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Chapter 34-Part 1

Indeed, in the world, flattering remarks penetrate through countless layers. With just a few words of flattery, the crown prince’s gloomy expression turned sunny. He actually pondered seriously over what Jiang Xiurun had said.

“What do you mean… how to prevent talents from being lost?”

Jiang Xiurun said respectfully, “Since there are academies for scholars to study, naturally there should also be martial arenas for warriors to train in.For the stability of the country, both scholarly and martial arts are necessary.”

Her words did strike a chord with Prince Feng Liwu.

He fell silent, deep in thought.

Jiang Xiurun, seeing his silence, wisely refrained from speaking further.

When they returned to the crown prince’s residence, Jiang Xiurun realized the crown prince had been waiting for her, having skipped his meal. She immediately apologized to the crown prince.

The crown prince’s recently warmed demeanor cooled slightly again as he calmly asked Jiang Xiurun whether the food outside the residence was more delicious and why she took so long without reporting back to the crown prince’s residence.

Jiang Xiurun hastily replied that the food outside was not tasty at all, and she would avoid such social engagements in the future if possible.

Though she had already eaten and was full outside, she still accompanied the crown prince for a meal and even contributed some dried meat from her yard, which had been prepared by Qian’er as a gift for her teacher when she was studying.

When she and her brother attended the academy, apart from what was given to Master Mufeng, there was some leftover. Because it was made according to the sweet and spicy taste of Bo State, the dried meat not only had a good chew but also whetted the appetite.

The texture of the meat after being steamed in the pot was indeed very suitable to Feng Liwu’s appetite, and he could finish the whole plate.

After the meal, the crown prince didn’t let Jiang Xiurun leave and asked her to recite the articles she had been praised for by her teacher during the day.

Jiang Xiurun deliberately lowered her voice, which was naturally neutral but now carried a hint of indescribable allure.

Feng Liwu enjoyed listening very much, lying half-reclined on the couch, letting the young man’s voice gently stroke his ears, almost dozing off.

Meanwhile, Jiang Xiurun, kneeling before the couch, gradually felt a sense of frustration rising in her heart.

How did she not notice in her previous life that this crown prince was so clingy in private?

What she said was true. Logically, as Qin Zhao was the crown prince’s close attendant in her previous life, he should have understood his temperament the best.

But she had never heard of Feng Liwu being clingy to his aides, even requiring someone to read him articles even when he slept!

Why, in this life, had he developed such a habit?

But unfortunately, with such high and powerful masters, there was no room for rebuttal. Jiang Xiurun could only kneel before the couch, reading until her mouth was dry and her tongue parched, until she knew the crown prince was in a light sleep, before she retreated.

It’s just like dealing with a three-year-old child who needs to hear some stories before bedtime to fall asleep!

Jiang Xiurun secretly vowed that if she had a son in the future, if he behaved clingy and annoying like this, she would definitely spank his butt hard.

And in these past two days, Qin Zhao, who could finally walk, also returned to the crown prince’s residence to report his duties.

Although he couldn’t walk for long distances, Qin Zhao was eager to return to the crown prince’s residence.

In his thoughts, although Jiang Xiurun had gained the crown prince’s favor with her wit, she was still a woman. As long as he found the right time to plead with the crown prince and expressed his admiration for that woman, the crown prince would probably overlook Jiang Xiurun’s deception due to his injured feelings and fulfill his wishes.

But in just two months’ time, when he returned to the crown prince’s residence, he felt like there had been significant changes, making everything almost unrecognizable.

Young Master Jiang, the tutor, was not just appreciated by the Prince anymore; she had become a prominent figure by His Highness’s side!

It was rumored that the crown prince required Jiang Xiurun’s company at every meal. Even during court sessions, he would go to the academy to escort Jiang Xiurun back to the residence. They were practically inseparable.

Originally, Qin Zhao thought the people in the residence were exaggerating. But when he saw it with his own eyes in the Nuan pavilion, Jiang Xiurun focusing on writing, and the Prince looking at her with a concentrated gaze, he couldn’t help but feel that something was amiss!

That gazeā€”as a man, he understood it perfectly. It wasn’t the way a wise man looked at his aide, but the way a possessive man felt when his belongings were safely in his own territory…

Qin Zhao had a gut feeling that the crown prince had known Jiang Xiurun’s identity long ago and took the opportunity in the garden to confront her, asking in a low voice if the crown prince knew about her identity.

Jiang Xiurun was full of disgust when she saw him and could only say with a cold expression, “If you don’t tell, how will the crown prince know?”

But Qin Zhao didn’t believe her, gripping her slender wrist and lowering his voice.

“If the Crown Prince didn’t know, why would he look at you like that? Did you seduce the Crown Prince? Did you make him fall for you so you could manipulate him?”

With Qin Zhao’s words, he felt more justified, and his grip tightened.

Unable to tolerate it any longer, Jiang Xiurun suddenly seized Qin Zhao’s wrist at the pressure point and, with a swift movement, flipped him harshly onto the ground!

Qin Zhao was taken aback by the sudden throw; he didn’t expect Jiang Xiurun to make such a move, and Jiang Xiurun herself hadn’t expected to throw Qin Zhao down like that.


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