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Chapter 44-Part 1

Time flies, and Yun Tian gradually realizes that his body is getting better day by day. He obviously suffers less and couldn’t help but sigh, “Miss Tang is indeed a divine doctor! I have never felt so good before.”

Butler Su heard this beside him and subconsciously felt that Tang Xin’s analysis was correct—his master needed to slowly recover from his injuries; there was no rush.

So, he tacitly allowed Tang Xin to continue working part-time at the Yun family.

More and more people came to seek medicine and treatment. Eventually, the gatekeeper, seeing someone dressed luxuriously and unfamiliar, too lazy to ask, would just say, “Looking for Pharmacist Tang, right? Let me take you to the hall.”

Tang Xin earned a lot of money and was all smiles.

While browsing the medicine shop, she thought to herself that each household probably kept some private goods hidden away, just not brought out.

As expected, it was just as she had expected.

Despite the Yun family’s secrecy and strength in numbers, when each household contributed one or two items, collectively they were not much worse off than the Yun family.

Among them, there were still some treasures that money couldn’t buy!

Tang Xin couldn’t contain herself, her lips trying hard to curl up into a silly smile.

When she realized this, she quickly lowered her head to adjust her facial expression.

Yan Hao glanced lightly, slightly displeased.

Why was she staring blankly at the herbs with a silly smile? Does she not know how to look twice at him? Does the herb look better than him?

He was getting angry, yet his master was oblivious, not coming over to say something nice.

So stupid.

As Yan Hao was mentally berating his master, his gaze suddenly shifted in one direction.

Over there, dressed in fine clothes and looking quite flashy, smiling like a fox, wasn’t that Zhao Min!

Alarm bells rang in Yan Hao’s mind. This person was cunning and deceitful; one must be cautious around him.

Before he could prepare himself, Zhao Min spotted the person he was looking for and walked over with a smile. “So the divine doctor looks like this. I didn’t expect the divine doctor to not only have excellent medical skills but also to be so beautiful.”

Being in the Yun family, it was quite safe. No wonder the divine doctor dared to show her true appearance and appear in front of everyone.

A flatterer! Yan Hao became even more disgusted with Zhao Min.

“What’s up?”

Tang Xin raised her head, wearing an indifferent expression. It seemed like mere medicinal herbs were insignificant, not worth her attention at all.

Zhao Min rudely sat opposite her and said seriously, “I want to further cooperate with the divine doctor and sell her medicine across the entire galaxy.”

“How do you plan to do that?” Tang Xin was puzzled.

The idea was good, but the problem was that Zhao Min’s pharmaceutical production was too low, unable to even handle the market on Huangsha Star, let alone expand outward. Wasn’t he afraid of overextending himself?

Zhao Min, confident in his plans, analyzed, “Originally, the low-price promotion was to suppress the Qi family. Now that the Qi family no longer exists, we can raise prices and increase profit margins. This way, the number of buyers will decrease. But it’s okay; we’ll make the medicine into a high-end product.”

“At first, we were wary of other families poaching our customers and afraid of the formula leaking, so we didn’t recruit easily. Now that the Yun family is on our side, other people’s foundations and businesses are on Huangsha Star. They dare not easily provoke us.”

“Furthermore, it’s easy for pharmacists to leave Zhao’s Medicine Shop, but difficult to leave Huangsha Star. Most people wouldn’t dare to betray.”

“Transportation on Huangsha Star is inconvenient. Ostensibly, Ah Li Logistics’ spacecraft only flies once every six months. In fact, Ah Li Logistics operates at a loss between two planets. The money earned from transactions is not enough to cover the fuel costs for the spacecraft. It’s just that Ah Li Logistics is wealthy and powerful, so to ensure smooth trade between each planet, they set up a branch on Huangsha Star.”

At this point, Zhao Min smirked mysteriously, pretending to be profound. “From what I know, there’s a household with a spaceship that can easily communicate with the outside world. Does the divine doctor want to guess which family it is?”

“Who else could it be? The Yun family,” Tang Xin saw through it in one sentence.

Caught off guard, Zhao Min was stunned.

Tang Xin sneered.

The Yun family had many rare medicinal herbs; they didn’t seem like an ordinary family.

Most importantly, Butler Su had told her that if she mentioned needing any medicinal herbs, he could have someone fetch them. She had once been curious about how Butler Su could be so confident to catch up within the time frame of half a year to go out and return by ship, and now, hearing Zhao Min’s words, Tang Xin immediately understood.

The Yun family had its own spaceship, so they could leave Huangsha Star at any time; hence, there was no need to rush.

After a moment of shock, Zhao Min quickly adjusted his expression and smiled even more relaxedly. “Since the divine doctor knows, that’s even better. Indeed, it’s the Yun family. If we manage to recruit a large number of pharmacists, produce enough medicine, and successfully open up external sales channels, we can pay the Yun family a large sum of money as fuel costs. With the divine doctor and the Yun family on good terms, Yun Tian should not refuse.”

“In fact, I originally wanted to cooperate with Ah Li Logistics. Anyway, there’s money to be made. If they agree to add more trips back and forth, it should be no problem. However, if Yun Tian is cured by the divine doctor, with this relationship in place, negotiations and communication will be even better.”

Yan Hao sneered disapprovingly.

Zhao Min kept saying “we,” as if they were close.

They weren’t familiar at all.

Completely unaware that he was being looked down upon, Zhao Min continued to talk non-stop, outlining his plans. “Currently, the plan is to start with both online and offline channels. Open a store on the star network, and also open a store locally on other planets. All goods will be sourced from Huangsha Star. Every few days, Ah Li Logistics will deliver goods, or we will borrow the Yun family’s spaceship to distribute goods to various planetary stores.”

“The divine doctor’s formula is very effective. As long as the product is good, there’s no worry about not selling.”

“We can also hold auctions periodically to attract attention.”

Zhao Min went on at length, concluding, “If the divine doctor trusts my words, I can handle these trivial matters. The dividends will be regularly deposited into the divine doctor’s account.”

“Good idea,” Tang Xin expressed her approval, then her expression changed as she looked at Zhao Min. “Have you forgotten what you did to my online store?”

Zhao Min was stunned, then immediately broke out in a cold sweat. Previously, in order to monopolize hemostatic ointment, he intentionally gave negative ratings to Tang Xin’s store, reducing the store’s rating to just over 3 points. Could it be that the divine doctor was finally going to hold him accountable?

Zhao Min felt a bit uneasy.

Fortunately, Tang Xin didn’t have that intention. Instead, she said, “With the ratings being so low, why would other customers be willing to come?”

You see, she had been running the store for a long time, and apart from Lan Yin and Zhao Min, there were no other customers.

Zhao Min breathed a sigh of relief and quickly said, “I haven’t opened a store on the star network before; I can open a new one.”

Tang Xin narrowed her eyes. Sell her medicine and promote the Zhao family?

Seeing Tang Xin’s strange expression, Zhao Min cautiously probed, “If the divine doctor has something to say, we can discuss it together.”

Tang Xin said seriously, “Last time, I was determined to make the Qi family uncomfortable, so I didn’t bother with many things between us.”

“If the divine doctor has any thoughts, just say it plainly,” Zhao Min pondered. Was the divine doctor implying that she would start paying attention to these things this time?

Tang Xin began to list a series of conditions.

“I’ll only provide the formula; you handle everything else, and we split the net profit fifty-fifty.”

“Agreed,” Zhao Min nodded. That was exactly his plan.

Initially, he thought there would definitely be a discussion about the ratio and a good round of bargaining, but he didn’t expect the divine doctor to suggest a fifty-fifty split directly. In Zhao Min’s mind, this ratio was the most suitable.

Don’t look at the profit split going from eighty to fifty percent, but if managed properly, the money earned from this fifty percent would be much more than the previous eighty percent.

In one’s lifetime, there are always a few chances to change one’s destiny.


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