised the collar of her inner garment high, put on her outer garment, and went to the front hall to see the crown prince.

Before she even entered the main hall, she saw Feng Liwu sitting in the main seat, drinking tea.

And below the hall, the two old women who had escaped earlier were now captured and kneeling in the courtyard, bound hand and foot, with their mouths gagged.

At this moment, Tian Ying, who had also recovered from the effects of the drug, was being assisted inside. She was still unclear about the situation but intended to clear herself of any frivolous accusations.

Seeing Jiang Xiurun also arriving, Tian Ying preemptively burst into tears and said, “That young Master Jiang has been relentlessly pursuing me before. Who knew he would have such evil intentions towards me? Please, Your Highness, make a judgment for me!”

Feng Liwu didn’t even glance at her, simply calmly saying, “Beat them until they stop breathing.”

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