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Chapter 40: Fiene’s Determination (1)

That night, Fiene, crying out, was carried to her bedroom.

Without a wink of sleep, she heard the chirping of the birds heralding the dawn.

Noah, now diligently continuing his experiments, was fighting. He was researching at the risk of his own life.

So, what should she do?

Fiene began to prepare herself as she got up.

Martha, entering the room, looked as exhausted as Fiene.

“Martha-san, where is Lloyd-san?”

Seeing Fiene, who was already up and getting ready, Martha’s eyes widened in surprise.

“He’ll be waiting in front of the laboratory where the master is holed up.”

“got it”

Fiene immediately headed to Lloyd’s location, with Martha following hurriedly.

“Fiene-sama, please take care of yourself. You couldn’t sleep last night, could you?”

Even in such a situation, Martha was kind enough to offer words of concern to Fiene.

Yet Fiene was now the existence depriving them of their master’s life.

Lloyd stood in front of the laboratory where Noah was holed up, protecting something invaluable.

Perhaps Lloyd was taking care of Noah.

Fiene’s heart ached.

Noah was an important master to them.

“Lloyd-san, I have a request. I want to see the data regarding my magical power. Do you know where it is?”

“Yes, I do.”

Although he seemed momentarily skeptical, Lloyd promptly brought the research data.

“I will do what I can. I feel like the answer lies here.”

It was Fiene’s intuition.

“Fiene-sama, this is a letter addressed to the master, but there might be a hint here.”

Saying so, Lloyd handed her a letter. It was a letter from Donovan to Noah.

“Lloyd-san, thank you. I will take care of your master’s life for a while,” Fiene said, deciding to seclude herself in the archive.

The mansion’s archive was filled to the brim with grimoires, both magical and arcane.

So, Fiene vowed to decipher the research data Noah had left behind.

She would understand her own power and surely unlock the door sealed by that magic.

He had estimated his lifespan to be about a month.

If diagnosed early, Mana Depletion Syndrome could be cured by potion intake. The main treatments were replenishing mana and repairing internal organs.

Thanks to potions for mana replenishment and the mana control taught by Noah, Fiene had reached a stable condition.

However, her worn-out internal organs couldn’t be fully repaired even with Noah’s potions.

Fiene understood that Noah had taken care of that through the magic he performed last night.

From the data Noah had left behind, it seemed the experiments had been interrupted midway. Above all, there were no results written.

The experiments had been interrupted for some reason. Perhaps because he had understood the true nature of Fiene’s magic, he had stopped the experiments.

In any case, Noah had quickly concluded the research on non-attribute and started research to prolong Fiene’s life.

Fiene read the letter sent to Noah from her father.

It seemed like a typical apology at first glance. However, astonishing facts were revealed: Maggie’s Mana Overflow Syndrome and the conjecture of Wymain.

The answer derived from there was:

“Can I heal people? And even if people can be healed, can I heal myself?”

No, surely the answer wasn’t that simple.

In that case, Noah should have taught her.

Furthermore, Fiene has no memories of healing people’s wounds in her life so far.

Although she had considered it might be limited to illnesses, she had nursed Muge and Rolf when they caught a cold, but she didn’t think she had healed them. She didn’t remember them healing particularly quickly; they recovered with medicine and rest.

“Then, what is my magical power?”

Fiene had little knowledge of magic.

She had come here and studied in the archive, learning only a little from Noah.

Secluding herself in the archive, a week passed. Despite boasting such a vast collection, she couldn’t find a single example like herself in the literature.

The time passed relentlessly.

There were moments when she almost despaired, wondering if she could ever match a genius. But she couldn’t just sit idly by.

He was the greatest contributor to this country, and surely he would continue to make remarkable discoveries and play a significant role. He was absolutely indispensable.

While probing what her magical power might be, Fiene is worried about Noah and checks on his well-being through Lloyd.

According to Lloyd, if Noah died or if the experiment succeeded, the sealed door would open.

He had mentioned previously that Noah had secluded himself in the research building in a similar manner.

A door sealed with advanced magic wouldn’t open by any means.

Fiene recalled the words Noah had spoken in the laboratory.

“‘Non-attribute’ is just a term used to refer to magic that cannot be originally classified into attributes.”

He didn’t mention healing magic. She felt he had been cautious when discussing Fiene’s magic.

Fiene recalled past events. For some reason, she had been immune to magic since childhood.

That’s why Rolf’s constraint magic didn’t work on her.

Noah had also mentioned, “There are magical powers that can slip through even simple tests.”

Resistant to magic, can slip through simple tests.

“Does it repel magic? Is there strong magic resistance?”

So, she showed no magic in the simple test.

“Doesn’t respond to magic?”

However, she accepted Noah’s magic.

Thanks to that, Fiene could now feel the magic circulating within her body.

“Then what’s the answer?”

The same cycle repeated day after day. Another week passed during this time.

“Fiene-sama, please take a rest.”

“I’m sorry for causing you concern. But I’m fine. I’m making sure to rest properly. Martha-san, you should rest. I’m perfectly fine, as you can see.”

Seeing Martha looking much more tired, Fiene smiled at her.

“You can just call me Martha. Fiene-sama, please at least have this tea.”

Saying so, Martha placed a ruby-colored herbal tea in front of Fiene.

“Thank you.”

“Please, drink it while it’s still warm.”

Martha seemed determined not to leave until Fiene had drunk it. Fiene took a sip. The sweet and sour aroma spread throughout her mouth.

“It’s delicious.”

Suddenly, Fiene looked at Martha and noticed dark circles under her eyes. Perhaps because Fiene wasn’t sleeping, Martha stayed awake to accompany her.

That night, Fiene decided to go to sleep. Whether she could sleep or not, she was already in a state of exhaustion, and her mind wasn’t functioning properly anymore.

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