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Chapter 66: Ball and Deal 1

At the ball, once again, I asked Philbert to escort me.

During the carriage ride there, he complained.

“Hey, aren’t you supposed to be on good terms with His Excellency? Why do I have to be your escort?”

“Well, brother, even you don’t have a companion. Besides, His Excellency is a guest.”

Rosa wasn’t backing down, either.

“We can’t keep attending balls as siblings forever.”

Philbert shrugged reluctantly.

“Then please marry, brother. If possible, please marry someone who won’t bully your unmarried sister.”

“Come on, who’s going to bully you? There’s no one foolhardy enough for that.”

Philbert replied with a considerable amount of distaste.

“Well, that’s rude!”

As they conversed as usual, the siblings arrived at the palace.

Of course, their father and mother were also attending this time. After completing the reception and entering the venue, they greeted the royal couple.

Up to this point, everything was as usual.

“Oh, his is surrounded.”

Philbert put his hand on his forehead and looked toward the center of the room. Indeed, there was an oddly high density of people gathered there.


“You see, it’s Lord Griffith. He’s being surrounded by ladies with stars in their eyes.”

Upon hearing Philbert’s words, Rosa burst out laughing.

“It must be tough being so popular. He should hurry up and choose a fiancée.”

Ethan smiled politely and interacted with the noblewomen.

“Are you suggesting he choose a partner from that dazzling group of ladies? That’s harsh.”

“Well, isn’t that inevitable?”

For Rosa, it was someone else’s problem.

“If I were to get engaged to such a dazzling lady, what would you think, Rosa?”

“I’d simply hate it. I’d buy a mansion somewhere and leave. I’d live there alone.”

As Rosa said this, she thought of the southern island, where she planned to accumulate her hidden wealth.

(It’s also nice to take a break from social life, eat delicious food every day, and take a walk on the beach. That may be the ultimate luxury.)

“You know, can’t you put it a bit more gently? But yes, that’s what I mean. I’d rather remain single than marry a woman of that sort.”

“Well, for His Excellency, I’m not sure about it, but it would be troublesome for you, brother. Our family line would end. Instead of searching for business partners at every ball and soirée, please find your own companion.”

“Don’t be so harsh.”

Philbert expressed a weary expression.

“Could you at least dance with me first?”

“You’re quite demanding.”

They held hands and moved across the venue.

“Oh! Brother! Look over there. Prince Alex is surrounded.”

“Oh my, is he escortless again today? Why doesn’t he get engaged? I assure him that you’re fine, though.”

At that moment, Rosa caught sight of Ellen standing alone behind the group of ladies surrounding Alex.

Rosa quickly looked away.

The siblings naturally joined the dance circle again tonight.

Rosa murmured as she admired her brother’s seemingly gentle beauty.

“If I were born with a face like yours, maybe my situation would be different.”

“Oh no, in your case, your personality shows on your face, doesn’t it?”

Philbert said it strangely.

“What? Brother, please refrain from criticizing my character!”

“It’s fine. You’re beautiful.”

With such banter exchanged, they finished the dance, and Rosa parted ways with Philbert.

Afterward, Rosa found herself surrounded by young women from her factions, and the usual socializing began.

Then, sneakily, Juliet from the neutral faction joined with a few other women, forming a lively group.

A fan of “Rozellian” bath bombs.

The campaign for bath bombs is progressing smoothly. However, unfortunately, it emits an atmosphere that excludes males, and although it includes women of all ages, it’s predominantly female.

After chatting with them for a while, Rosa took a moment to leave the group.

Immediately, she could hear cold glances and whispers from the opposing faction.

They were probably spreading rumors like “She staged being kicked by a horse” more than the rumor spreading; it had become completely entrenched.

At this point, Rosa could feel the resentment trying to vilify her at all costs.

Deciding to head to the restroom promptly, Rosa wanted a short break after talking for a while.

But then she inadvertently bumped into Alex. How did he manage to break through the siege of those elegant ladies?

“Rosa, are you avoiding me?”

(I avoid him even if it’s not possible, right?)

“I’m really concerned about the rumors about my staging.”

Rosa said it firmly.

This rumor was spread by the Oliver Company through Jillian, and Rosa wanted to avoid contact with Alex until the rumor died down.

“But you’re not someone who cares about rumors, right?”

“It depends on the type of rumor. This one really annoys me.”

“I’m sorry. While I was escorting you, I not only injured you but also gave you such bad publicity.”

Alex said it apologetically. She wasn’t blaming him; she was just trying to avoid him.

What does Alex really think about this rumor?

Rosa became a little curious.

“It seems like someone is intentionally spreading it.”


Alex looked surprised, his blue eyes wide open.

“I heard such a rumor.”

Rosa smiled at Alex. She wanted to see his reaction.

“Where did you hear that from?”

“The prince shouldn’t worry about such things.”

“No, I’m curious about the source of the rumor. If we attack that, wouldn’t your bad reputation disappear?”

He really seemed to be concerned.

(Why are royals so hard to read?)

“Rather than a bad reputation, it’s already entrenched as if it were a fact, so it’s too late to put out the fire. Please just forget about me and leave me be.”

Rosa said it with a smile.

If she couldn’t get anything out of him, there was no point in staying together.

Rosa decided to leave.

“Miss Rosa, would you reconsider marrying me?”

This time, Rosa’s eyes widened in surprise.

(Huh? Did he actually listen to what I said? This conversation isn’t going anywhere? This prince is tough!)


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