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Chapter 131

He Zhizhou and Xu Ye’s illogical behavior, that so-called “going ahead to explore,” and the fox’s mention of the secret door’s location—everything was part of the plan.

“I have to apologize to Miss Liu Ying. It was my idea for He Zhizhou and Xu Ye to play a little prank on her.”

Ning Ning, not seeing Liu Ying, showed a somewhat disappointed expression. “Only by making her feel upset and confused can we achieve the effect of disrupting her reasoning and making her fall into the trap without thinking, making the plan easier to implement.”

“I also want to apologize to her.”

He Zhizhou felt a bit embarrassed and awkwardly grinned. “About the thing with the piece of stone, I was really in a hurry and wanted to help stop her bleeding… Oh, this explanation is unclear. I was just too panicked by the fire phoenix at the time, I didn’t intend to hurt her.”

Rong Ci smirked coldly.

No, actually, there was another explanation that everyone understood.

Wasn’t it because you’re a little messed up in the head?

“So what?”

He was so infuriated that he felt dizzy. He thought he could teach the Xuanxu Sect a lesson on how to behave, but unexpectedly, he was turned over and rubbed into the ground. Bruised and swollen, “You went to all this trouble to show us a fake door and a fake key?”

There was a moment of silence.

Ning Ning frowned at him, wanting to speak but hesitating.

“The jade pendant placed on the door now is fake and has been cast with illusions early on. You should know this, right?”

She looked up at the splashing white waves of the waterfall, then spoke softly after a long while, “Don’t you want to know what it really is under the illusion?”

She paused, thinking carefully for a moment. “Or… are you not curious why I chose the waterfall as the hidden door in such a vast secret realm?”

Why choose here? How would he know!

Rong Ci was on the verge of collapse, repeatedly rubbed by anger and humiliation. Without much thought, he turned and walked into the rushing water of the waterfall.

In the waves that kept washing over his eyelashes, he finally saw the true appearance of the “jade pendant.”

It was a piece of stone, square and flat, with two talismans affixed to it.

One was a voice transmission talisman for eavesdropping, and the other was a thunder talisman for summoning lightning.

—The reason Ning Ning set the secret door here was precisely because only under the waterfall was the only water area in the secret realm where they could set foot in it.

And the impurities in the water had excellent conductivity.

Until this moment, he finally understood Ning Ning’s entire scheme.

First, they used the incident with the Sun Blaze Bow to lure out the members of Niguang Island, leading them to the waterfall. Then, they used the real and fake jade pendants to stall for time, allowing the members of the Xuanxu Sect to arrive in time to encounter them.

Most importantly, at the same time, they also induced Rong Ci to personally hand over the jade pendant and affix the thunder talisman behind the waterfall.

It turned into a pit, which he dug for himself.

“Although you said you were going to set up an ambush, you probably hadn’t had the chance yet, right?”

He Zhizhou sighed with thick skin. “So we just took the initiative first. Thanks for the tokens from the bosses.”

“You despicable scoundrels!”

One disciple of the Niguang island was furious, his eyes red with grievances. “How can you deceive people like this? How can you!”

“That’s right!”

Another choked up and echoed, “As cultivators, how can you use such deceitful tricks! If you have the ability, come at us directly—”

He paused midway, realizing that they actually didn’t have the ability to confront them head-on, so he quickly changed his words. “If you have the ability, summon the lightning to strike us! The elders see through your treacherous schemes! Shameless scoundrels!”

…Clearly, they were the first ones to play tricks.

To actually be so eager to be struck by lightning, Ning Ning had never heard such a strange request before, and for a moment, she felt conflicted.

Try, and you shall die; that’s what they said.

If Liu Ying were here and witnessed the following scene, she would surely remember what He Zhizhou had once told her about electricity and ions.

Charged particles moved rapidly in the electric current, and with a flash of lightning, the entire pool was covered in a layer of faint golden light, with water splashing and currents flowing.

Science was so beautiful.

Ning Ning hadn’t completely blackened her heart yet, so she deliberately reduced the power of the thunder talisman, ensuring it wouldn’t cause serious injury or death, at most just causing them to fall into a period of unconsciousness.

In Rong Ci’s original plan, he was supposed to calmly and leisurely approach Ning Ning with the Sun Blaze Bow, then bend down and tell her with a smile, “If you beg me, perhaps I can spare you today.”

However, reality was that he and several other disciples of the Niguang island were electrocuted, their expressions twisted in agony like they were wearing masks of pain. They convulsed with limbs flailing, emitting trembling cries from the depths of their souls, as if they were dancing to the beat of electric music:

“You—uh-uh-uh-give me uh-uh-uh—wait uh-uh-uh-watching—”

He didn’t want to fight Ning Ning anymore.

This girl’s myriad of unconventional tricks were something Rong Ci could never figure out.

Like using wind to control fire and water to generate lightning.

—Normal people don’t play like this! Your Five Elements cycle is completely out of line!


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