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Chapter 118

The Fire Phoenix is the most dangerous spiritual beast in the trial secret realm, having dwelled at the peak of the Western Mountain for a hundred years.

Legend has it that this spiritual beast is entirely red, tens of feet long, capable of spewing flames, stirring up hurricanes with its wings, and absorbing the spiritual energy of heaven and earth for its own use, leaving no grass or trees wherever it goes, causing all creatures to flee in panic.

Looking around, the soil on the Western Mountain is all red-black, with remnants of burnt trees and the traces of the raging fire still visible, devoid of any hint of greenery.

Ning Ning bluntly said it looked like a chocolate mountain.

“With our strength, can we really defeat the Fire Phoenix?”

Xu Ye doesn’t understand the power of the protagonist’s aura on Pei Ji’s body, just like how daylight doesn’t understand the darkness of night.

Approaching the entrance of the Western Mountain, he feels a bit uneasy: “If we’re not careful, there will be funeral notices on the walls of Luancheng City three days later—several sword cultivator disciples buried in the secret realm trial, discovered already roasted and dried into jerky.”

He Zhizhou has no such worries at all, looking very relaxed: “What’s to fear? If we can’t win, we just run.”

He was originally teasing Xu Ye and his senior sister Su. Even though he’s been suddenly interrupted, the gossip in his heart hasn’t dissipated. So, he looks around at everyone and stops his gaze on the face of the little fox, Qiao Yan. “Miss Qiao, do you have someone you like?”

Although the fox clan is known for their unrestrained nature, upon hearing this question, the young girl instantly blushes.

Qiao Yan remains silent for a while, then nods gently.

The group of older brothers and sisters around exchanged knowing glances, all showing an understanding auntie smile.

He Zhizhou seizes the opportunity to continue questioning her: “Is it someone from your clan?”


Qiao Yan doesn’t try to hide it much; lowering her head softly, she replies, “But he’s also exhausted his vitality because of the formation matter and has been lying in bed all day… Don’t tell him! It’s just my wishful thinking; he doesn’t actually like me.”

Xu Ye comforts her, “Maybe he’s just too shy to express his feelings for you, like my senior sister with me, always so cold. But I understand; she has always had me in her heart.”

Ning Ning: …

What ‘love you but can’t say it out loud’? Maybe your senior sister really doesn’t like you at all.

“That’s not true! He doesn’t care about me at all. Since childhood, he’s always been indifferent to me, even losing the Thousand Silk talisman I painstakingly found.”

Qiao Yan kicks away a small stone on the ground, her voice lowering. “If he doesn’t like me, then so be it. After leaving the secret realm, there are many, many boys waiting for me to choose.”

Ning Ning remembers what Qin Niang said and glances at her. “When do you plan to leave the secret realm?”

“Of course, it’s after healing everyone!”

The little fox unconsciously flicked her ears. When she brought up this topic, there was a glint in her eyes. “A long time ago, I made a promise with my parents to go and see the scenery outside together—oh, is there something called fireworks? I’ve always wanted to see them with my own eyes.”

He Zhizhou leaned in close to Ning Ning and whispered, “Why does this sound more and more like a death flag? The little fox won’t—”

He stopped halfway through when he remembered that her father had indeed passed away quite a while ago.

He Zhizhou didn’t say anything more. Xu Ye, not far away, suddenly stiffened and shouted, “Wait! Look, what’s that?”

Ning Ning followed his gaze and saw a figure in a white dress lying on the ground.

Qiao Yan reacted quickly. “It’s a girl; I’ll go take a look!”

She said this and dashed forward without any guard; her nature was indeed still naive and innocent. The collapsed girl was wearing the uniform of the Liuming Mountain Sect. When Qiao Yan cautiously approached, the girl weakly opened her eyes.

Qiao Yan naturally didn’t notice that when the stranger girl saw Ning Ning’s group behind her, her thin lips pursed slightly, a trace of a cold smile flashing in her eyes.

—She was none other than Liu Ying, the disciple of the Niguang Island who had been responsible for monitoring the Xuanxu Sword Sect.

Ever since learning that the jade pendant in the possession of the Fire Phoenix could open the secret door and lead to the  Sun Blaze Bow, Niguang Island had decided to seize it.

The strength of sword cultivators was not to be underestimated, especially since the members of the Xuanxu Sword Sect were all at the peak of the Golden Core stage. A direct confrontation would likely result in mutual destruction. Instead of fighting head-on, she preferred to win by wit, setting up a trap to catch them off guard.

Unlike the previous jungle, the Western Mountain had fewer trees to hide behind. If she kept sneaking around behind them, it was very likely that her movements would be discovered. In that case, she would be unable to defend herself and would be defeated in a siege. It was better to infiltrate from the beginning and catch them off guard.

As far as Liu Ying knew, although the members of the Xuanxu Sword Sect were not very reliable, they were at least relatively pure-hearted and adhered to the principle of not harming others unless provoked. They wouldn’t attack a kind and weak flower like her.

—It was time to take revenge for the humiliation suffered in the Xiaochongshan Secret Realm!

“Miss, what’s wrong?”

Qiao Yan was the first to approach her. She was startled by the pale complexion of the girl in front of her. The latter struggled to open her lips and weakly uttered a word: “Water…”

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