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Chapter 9

Suifeng’s words made Xuanyuan Tianxin’s expression somewhat trance-like. At this moment, her mind was blank, but there were only two words—Xuan Yuan.

Although Suifeng didn’t elaborate too much, Xuanyuan Tianxin subconsciously felt that this Xuanyuan goddess must have an extraordinary relationship with her Xuanyuan family. There was no reason, just intuition.

“Every thousand years, a Xuanyuan goddess will descend from the heavens…”

Xuanyuan Tianxin pondered these words carefully. Suddenly, as if remembering something, she looked at Suifeng with some urgency and asked, “What about the innate bloodline talent you mentioned?”

Seeing Xuanyuan Tianxin’s eagerness, Suifeng smiled faintly and said, “Everyone’s cultivation methods are different, but most people are martial arts cultivators. However, there are also a few who are born different from ordinary people. They naturally possess spiritual energy within their bodies, so they are called spiritual cultivators. Each generation of descended Xuanyuan goddesses carries immense spiritual energy. They are called Xuanyuan saintess by the world and also have another title—Divine Dragon Goddess!”

Divine Dragon Goddess?!

Xuanyuan Tianxin’s heart trembled suddenly, and waves seemed to surge in her eyes.

Divine Dragon… What did these two words represent? She had no idea.

And it seemed that Suifeng did not notice the change in Xuanyuan Tianxin’s eyes and continued, “Because the goddesses are accompanied by divine dragons, they are called Divine Dragon Goddesses by the world. Our family is the direct bloodline of the second generation of goddesses. Over a thousand years ago, each generation had a daughter who could summon divine dragons with her bloodline. However, as the bloodline gradually weakened, there hasn’t been any daughter in our family who could summon divine dragons again for nine hundred years. Not only that… now, in these recent generations, there are no women with spiritual energy. That’s why we have been deprived of our surname, and the whole family has gradually declined.”

So, following Suifeng’s explanation, a bitter smile appeared again on his once handsome face.

He said, as if self-mocking, “It’s our incompetence that we couldn’t even protect the ancestral surname…” Looking at Xuan Niang, who was quietly staying beside Xuanyuan Tianxin, he said bitterly, “Suixin is the only daughter of our generation and the only child born with spiritual energy since three generations ago. If Suixin hadn’t had an accident back then, perhaps we would still have a chance to regain our surname, but…”

Even though Suifeng didn’t finish his sentence, Xuanyuan Tianxin understood. She was afraid that Suixin’s death two years ago was also somewhat strange. Otherwise, every time Suixin and the Wuxiang Palace were mentioned, Suifeng would show such deep resentment in his eyes.

“You are the direct bloodline of the second generation of goddesses, but shouldn’t the children of the second generation of goddesses take their father’s surname? Why do you bear the Xuanyuan surname?”

Unexpectedly, Suifeng smiled somewhat embarrassedly and said, “Because our ancestor’s husband insisted that the children should bear their mother’s surname, so the descendants of the bloodline afterwards bear the Xuanyuan surname.”

“Perhaps it’s because of this that our inheritance in terms of bloodline was originally insufficient, so the talents of the descendants have been declining from generation to generation.”

Listening to Suifeng’s speculative words, Xuanyuan Tianxin nodded secretly in her heart. If she still didn’t understand the origin of the so-called Xuanyuan goddess, then she would really be foolish.

This Xuanyuan goddess obviously belonged to their Xuanyuan family, and she was definitely the contemporary descendant of the Exorcist Dragon Clan!

Although Xuanyuan Tianxin had many questions in her mind at this moment, she restrained herself from asking further because the three of them were walking and talking along the way, and they had already arrived at the doorstep of Suifeng’s home.

Looking at the somewhat old but still majestic mansion in front of her, Xuanyuan Tianxin couldn’t hold back and asked, after enduring it for a while, “What is the name of your ancestral goddess?”

“Her surname is Xuanyuan; her name is Ziyan.” When mentioning the name of this ancestor, there was still a touch of fanaticism and pride in Suifeng’s eyes. Even though more than two thousand years had passed, he still remembered the first ancestor of the family.

Meanwhile, Xuanyuan Tianxin silently repeated this name in her mind, Ziyan… Ziyan…

At this moment, her memories were rapidly flipping, silently recalling the thick genealogy book in the ancestral hall of the Xuanyuan family. If she remembered correctly, the descendants of the fifth to fifty-third generations belonged to the Ziyan generation.

Fortunately, her memory was good, and she remembered every word of that thick genealogy book without missing one. It seemed that she vaguely remembered that among the generations of descendants of the Exorcist Dragon Clan, there were three successive strange disappearances. Combining this with the three divine women mentioned by Suifeng, Xuanyuan Tianxin boldly speculated in her mind that if those three mysteriously disappeared descendants were the three divine women who descended to this world…

And then, combined with her suddenly being pulled here by some inexplicable spatial force, was there really some mysterious connection she didn’t know about?

Furthermore, considering the inexplicable disappearance of her third sister Tianyin, she remembered that her third sister’s disappearance was also involved in a spatial vortex, witnessed by her fourth brother, Xuanyuan Tianche. Did this mean that her third sister had also come here?

With these thoughts, Xuanyuan Tianxin’s breathing suddenly became much faster.

“Miss… Miss… Are you okay?”

Perhaps because Xuanyuan Tianxin’s breathing suddenly became somewhat urgent, Suifeng beside her became a little nervous and worried.

Only after hearing Suifeng’s inquiry did Xuanyuan Tianxin gradually come to her senses. When she saw the concern in Suifeng’s eyes and now knew that Suifeng indeed had a slight blood relationship with her, Xuanyuan Tianxin’s gaze towards him also became considerably warmer.

No matter how diluted the bloodline in Suifeng’s body was now, it still couldn’t change the fact that they were family. Being able to suddenly learn that she still had blood relatives in this strange world, Xuanyuan Tianxin couldn’t help but feel excited.

With a soft smile towards the caring Suifeng, she said, “Brother Feng, don’t call me’miss’ anymore. Come to think of it, I am quite destined with Xuan Niang. There is also a ‘Xin’ character in my name. I am called… Yuan Tianxin. My family calls me Tianxin, or Xiao Wu. Brother Feng, don’t be so formal and call me’miss’ anymore.”

It had to be said that the youngest of the Xuanyuan family, Xiao Wu, had been pampered as a darling since childhood, and her words were as sweet and pleasing as honey. This soft and gentle sentence immediately made Suifeng’s gaze towards her as affectionate and gentle as looking at his own younger sister.

“Alright, then I’ll call you Xiao Wu.” Suifeng chose to call her Xiao Wu instead of using her name, not because of the deceased Suixin, but because he truly regarded Xuanyuan Tianxin as his sister and didn’t want her to feel like she was just a replacement for Suixin like Xuan Niang.

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