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Chapter 256: The Sect Leader Wakes Up Grumpy Every Day (4)

Another jailer whispered, “Hey, this matter has been reported. If the leader says to ignore it, then ignore it. Just continue serving his food.”

Upon hearing this, the jailer cautiously placed the food into the cell, afraid that the person inside might suddenly look up and do something to him.

Throughout the process, the man maintained the same posture, except for the slight movement of his body, making it seem as if he had ceased to exist.

When the two jailers arrived at the cell where Shen Mubai was located, the women inside rushed forward eagerly, as if they hadn’t eaten for days.

Seeing the familiar cell, impatience crossed the jailer’s face. “Behave yourselves.”

The jailer distributing the food had barely taken out the steamed buns from the wooden bucket when they were snatched away by eager hands.

Anticipating the issue, the jailer cursed loudly while urging his colleague to hurry.

Shen Mubai, trying to find an opportunity, reached out to grab a steamed bun, only to have it forcefully taken from her hand.

She stared in astonishment.

The woman who took her bun, with one in each hand, took a fierce bite. Meanwhile, the other women whose food was taken by the other women quickly approached, pleading, “Give me a bite!”

She looked at the jailer expectantly.

The jailer, as if predicting what she was about to say, coldly replied, “There’s none left.”

Then, accompanied by another jailer, he moved on to the next cell.

Shen Mubai almost burst into tears.

Clutching her hungry stomach, she squatted pitifully in the corner, glaring resentfully at the women who were devouring their food greedily.

But those women paid her no attention; she was too absorbed in their meal. They complained, “Steamed buns again, and they’re cold.”

“Munch munch munch, well, steamed buns are delicious. Having one more person is good; at least it fills the stomach a bit more.”

Shen Mubai, “…”

At this moment, the sturdy woman sitting in the middle stood up. The other women, holding their steamed buns, paused, their gazes involuntarily following her as she approached Shen Mubai.

Half a steamed bun was offered to Shen Mubai. Tearfully, she accepted it, saying, “You’re a good person.”

The sturdy woman asked, “How did you end up here?”

Shen Mubai took a bite of the steamed bun and replied vaguely, “I stole something.”

The sturdy woman continued, “What did you steal?”

Tall and robust, with dark skin and eyes that seemed to devour, her demeanor was fierce and cold.

However, after the incident with the steamed bun, Shen Mubai’s fondness for her skyrocketed.

She swallowed a piece of steamed bun and said slowly, “I stole from a wealthy household, got caught, and reported to the authorities. That’s how I ended up here.”

The woman in front of her said, “Your name is Su Cuihua, right?”

Shen Mubai nodded. “Yes, yes. What’s your name?”

The woman replied, “Liu Chunhua.”

Shen Mubai, “…”

Liu Chunhua glared at her fiercely. “What? You got a problem with my name?”

Shen Mubai hurriedly shook her head. “No, no, no, I just feel a strong sense of familiarity with that name.”

Only then did Liu Chunhua let her off, taking a bite of the steamed bun and sitting beside Shen Mubai. Next to her, Shen Mubai, who was already slender, appeared exceptionally petite.

The other women were dumbfounded. They knew that this woman, named Liu Chunhua, had arrived yesterday. Seeing her stature and demeanor, they knew she wasn’t to be messed with, so they didn’t target her.

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