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Chapter 265: The Sect Leader Wakes Up Grumpy Every Day (13)

Shen Mubai said, “That’s because they’re all afraid of cockroaches.”

The woman chuckled and said, “Do you think I’d believe such foolishness? If there weren’t some tricks up your sleeve, you wouldn’t be able to manipulate them so easily.”

Shen Mubai sighed. “Can you at least let me eat until I’m full?”

The woman chuckled again. “You, girl, should worry more about your life than your stomach.”

Shen Mubai said with a hint of resignation, “Man is iron, rice is steel.”

Moreover, with the system in place, even if something happened, she definitely wouldn’t die.

The woman chuckled lightly and said, “You do have some wit.”

Then she stood up and said, “Wu Er will bring you food.”

At noon, Shen Mubai finally got to eat, although the taste was not much better.

Over the next few days, from Wu Er’s initial interrogation to the arrival of the woman in red and then the two identical men, they set numerous traps and questioned her relentlessly.

In the end, they came to a conclusion: the newly captured woman was truly clueless. Through investigation, it was confirmed that there was indeed a woman named Su Cuihua, orphaned at a young age, who relied on charity to survive and eventually became a maid in a wealthy family. The master of that household took a liking to her, intending to make her his concubine. However, Su Cuihua, disdainful of his obesity and wealth, played a prank on him and attempted to steal from him. This angered his jealous wife, who had her captured and thrown into prison.

It’s really a coincidence that her identity is true.

However, they couldn’t understand why there was a discrepancy in her personalities. They even considered the possibility of a switch, but the face she wore was truly hers, without any traces of disguise.

Now, these four people were discussing her fate around the table.

The one on the right said, “Keeping her in the sect serves no purpose. We might as well just throw her away somewhere.”

This person was the slightly shorter of the twin brothers, equally handsome as his brother but with a childlike voice. His identity was that of one of Jun Jiuling’s protectors.

Shen Mubai curled her lips. So they treated her like garbage?

The one on the left, the other stern-looking man, surprisingly remained silent at this suggestion.

Yun Niang, the woman in red and the Third Hall Master of the Fire Lotus Sect, showed interest. “Why don’t we keep her? I happen to have some experimental drugs that need testing.”

Perhaps out of the bond they formed from being imprisoned together and sharing steamed buns, Wu Er remained silent for a few seconds before looking at Shen Mubai and asking, “What can you do?”

Shen Mubai, moved to tears, said, “I can sweep the floor.”

The one on the right seemed extremely displeased with Shen Mubai’s response and interjected, “We don’t lack people to sweep the floor in our sect!”

Shen Mubai paused for a moment, thinking, Wasn’t it just because she accidentally asked why he was shorter than his brother? Did he have to hold a grudge like this?

The look in the right one’s eyes was enough to give her all the answers; he was practically wishing her dead with his fierce gaze.

Shen Mubai pouted in grievance.

Wu Er coughed and asked gruffly, “Besides sweeping, what else can you do?”

Shen Mubai thought for a moment. “Cook?”

There was a moment of silence in the room.

The originally stern-looking right one also showed a significant change in attitude.

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