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Chapter 30

(Why is Oliver-sama here…!?)

Struggling to lift her heavy head, she caught sight of Oliver.

Casting a shadow over his amethyst eyes, he looked terribly worried, sweat glistening on his forehead. It seemed he hurried back upon hearing the commotion.

With Oliver’s face filling her field of vision, he must be kneeling and peering at Leefe’s face.

Normally, Leefe would be thrilled at such a romantic situation with his lover, but that’s the least of her concerns right now.

“Um… I was talking with Lady Aurelia and Lady Sonia…”

Before she could say more, she felt like she was going to pass out. Leefe felt incredibly nauseous.

“I can imagine what happened to those two. I told their entourage not to take their eyes off them… Sorry for involving Leefe. Is it because the nullification of magic doesn’t suit your constitution?”

“Well… yeah.”

“I’ll take you to a place to rest immediately.”

(Huh? Come to think of it, why does Oliver-sama seem to notice when I use black magic… But how does he know that nullifying magic doesn’t suit my constitution?)

But she felt too sick to pursue it right now. Just as her head was spinning with these thoughts, Leefe’s body floated up lightly.


The three vials she clenched in her hand made a clinking sound, and Leefe’s eyes widened as she stiffened.

To everyone’s surprise, Oliver effortlessly lifted Leefe into his arms from behind. Leefe gasped and froze.

(This is… like a dream come true, ‘princess carry’…)

For Leefe, who had longed for a lover, this was like a dream come true after three hundred years. But at the same time, there was a commotion spreading around us that sounded almost like screams.

(We’re attracting a lot of attention!?)”

Today is Leefe and Oliver’s engagement party. Oliver is the crown prince of this country, and naturally, there are many of his fans here who would directly challenge Leefe.

(Impossible, impossible, impossible, impossible, impossible!)

“Um, if it’s something like this, my spirit Rene can…”

“I’ll take you.”

With that declaration, Oliver exerted force on Leefe’s back and behind her knees. At that moment, she distinctly noticed the fragrance of the perfume Oliver wore, something she hadn’t consciously noted before. It was a faintly sweet scent amidst the refreshing cedarwood.

(Somehow, it feels nostalgic, or rather, it makes me feel incredibly reassured…)

Once she thought that, she lost any desire to resist. Moreover, she wondered if it was just her imagination that she could feel Oliver’s heartbeat slightly faster at close range.

(No, Oliver-sama, who is accustomed to everything, wouldn’t be nervous about something like this. Surely, this heartbeat is mine, blessed with the situation I’ve longed for…)

If that’s the case, then she should enjoy this situation to the fullest. It’s embarrassing that she feels nauseous, but without that discomfort, this situation wouldn’t have happened.

(What an opportunity. Probably, I won’t experience a lover-like princess carry again in my life…)

On the other hand, it seems Oliver noticed Leefe, who couldn’t take her eyes off him. He smiled faintly, his beautiful face breaking into a smile.

“I didn’t want to stand out.”

“Huh? Well, yeah.”

“Do you have a potion to conceal your presence?”

“This… this vial here.”

(The potion to conceal one’s presence is in a vial with a pointed lid.)

As instructed, Leefe handed over one vial. Between the ‘princess carry’ and feeling queasy, she had her hands full, so she didn’t have the luxury to visually confirm it.

However, Leefe, being accustomed, had the confidence that even just by touch, she couldn’t go wrong.

Without any hesitation, Oliver brought the vial to his lips and drank it all down.

“With this, even if I carry Leefe and leave, we won’t attract attention.”

“Thank you…”

While surprised at Oliver drinking the magic potion Leefe had been carrying without hesitation, Leefe decided to trust him.

Oliver handed the empty vial to Lara,who was waiting behind him. The lid of that vial was rounded.


At that moment, Leefe, who had been feeling fuzzy-headed, suddenly felt a chill.

(A flat-lidded vial contains the potion that changes the color of the dress. A pointed-lidded vial contains the potion that conceals one’s presence and makes one invisible. A round-lidded vial is… a love potion?)

Wait, huh!?


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