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Chapter 288: The Sect Leader Wakes Up Grumpy Every Day (36)

Shen Mubai hid under the blanket, shivering.

She couldn’t figure out what Jun Jiuling wanted to do.

In the end, she could only come to one conclusion: don’t try to guess the mind of a lunatic, as you’ll never figure it out.

Just as she was about to fall asleep in a daze, the coarse voice of Wu Er came from outside the door: “Cuihua, hurry up and cook for the Master.”

Shen Mubai rubbed her eyes, feeling puzzled.

Wasn’t this supposed to be an inn?

However, after she went out, she immediately understood.

The innkeeper took some silver and gladly allowed her to use a corner of the kitchen at her discretion.

So, Shen Mubai could only obediently start cooking.

She made some beef with sauce, a plate of greens, and a mushroom stir-fry. Carrying the dishes, she knocked on the door of the room where Jun Jiuling was.

“Come in.”

After getting permission, Shen Mubai pushed the door open.

Only after entering did she realize that, besides Jun Jiuling, there was another person in the room.

That person looked gentle and refined, dressed in white like a scholarly gentleman. When he saw her looking over, he smiled warmly.

Having spent so much time in the Fire Lotus Sect, Shen Mubai had never seen anyone with such a clean temperament, so she couldn’t help but look at him a bit more.

Seeing her fascinated gaze, Jun Jiuling couldn’t help but sneer harshly and give the man beside him a hostile look.

Gu Huaiyuan naturally sensed it and pondered for a moment, a mysterious smile appearing on his face.

Seeing Jun Jiuling’s dark expression, Shen Mubai was scared and quickly put down the dishes. “Master, I… I’ll go down first.”

Jun Jiuling said lightly, “Go on then.”

After she left, Gu Huaiyuan, the strategist of the Fire Lotus Sect, asked, “Is this the new maid of the Fire Lotus Sect?”

In fact, there were no maids in the Fire Lotus Sect.

Most tasks had to be done personally, or they would be delegated to disciples.

The elders in the sect didn’t think much of it, but as the master of the sect, Jun Jiuling naturally had to have a few maids to attend to him.

However, those maids either got shocked into trauma or took their own lives shortly after being sent to serve Jun Jiuling.

The elders didn’t know, but Wu Er and the others did. They understood that the master’s temperament was unpredictable, and he didn’t like people sticking to him all day. Sending those maids over only worsened his mood.

Gu Huaiyuan, who was able to become the strategist of the Fire Lotus Sect, was naturally not an ordinary person. Seeing that the master obviously had an unusual attitude towards the maid, he couldn’t help but smile lightly. “Master, this maid seems obedient and clever. I wonder which elder or hall master sent her here.”

Jun Jiuling, seeing him bring up the matter, couldn’t help but sneer, “Strategist, you seem to have a lot of free time on your hands this trip.”

Gu Huaiyuan quickly changed the subject with a wry smile: “Master, I was just joking.”

He saw the delicious dishes on the table, and after all the traveling, he couldn’t help but feel a bit hungry. So, he asked, “Master, may I join you for dinner today?”

In the past, he occasionally dined and discussed matters with Jun Jiuling in the sect, so he didn’t think it was inappropriate.

Jun Jiuling paused with his chopsticks and glanced casually at the strategist.

“Help yourself out.”

Gu Huaiyuan sensed the hidden sneer in his words, not understanding why the master suddenly became so angry. So, he tactfully said, “Then I’ll take my leave first.”

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