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Chapter 42-Part 1

On that afternoon, Qi Xing and Xu Jiahui were found lying unconscious in the alley behind the Taixing Hotel. By the time they were discovered, both had already lost their breath.

News spread rapidly through the holoscreens.

“Qi Xing is dead? Took his own life with Xu Jiahui?” Upon hearing the report from his subordinate, Zhao Min showed no sign of lamenting for the fallen tycoon.

A faint smile crept up on his lips. “Well, they died conveniently. Perhaps my father reached some agreement with Qi Xing, and now that he’s gone, my father might be hopping mad.”

“But father is truly fortunate! He’s been busy finding people for Qi Xing recently and hasn’t had the chance to deal with Zhao Pharmacy. Otherwise, like others who cause trouble, they would’ve been quietly dealt with by the Yun family.”

Zhao Min recalled his father’s deeds and couldn’t help but admit that luck was a kind of skill.

His father was average in intelligence, obscure in rewarding and punishing, and biased in his beliefs. But with exceptional luck, he managed to stand firm on the planet.

Take Qi Xing, for example. Everyone thought he was more capable than father Zhao. And what happened? The capable one died, while the mediocre one continued to thrive.

However, if his father insisted on targeting the pharmacy, Zhao Min wondered what the result would be if excellent luck clashed with absolute medical expertise.

Zhao Min couldn’t help but sigh, “To find teammates, one must look for a divine doctor. Just as trouble arises and before you can handle it, your teammate has already climbed the big tree and solved the problem.”

“Oh no,” Zhao Min pondered for a moment, then quickly corrected himself: “Climbing the big tree should be the Yun family, not the divine doctor. A divine doctor wouldn’t seek help from others willingly.”

“I heard that the young master of the Yun family has contracted a strange illness and is solely focused on nurturing his body, unable to meet anyone?” A playful smile appeared on Zhao Min’s face.

“Offering help voluntarily, is it to gain favor in front of the divine doctor?”

“Never thought the Yun family would come to this.”

Zhao Min was talking with himself happily, then suddenly his communicator rang.

Glancing at the caller ID, his expression froze momentarily, then he quickly answered the call with respect, “I wonder what instructions the divine doctor has?”

After a few brief words from the other end, Zhao Min’s face showed a wry expression of helplessness. “Understood, I’ll handle it.”

After hanging up the phone, Zhao Min looked out the window pensively and sighed, “The planet is about to get lively.”

After winning the competition, Tang Xin headed straight to the warehouse to get Starry Grass, instantly taking away half of the Starry Grass inventory along with plenty of ingredients.

Butler Su’s eyelids twitched. Although he knew Tang Xin was capable, her boldness and disregard for others still took him aback for a moment.

Why couldn’t she be more subtle?

Tang Xin didn’t bother to chat with Butler Su; she urged him to take her to the guest room immediately.

Her hands were itching; she was eager to make medicine.

Just as Butler Su led her to the room’s door and was about to exchange a few polite words, with a bang, Tang Xin shut the door.

Yan Hao calmly said, “The master is used to acting on impulse. Uncle Su, don’t mind.”

Now she was treated like a revered Buddha; how could he dare to argue?

Butler Su waved his hand, saying he didn’t dare, and quickly changed the subject, “Let me take you to your room.”

Yan Hao remained unmoved, his expression unchanged. “No need to trouble yourself. I am the master’s personal guard. Wherever the master is, I am.”

Butler Su was suddenly stunned.

So, when Tang Xin finished making the medicine and opened the door, she found Yan Hao standing outside, looking surprised. “What are you doing standing outside?”

Yan Hao cleared his throat lightly. “The people from the Yun family said we’re sharing a room.”

Tang Xin found it strange. The Yun family seemed wealthy; why were they seeking her out and being so stingy?

But then she thought back to how she infuriated Yun Gui during the competition, and it made sense. Maybe Yun Gui didn’t care, but others wanted to help him save face?

Tang Xin rubbed her nose and cursed silently at a bunch of petty people.

“Come in.” She had something to discuss with him anyway.

After closing the door, Tang Xin discreetly took out a vial of potion from her spatial ring and handed it to him. “Drink this.”

Yan Hao took it curiously. “Is this why you came to the Yun family?”

“Yes, it’s called Gene Purification Potion. After drinking it, your genetic level can be enhanced.” Tang Xin said it gleefully.

Normally, the success rate of gene purification potions is quite low. Four strands of Starry Grass could make eight bottles of potion, and she was confident in successfully making five bottles.

Unexpectedly, luck was on her side, and she succeeded in making six bottles this time!

Though it seemed like just one extra bottle, each bottle of gene purification potion could fetch a sky-high price at the planetary auction!

Gene purification?

Yan Hao was moved; he understood the weight of those words. He finally understood why the master was willing to take such great risks to enter the Yun family.

Gene purification was something he had never even heard of before.

Yan Hao glanced at his master, her eyes filled with anticipation. He decided to trust his master.

“How should it be consumed? Should I drink a bottle all at once? Or is there a limit for each person?” Before taking the medicine, Yan Hao carefully asked for instructions.

Tang Xin was about to speak, but somehow it came out as, “Each person can drink a maximum of three bottles, and it won’t work if you exceed that.”

As soon as the words left her mouth, Tang Xin wanted to slap herself.

Why did she blurt out the truth like that?

In her past life, she always told people, “Each person can only drink one bottle. Drinking too much carries the risk of exploding and dying, so it’s not recommended to try.”

How many people beg at her doorstep every day, waving their federal cards, crying, and kneeling for just one bottle of gene purification potion?

If it weren’t for the federal agents protecting her, her house would be surrounded every day, and life would be unbearable.

Sometimes, Tang Xin admired those in power. With authority and influence, no matter where she hid, someone would find her.

Basically, if someone found her one day, everyone else would come running the next day.

If people found out that one person could drink three bottles of potion, the demand would triple!

And if they encountered someone foolish and wealthy who rushed over to drink three bottles and expected miracles, wanting to buy more to try them out…

Tang Xin shuddered.

Why did she blurt out such a big truth!!

Yan Hao furrowed his brows tightly. “The effect of the potion is too special. Master, you should change the story for outsiders. Saying three bottles might attract unwanted attention.”

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