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Chapter 91

“We have already had dinner today, and we understand the Ninth Princess’s wishes.”

Qi Lanxin wanted to say something more, but Su Hua interrupted, “If the Ninth Princess is just here to apologize today, we accept it. If there’s nothing else, we’ll head back. Tomorrow is the Tri-Nation Grand Competition, and we need to prepare.”

“Hehe, then I wish Miss Yao good results.” Qi Lanxin forced a smile.

Su Hua didn’t look at her again; she just turned and walked away, holding Mu Ye’s hand.

Qi Lanxin looked at Mu Ye expectantly, but unfortunately, he didn’t even give her a glance from start to finish. Although Qi Lanxin was angry, she was more determined.

Back home, Su Hua pinched Mu Ye’s cheek and sighed, “It’s all because of this face.”

“Hua Hua doesn’t like it; scratch it.”

“I’m not willing to.”

Su Hua pinched again, “It’s really good-looking.”

Mu Ye looked at her with shining eyes and said, “Kiss.”

“Hmm?” Su Hua pretended not to understand.

“Wanna kiss.”

“Who wants to kiss?”


“You want to kiss who?”


“Repeat it properly.”

Mu Ye’s cheeks reddened slightly, unable to meet her gaze, and he said in a helpless tone, “Hua Hua.”

“I won’t tease you anymore, kiss.”

The two kissed again until Mu Ye was out of breath, then Su Hua let him go.

It’s really super cute!

Su Hua kissed Mu Ye again.

“We have to win tomorrow.”


The next day.

The once-every-three-year Tri-Nation Grand Competition has finally arrived.

Not far from the Royal Palace of Huanglan Country, there’s a specially built venue for the competition.

The entire venue is circular and surrounded, similar to a football field in later years, with ten platforms in the middle, covering a large area.

On one side are the spectators, and on the other side are the royal family and nobles. The first round of matches has been drawn and announced.

The capital’s gambling dens have already set up betting, and Mu Ye has wagered all his wealth on Su Hua.

At the beginning, the bets were small, and Su Hua didn’t bet.

Well, she didn’t need that small amount of money.

There are a total of forty-five members from three academies. Meng Yunxin was lucky enough to get a lucky turn.

Su Hua looked up at the sky, angrily saying, “Tiandao, you little bitch, you biased little brat!”

Su Hua drew the tenth platform, the second match, against a female student from Huanglan Country.

Mu Ye stood below the platform, looking at her intently. Su Hua waved her hand and smiled brightly.

“Is that the person who defeated the advanced mage with just one move?”

“I heard her name is Yao Hua.”

“Same name and surname as the Yao family.”

“She offended the Ninth Princess, and now she’s still so lively, it’s really incredible.”

Su Hua waited for half an hour until the first match was over.

“The second match on the tenth platform, Shengguang Academy’s Zhou Yuke versus Xuanyun Academy’s Yao Hua, please take your positions.”

Su Hua jumped onto the platform, while Zhou Yuke, dressed in a tight red dress, stood on the opposite side, looking at Su Hua with a smile. “I concede.”

“Huh?” Could this goddess encounter such good luck?

Even the referee was stunned. “Zhou Yuke, are you really conceding?”

“Yes, I concede.”

The referee had no choice but to announce, “In the match between Shengguang Academy’s Zhou Yuke and Xuanyun Academy’s Yao Hua, Yao Hua wins!”

After stepping down from the platform, Zhou Yuke walked over, casually putting her arm around Su Hua’s shoulder. She was very familiar. “I just came back yesterday and heard about your deeds. You’re amazing.”

“…She’s your princess, your princess.”

Su Hua shrugged, but the other party didn’t let go of her hand, instead holding it even tighter.

“What about the princess? Bullying the people, arrogant and conceited, still pampered by the court, tsk, really embarrassing for the royal family.”

Su Hua was somewhat surprised.

“Just because of this, you’re conceding?”

“Of course not. My brother told me that you killed the Ninth Princess’s advanced mage. Hahaha, as a mid-level mage, I’d rather not get involved in such a mess.”

“Hua Hua,” Mu Ye walked over, but his gaze fell on Zhou Yuke’s hand on Su Hua’s shoulder.

Zhou Yuke, who originally had thick skin, felt embarrassed being stared at by Mu Ye like that.

“Cough.” Zhou Yuke put down her hand.

Mu Ye didn’t look at her anymore, he went straight to Su Hua’s other side, took her hand, and left.

Zhou Yuke: “…”

Hey, there’s still a person here!

I’m not invisible!

Although Su Hua didn’t pay much attention to her and Mu Ye ignored her, Zhou Yuke still followed Su Hua, chattering away.

From her words, Su Hua learned that Zhou Yuke came from the first major family of Huanglan Country; no wonder she spoke so unrestrainedly.

“Let me tell you, the food at Wangjiang Tower is the best, but you have to make a reservation every time you come. I didn’t reserve today. Let’s go, hey hey hey.”

Su Hua and Mu Ye entered Wangjiang Tower, and the owner of Wangjiang Tower immediately greeted them respectfully, “Miss Yao, please come this way.”

“Hua Hua, you actually made a reservation; you’re really insightful.”

Before Su Hua could speak, the owner spoke first: “Miss Yao is a distinguished guest in our restaurant. As long as she comes, there’s always a seat available.”

“This, this, a distinguished guest?” How did someone from Dongxu Country know the owner of Wangjiang Tower?

Zhou Yuke didn’t know, but Su Hua understood that the title of “distinguished guest” was earned with money.

In simpler terms, it was equivalent to buying a VIP card.

Once seated in the private room, Zhou Yuke quickly forgot about the matter of the distinguished guest and began ordering food. Su Hua also ordered some dishes that Mu Ye liked.

“Hua Hua, what are you doing with him—” Zhou Yuke winked.

Su Hua spread her hands. “Isn’t it obvious enough?”


Although the customs are open and free now, it’s still rare to see couples holding hands openly like this unless they are married.

Su Hua was a VIP, so the dishes came quickly.

“Eat.” Mu Ye picked up a piece of meat for Su Hua.

Su Hua squinted. “Thanks, Mu Ye.”

Zhou Yuke: “…”

She suddenly felt that the food in her bowl was tasteless.

While they were eating, there was a commotion outside.

Zhou Yuke immediately put down her chopsticks and went to the door of the private room to see.

Not long after, Zhou Yuke came back in.

“Guess who’s outside?”

Su Hua took a bite of rice. “The Ninth Princess and Meng Yunxin.”

“I don’t know who Meng Yunxin is, but the Ninth Princess is indeed there.”

Zhou Yuke smirked, “Hua Hua, let’s go watch the show.”

Su Hua looked at Mu Ye, who seemed unperturbed, and again realized her preferences. Watching the show was less important than watching the boss.

“No, you go watch; just tell me later.”

Mu Ye, upon hearing this, once again picked up a piece of meat for Su Hua as a reward.

“Really boring; then I’ll go watch first.” Zhou Yuke ran out excitedly.

About a quarter of an hour later, the commotion outside quieted down.

Zhou Yuke came back in, excitedly saying, “The person just now is indeed called Meng Yunxin. She’s also from your Xuanyun Academy. Is your academy so formidable? Daring to confront the Ninth Princess directly.”

Su Hua neither agreed nor disagreed.

The female lead is fearless; the Ninth Princess is nothing.

“Hua Hua, do you know her? I really want to meet her.”

Su Hua looked at the person in front of her and found her somewhat pleasing, so she kindly reminded her, “You’d better not associate with her.”


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