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Chapter 279: The Sect Leader Wakes Up Grumpy Every Day (27)

Jun Jiuling lifted his head, pursed his lips apologetically, and said, “Bai Bai, I’m sorry, I scared you.”

He flicked the golden Gu worm in his hand and whispered, “Actually, it just likes you too much… that’s why it came out…”

Shen Mubai couldn’t help but think of the previous occasions when the Gu worm on Jun Jiuling’s body showed affection towards her. She asked curiously, “Why does it like me?”

Jun Jiuling blinked his shining eyes at her words: “Maybe because I also like Bai Bai.”

Shen Mubai twitched the corner of her mouth, thinking, “You wouldn’t think like that if you were the ‘other you’.

Jun Jiuling looked at the restless Gu worm in his hand and said softly, “Bai Bai can only belong to me alone. Even if it’s you, you can’t get close to her.”

Seeing him muttering to himself without knowing what to say, Shen Mubai sighed helplessly, thinking, “If the daytime Jun Jiuling was also like this, she wouldn’t have to be on edge all the time.”

The two chatted for a while, mostly with Jun Jiuling talking while Shen Mubai listened with her chin propped up.

Jun Jiuling seemed to enjoy being with her, never getting tired of talking about endless topics. During these days, he almost extracted all of Shen Mubai’s preferences.

Shen Mubai didn’t actually feel bored. Perhaps it was because, in this world, besides the system, she didn’t have anyone else to talk to. Maybe it was because Jun Jiuling, in this way, made her feel soft-hearted.

Unconsciously, she fell asleep, leaning against the door, emitting shallow breaths, her long, curled eyelashes leaving a faint shadow on her eyes.

Jun Jiuling also stopped talking, his eyes staring at her without blinking.

The girl was very beautiful, with rosy skin as delicate as blown glass, and her eyes, which were always lively, were the most captivating. When she slept, she looked peaceful and quiet, with her red lips appearing particularly delicate and moist.

Jun Jiuling stared blankly at the girl’s lips, and in the end, his ears turned a faint crimson. He cautiously leaned over and whispered, “Bai Bai.”

The girl didn’t respond at all.

Jun Jiuling whispered, “Are you asleep?”

The girl still didn’t respond.

Jun Jiuling bit his lip, his ears turning even redder, and finally he stared at those delicate red lips and quickly kissed them.

His face was burning, but Jun Jiuling didn’t regret it. Instead, he whispered softly to the girl, “I really like you, Bai Bai.”

He hesitated for a moment, then carefully leaned in and asked in a whisper by her ear, “Do you like me too?”

The only response he got was the girl’s shallow breath.

Jun Jiuling smiled. “Bai Bai must also like me.”

He propped his cheek up with his hand and looked earnestly at the girl in front of him. “I want to marry you and make you my wife, Bai Bai. How about it?”

Shen Mubai, who was dreaming, had no idea where she was wandering. If she were awake, she would definitely be furious to the point of spitting blood.

Not only because Jun Jiuling had been rambling on, but also because, after staring at her for a while, he picked her up and walked towards his own room.

Shen Mubai hadn’t had such a beautiful dream for a long time. It was so comfortable that she wished she could sleep in the dream forever, never waking up.

But dreams are beautiful, and reality is cruel.

When she fell heavily and felt the pain all over her body, she opened her eyes belatedly.

Jun Jiuling on the bed looked down at her, his eyes cold. “How did you end up on my bed?”

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