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Chapter 282: The Sect Leader Wakes Up Grumpy Every Day (30)

Approaching quietly, Jun Jiuling looked at the sleeping girl on the bed and muttered softly, “Since Bai Bai doesn’t want to get close to me, then I’ll come over to sleep with her.”

If Shen Mubai heard this twisted logic, she would definitely be so angry she’d spit blood.

Unfortunately, she was currently sleeping like a log, indistinguishable from a dead pig.

She even conveniently turned over, freeing up a large space.

After getting on the bed, Jun Jiuling skillfully hugged the girl into his arms, smelling the fragrance on her and feeling dizzy with happiness. He kissed the top of her head softly and whispered, “Good night.”

This term was said by Shen Mubai first. Although he didn’t know exactly what it meant, thinking that it was a little secret between them, he couldn’t help but smile.

Shen Mubai still woke up in pain in the morning.

The narrow-eyed Jun Jiuling on the bed stared at her coldly. “Get out.”

Shen Mubai rubbed her buttocks, looking at him inexplicably. She said with a hint of grievance, “Master, this is my room.”

Jun Jiuling paused and glanced around, his expression stiff for a moment, but he quickly concealed it. He stared at the girl, sitting on the ground, with cold eyes. “Don’t tell anyone.”

Then he quickly climbed out of the window, disappearing without a trace.

His movements were very swift, but there was a sense of fleeing in embarrassment.

Shen Mubai didn’t notice this; her mind was filled with the words “this is bad.”.

Feeling very anxious, she was absent-minded while making breakfast and even burned half of the pancakes.

Eating a burnt pancake, You Yi spat it out.

“Cuihua, what’s wrong with you today?”

Shen Mubai gnawed on the burnt pancake, feeling very wronged, thinking, “It’s all because of your master.”

Wu Er, smacking his lips with garlic, didn’t pick at anything, eating with relish. “But it’s strange. The master hasn’t needed to be woken up for the past two days.”

Yun Niang, drinking tasteless porridge, was in a good mood. “Isn’t that good?”

Wu Er asked suspiciously, “The master is acting so strange these days, aren’t you worried?”

He took a bite of the pancake fiercely, then turned his head and asked, “Zuo Yi, what do you think?”

Zuo Yi took a sip of porridge, ate a bite of pickled vegetables, and then said slowly, “Don’t you think the master’s temper has improved a lot these days?”

Wu Er thought for a moment. “That’s true.”

He glanced at the absent-minded Shen Mubai, frowned, and said, “Su Cuihua, what’s wrong with you?”

Shen Mubai felt powerless and said, “I’m just thinking, could this be the last breakfast I make for you all?”

Even the usually calm Wu Er said fiercely, “How have we mistreated you in the sect? Rather die than stay here.”

Yun Niang scolded him and then smiled at Shen Mubai.

“Cuihua, don’t think too much. Just stay in the sect with peace of mind. As for the master’s side, we’ll handle it.”

Zuo Yi, who was drinking porridge, also looked at her with an inexplicable expression.

Shen Mubai looked at these two people, feeling that something was wrong, but no matter how hard she tried to think, she couldn’t figure it out.

After the embarrassing incident in the morning, Jun Jiuling naturally wouldn’t let Shen Mubai feel comfortable in his presence.

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