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Chapter 87: Eve of the Grand Competition

Three months later.

The day of the Tri-Nation Grand Competition arrived.

During this time, Su Hua continued her extravagant spending as a rich heiress and became a prominent figure in the academy.

As for the female lead, she successfully broke off her engagement with Hao Wang and established her influence. She also gained many loyal followers, and her relationship with the male lead continued to deepen, making her another prominent figure in the academy.

Before the Tri-Nation Grand Competition, the academy held an internal competition to select students to participate in the competition in Huanglan Country.

Su Hua demonstrated her strength and secured a spot.

As for Mu Ye, he had already obtained a spot through his previous experiences, so he didn’t need to participate in the grand competition to enter the secret realm. The female lead was in the same situation, commonly referred to as a “parachute drop.”

Of course, the female lead wouldn’t miss such a great opportunity to show off. So, she enlisted the cannon fodder to help her sign up for the competition, successfully getting Meng Yunxin to participate in the Tri-Nation Grand Competition.

The location of the Tri-Nation Grand Competition rotated among the three kingdoms every three years, and this year it was Huanglan Country’s turn.

According to the original plot, the Tri-Nation Grand Competition was very exciting, and Su Hua was excited to watch the drama unfold.

Before the competition, Su Hua met the Emperor of Dongxu Country, who came to the academy to encourage the participants. His words greatly excited the students, making them eager to sacrifice themselves for their country.

Nineteen students, along with their mentors, went to participate in the competition, while the rest of the students could go to Huanglan Country to watch the competition, but they had to cover their own expenses.

The group arrived at the post station, where there were flying magical beasts called Thunder Dove, which were not very aggressive but were large in size and commonly used for transportation.

Su Hua directly paid to share a Thunder Dove with Mu Ye, and the mentors had no choice but to accept it. After all, she had money, so she could do as she pleased.

Dozens of Thunder Dove flew out one by one. Su Hua sat on the back of her Thunder Dove, but her gaze was searching for the Thunder Dove of the female lead. According to the original plot, the female lead’s Thunder Dove would suddenly lose control and fall into the forest.

Sure enough, after flying for a while, Meng Yunxin’s Thunder Dove suddenly lost control and plunged downward. Fortunately, four mentors came to help. One of them proposed to go find Meng Yunxin, while the others continued on to Huanglan Country.

Dongxu Country was quite far from Huanglan Country, at least a three-day flight, so they would definitely stop to rest along the way.

Three days later.

The group arrived at the capital city of Huanglan Country.

The students and mentors checked into the post inn, where students and mentors from Baiqi Country were also staying. They had arrived yesterday, and Su Hua noticed many students wearing Baiqi Academy uniforms outside the gate.

Su Hua didn’t have much to tidy up, so after finding out where her room was, she went out with Mu Ye to go shopping.

“This.” Mu Ye pointed at something on the street.

“Buy.” Su Hua took out money.

Along the way, whenever Mu Ye liked something, Su Hua didn’t hesitate to pay for it.

This scene caught the attention of some observant individuals.

“Look at that woman; doesn’t she seem familiar?”

Standing by the window of a certain inn, two men and two women were seated. One of the men pointed at Su Hua and said to his companions.

The woman sitting across from him followed his gaze and exclaimed, “Isn’t that Yao Hua? But Yao Hua…”

“She does look exactly like Yao Hua, but her demeanor and behavior are completely different.” Another man nodded.

“There can’t be two identical people in the world, but this is clearly Yao Hua.”

“She’s actually alive.”

“It seems she has hooked up with that man.”

This opinion was unanimously agreed upon by the four.

“Let’s go see if she’s really Yao Hua? Wait, isn’t that the Ninth Princess?”

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