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Chapter 0: Prologue-From the Human Realm to the Asura Realm

(T/N: This is a fantasy story created from the original author’s imagination, and it is not related to any beliefs, so please read it as it is and enjoy the story.)

(This is the main cast of the story! this image was taken from the raw novel)

(T/N: this is what I create using AI)

Long ago, in a distant corner of the human realm, there was a beautiful young girl.

This girl boasted almost superhuman strength in battle, earning her the title of the era’s war god.

Her name was Ashura.

In battle, she slew countless warriors and civilians, seizing victory as she pleased, until she fell to the enemy’s blade.

She fell protecting a man she loved.

The person she protected was none other than the future savior of the human realm, the Buddha.

Immediately after her death, Ashura was summoned to the heavenly realm. The reason was unclear.

A slender, graceful girl with long limbs and flowing hair tied up near her crown. She looked nothing like the formidable warrior she once was. However, the intense light in her red eyes was anything but ordinary.

“Ashura-dono. I am the supreme god of the heavenly realm, Brahma. I have an important matter to discuss regarding your future.”

Brahma, dressed in shining silk-like robes, introduced himself, observing Ashura intently as he continued.

“Normally, for the sin of killing many people, you would be destined for hell. However, you sacrificed your own life to save the life of the most important figure in this world. In recognition of your actions, I have a proposal for you.”

“The most important figure? Ah, you mean Siddhartha. He was indeed prophesied to become the Buddha.”

Ashura remained insolent even before Brahma, the supreme god of the heavenly realm.

She fully understood that she had died. She had become a scapegoat just before the Buddha was killed, falling into the clutches of her mortal enemy. She had no regrets, and she was prepared to go to hell.

She didn’t know what sort of god he was, but she saw no need to bow her head to him.

“Indeed. You saved the life of the ‘Buddha,’ who will become the savior of the entire universe. As a reward, we have a seat prepared for you among the celestial beings.”

Ashura was a little surprised. She didn’t belong in the same league as the man she loved.

“The difference between hell and heaven is incredible.”

She was amazed by this reward. It was truly heaven and earth.

“However, there is one condition.”

With a solemn cough, Brahma handed Ashura a key.

“What is this?”

“This is the key to the mansion where the former king of the Asura Realm resided.”

“Asura Realm?”

“The world where those who lived their previous lives in the midst of battle go. It’s called the ‘Asura Realm.’ We want you to become the king there and govern.”

“King? Govern?”

“Yes. As the strongest warrior, it should be within your capabilities. Lately, suspicious activities have been on the rise in the Asura Realm. Powerful demons are wreaking havoc.”

“You want me to quell that? So, while you call it a reward from the heavenly realm, it seems more like a penalty, doesn’t it?”

Ha! Ashura slapped her knee and laughed derisively. Brahma wore a bitter expression, but he couldn’t afford to falter here. He responded firmly.

“Yes. However, you cannot refuse. This is also the wish of the Buddha. And I, too, do not wish to send you to hell.”

Refusal would mean hell. Seeing Brahma’s displeased face, Ashura found it not amusing to comply, but she had no desire to go to hell either. With a light sigh, she replied with a single word.


And thus, Ashura resolved to govern the ever-turbulent Asura Realm with her subordinates, unexpectedly becoming its king.

Ashura, who became the king of the Asura Realm in an unforeseen turn of events, remained true to herself amidst the daily battles, uncompromising even in love.

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