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Chapter 268: The Sect Leader Wakes Up Grumpy Every Day (16)

After Jun Jiuling finished speaking, he calmly picked up his chopsticks and put a piece of fish in his mouth.

Shen Mubai, however, stared back at the Gu worm.

When the Gu worm was placed in her palm, it hesitated for a moment, then wriggled around as if it wasn’t used to the new environment. The unfamiliar atmosphere made it quite irritable.

So after squirming for a while, it stopped moving.

Due to the unappetizing food provided by its master, it couldn’t eat anything else at the moment and could only lift its head to glare fiercely at the woman in front of it.

Shen Mubai looked innocent as she stared back at it, finally feeling that there was nothing much to fear about this insect except for its plumpness.

The Gu worm, however, found this woman quite audacious, so it tried to crawl around but eventually couldn’t move much due to its chubby body, only stopping at her wrist.

Shen Mubai struggled to suppress a laugh, eventually turning her face as red as a tomato.

At this moment, Jun Jiuling casually remarked after a few bites, “Anyone bitten by it will bleed from seven orifices and die within half an hour.”

As if remembering something, he let out a soft, cold laugh.

Shen Mubai, however, couldn’t laugh anymore. She looked pale, staring straight at the insect in her hand, afraid it might bite her at any moment.

Sensing her fear, the Gu worm felt extremely satisfied, so it flipped over and then lay down to sleep.

It found the woman’s scent quite pleasant.

After moving a few chopsticks, Jun Jiuling wiped his lips leisurely.

Yun Niang tentatively asked, “Master?”

Jun Jiuling glanced lightly at Shen Mubai and said, “Keep her for now.”

Yun Niang’s face showed a bit of joy, pulling Shen Mubai and saying, “Why don’t you thank the Master first?”

Shen Mubai respectfully uttered a word of thanks.

Jun Jiuling, however, cryptically remarked, “Yun Niang, you seem quite happy, huh?”

Yun Niang forced a dry laugh. “Master, I think her cooking skills are quite good. Just look at the children in the sect?”

Jun Jiuling lightly said, “Then go down.”

Yun Niang tugged at Shen Mubai’s sleeve and whispered, “Cuihua, return the Gu worm to the Master.”

Shen Mubai had originally thought the other party would take it back voluntarily, but she didn’t expect to be asked to return it herself. While feeling terrified, she also felt a sense of desolation. She couldn’t imagine what her days in the demonic sect would be like in the future.

Trembling, she approached the other party, then cautiously reached out her hand, but the other party’s deep eyes stared at her and sneered.

Shen Mubai was silent for a second, then boldly grabbed the insect and quickly put it back…

Huh, why isn’t Jun Jiuling reaching out?

Feeling the soft and terrifying touch, tears welled up in Shen Mubai’s eyes, almost crying out.

Seemingly satisfied with her performance, Jun Jiuling took the insect from her hand and casually placed it on the back of his hand, looking down with a sneer, “Are you reluctant to part ways?”

As if understanding his words, the Gu worm, with its chubby body, trembled, then affectionately rubbed against his hand.

Shen Mubai looked at the scene in front of her in confusion, while Yun Niang showed a rather surprised expression on her face.

Jun Jiuling, however, raised his head and said, “What? Not leaving yet?”

Yun Niang quickly took Shen Mubai’s hand and said, “Then, Master, we’ll take our leave first.”

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