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Chapter 11

In a quiet room, Xuanyuan Tianxin lay on a soft couch, with a small golden-winged Peng lying next to her.

She stared somewhat boredly at the pillars on the ceiling, speaking casually to the golden-winged Peng next to her.

Three days ago, after following Suifeng back to the mansion, she had stayed here.

Suifeng’s mother, Yu Niang, really treated her like her own daughter.

Not only did she personally pick out a separate courtyard for her, but she also personally arranged many beautiful dresses for her.

Although the Suifeng family had fallen on hard times, the heritage of over a thousand years was not something that just any family could match.

Despite the Suifeng family’s low profile after settling in Daze City, Yu Niang was very generous when it came to Xuanyuan Tianxin, providing her with the best of everything in the entire city, whether it was food, clothing, or anything else.

Through these three days of contact, Xuanyuan Tianxin also thoroughly understood the Suifeng family. Two thousand years ago, the second generation of Xuanyuan goddesses descended on the Longhao West Continent and became the guardian goddess of the Longhao royal family. The Longhao royal family even built a goddess temple for her. Throughout Longhao Country, the Xuanyuan Goddess represented divine authority.

But with the sudden fall of the goddess, after a thousand years of change in the Xuanyuan family, the descendants of the family became weaker with each generation. Finally, two hundred years ago, they were forced to leave the capital and settle in this remote Daze City.

As the goddess fell, another force representing divine authority gradually rose—this was the current Wuxiang Palace.

Every time the Suifeng family mentioned the Wuxiang Palace, it was with deep resentment. Naturally, this included the result of Suixin’s accidental death two years ago, but there were more reasons behind it.

It is said that Suixin was the only daughter of this generation in the family. Within the Xuanyuan family, no one knew better than Xuanyuan Tianxin the importance of daughters.

Due to bloodline reasons, the spiritual energy of the Xuanyuan family could only be inherited by females. That’s why the Xuanyuan family always cherished their daughters.

Two years ago, Suixin was just thirteen years old, the age when one typically attends an academy. It was said that she was led by people from the Wuxiang Palace to enter the Daze Mountains for training, but it was during that time that Suixin accidentally died in the mountains.

This was also the main reason that caused Xuan Niang to go crazy.

This other world is very different from the 26th century, where Xuanyuan Tianxin lived.

People here awaken their abilities at the age of six. Their abilities mainly fall into two categories: battle aura and spiritual energy.

After awakening, they can develop a battle aura. Being able to cultivate a battle aura means that one can become a martial cultivator.

Usually, after awakening, even a six-year-old child would have much greater strength than an ordinary person.

The classification of martial arts cultivation is: Warrior, Martial Artist, Martial Ancestor, Martial King, Martial Emperor, and Martial God, divided into six tiers, with each tier having nine levels.

Suifeng awakened his battle aura at the age of six and is now studying at the Daze Academy in Daze City. His current strength has reached the seventh level of the Warrior tier. With his current strength, he can apply to the Imperial Academy three months later.

Suifeng’s elder brother, Suiyun, is eighteen years old this year and is currently a fourth-year student at the Imperial Academy. Suiyun’s talent is not weak. He has reached the level of Martial Ancestor, even reaching the sixth level of it.

This time, he did not return home for the holidays because he was at a critical moment in breaking through to the seventh level of the Martial Ancestor tier.

The vast majority of children awaken their battle aura at the age of six. However, there is also a small group of children who possess exceptional talents and awaken their spiritual energy at the awakening ceremony at the age of six.

These children who awaken their spiritual energy are treated as key cultivation objects within the family, indicating that among the two abilities, spiritual energy is held in higher regard.

Suixin awakened her spiritual energy at the age of six, perhaps because of her innate talent for spiritual energy, which led to her untimely death at the age of thirteen.

It seems that there are those who do not want to see another child with spiritual energy emerge from the Xuanyuan family. Even Xuanyuan Tianxin can sense that Suixin’s death is definitely suspicious.

A group of students was taken into the Daze Mountains for training, but why was it only Suixin who died? None of the others suffered even minor injuries, let alone casualties.

Moreover, the teacher leading the group at that time was from the Wuxiang Palace. According to that teacher, Suixin unintentionally entered a group of monsters and startled them, leading to an attack by the monsters.

But if the academy organized the students to train in the Daze Mountains, why would they choose a place with a group of monsters for the students to train?

Xuanyuan Tianxin absentmindedly grabbed the golden-winged Peng next to her and softly asked, “Jinchi, what do you think my spiritual energy level is now?”

Jinchi, the golden-winged Peng, lazily opened its eyes at the question, then chuckled and replied, “With your current level of spiritual energy, at best, you’re just a spirit scholar.”

Upon hearing Jinchi’s merciless mockery, Xuanyuan Tianxin pouted discontentedly.

The classification of spiritual energy levels is actually similar to that of martial arts cultivation, which is also divided into six tiers, each tier with nine levels.

They are: Spirit Scholar, Spirit Master, Spirit Ancestor, Spirit King, Spirit Emperor, and Spirit God.

Although Xuanyuan Tianxin is the descendant of the Exorcist-Dragon Clan, she didn’t inherit much spiritual energy. So, she could only grumble discontentedly in response to Jinchi’s mockery, saying, “It’s not like I wanted it. It’s because I’m a twin with Fourth Brother. In the womb, he took half of my spiritual energy. Do you think I wanted that?”

Jinchi glanced at her upon hearing this, then suddenly sparkled and said, “Although your spiritual energy is lacking, your mental power is quite good. You still have a chance to become strong.”

“How so?”

Xuanyuan Tianxin immediately leaned closer, curious.

“Your Language Spirit Technique,” Jinchi reminded her impatiently. “Do you remember what that kid said three days ago when you saved your cheap mother?”

“What did that kid say?” Xuanyuan Tianxin furrowed her brows, evidently having completely forgotten.

“He called you a Heavely Languange Master?’!”

(T/N: I previously put this as Tianyu master, but I think heavenly language master is more appropriate.)

Jinchi reminded her irritably. “When you used the Language Spirit Technique, that kid said you were a Heavenly Language Master, right? If I’m not mistaken, this Heavenly Language Master must have a significant connection to your Language Spirit Technique.”

At this, Xuanyuan Tianxin’s eyes lit up as if she had just remembered. She immediately sat up from the soft couch and exclaimed, “Right! How could I forget to ask Brother Suifeng what this Heavenly Language Master thing is?!”

“Suifeng will be going to the Imperial Academy for study in a month. Perhaps you can go with him. It might help you find the correct way to cultivate,” Jinchi reminded her casually.

Upon hearing this suggestion, Xuanyuan Tianxin slapped her forehead. “That’s a good idea! I’ll go find Brother Suifeng right away.”


And just as Xuanyuan Tianxin was about to go find Suifeng, she coincidentally heard Suifeng’s voice coming from the courtyard.

Xuanyuan Tianxin immediately jumped off the soft couch and hurried out, catching sight of Suifeng walking in with a worried expression.

“Xiaowu, did you happen to have contact with people from the Liu family when you found Second Aunt before?”

“What’s wrong, Brother Suifeng?” Seeing the anxious look on Suifeng’s face, Xuanyuan Tianxin was puzzled, but she was also wondering who these people from the Liu family were.

“The kid you beat up earlier is from the Liu family.”

Seeing Xuanyuan Tianxin’s bewildered expression, Jinchi, the golden-winged Peng, reminded her irritably from her embrace.

How slow could this girl be? The kid had even stated his family name, but she still couldn’t remember.

With Jinchi’s reminder, Xuanyuan Tianxin suddenly remembered, “Yes, when I met Second Aunt, there was a group of kids throwing stones at her. So, I taught them a lesson. One of them did mention he was from the Liu family.”

When Suifeng heard that Second Aunt had been attacked with stones, his previously anxious expression turned grim.

“What’s wrong,Brother Suifeng? Has something happened?” Seeing Suifeng’s troubled expression, Xuan Yuan Tianxin asked.

“The Liu family has come to cause trouble. Father is currently dealing with them at the gate.”

“Trouble?” Xuanyuan Tianxin’s little face also darkened. It turned out, when she put on a serious face, she could be quite intimidating.

“Brother Suifeng, let’s go and see. I want to see how the Liu family plans to cause trouble!”

Extra theater:

Trouble can happen anywhere, and Xiaowu expresses, “So annoying, I want to slap them all!”

Jinchi, the golden-winged Peng, gave her a sideways glance and sneered, “Slap them all? Do you have the power to do that now?”

Xiaowu: *Sniffle*

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