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Chapter 45-Part 2

In the corner of the pharmacy, a person stared at Ma Ruian and the crowd surrounding him, biting his lower lip tightly. Even to the point where there were traces of blood on his lips, fearing that he couldn’t restrain themselves from rushing over.

He closed his eyes in agony.

In just three days, everything had changed. He had fallen from grace, while Ma Ruian was flourishing, stepping on his shoulders to rise.

“Oh, isn’t this Young Master Ruiming?” A mocking voice sounded beside him. “You’re seriously injured; you should go back to your room and rest. Anyway, the family has decided that Young Master Ruian will take over for you and manage the family business, so you don’t need to worry anymore.”

Ma Ruiming slowly turned around, coldly snorting, “Who do you think you are? How dare you speak to me like this?”

“Hey, you’re still full of energy.” The person’s expression became even more disdainful. Ma Ruiming was already destined to decline, yet he still tried to show off in front of him.

Ma Ruiming said coldly, “Even if I’m no longer in favor, even if I’m no longer favored, punishing one or two servants is still within my power. Do you want to try?”

“What are you so proud of! You can only bully people like me, the lower class.” The person retorted defiantly and quickly slunk away.

Ma Ruiming stood tall and imposing. After the others left, he closed his eyes in agony and slowly slumped against the wall.

He was the genius of the Ma family, possessing both martial arts talent and medical talent, truly deserving of being the number one in the Ma family.

He had been recognized as the future successor of the Ma family since he was young and had received elite training.

Although his parents had passed away early, his uncles and cousins took great care of him.

In fact, he was very capable. Whatever it was, he excelled at it, far surpassing others.

Three days ago, Ma Ruian mysteriously invited him to the valley, claiming to have found a precious medicinal herb there, but unfortunately, there were wild beasts guarding it, so he couldn’t retrieve it.

Ma Ruiming immediately wanted to inform his family.

Ma Ruian became anxious and grabbed him, whispering, “There are only two plants in total! If we call the family, we’ll have to hand them over. At most, after they’re processed into medicine, we’ll get a little bit of the leftovers. Let’s sneak over quietly, each taking one plant. Isn’t that better?”

Ma Ruiming, as the future heir of the family, would certainly have no problem getting one plant of the herb, but it was uncertain for Ma Ruian. It was very likely that, as he said, he would only get some leftovers.

After thinking it over, Ma Ruiming agreed to go with him.

The process of picking the herbs went smoothly, with only a weak wild beast nearby, easily dealt with. Ma Ruiming successfully obtained two Moonlight Flowers.

Before he could even be happy, there was a sound like an earthquake.

Ma Ruiming turned around and was stunned. A large group of identical wild beasts were charging towards him! He immediately turned and fled.

“Help, help me!” Ma Ruian was slightly weaker in strength. In no time, he fell behind. In his panic, he even fell to the ground.

Usually, the relationship between the two was good, and Ma Ruiming only knew about the Moonlight Flowers because Ma Ruian had mentioned them.

So, gritting his teeth, Ma Ruiming decisively turned back to rescue him.

Unexpectedly, as soon as he ran to Ma Ruian’s side, Ma Ruian suddenly pushed him in the direction of the wild beasts and snatched the Moonlight Flowers from him. Then, without looking back, Ma Ruian ran away.

In despair, Ma Ruiming noticed a waterfall nearby. Instead of waiting here to be eaten by the wild beasts, it was better to take a gamble. He made a determined decision and leaped off the waterfall.

Luckily, Ma Ruiming didn’t die. He thought to himself that, when he returned to the Ma family, he would definitely tell everyone about Ma Ruian’s treacherous behavior.

Unexpectedly, as soon as he returned home, he was scolded by the elders of the family. How could he run out casually without telling the family?

Ma Ruiming endured a scolding, feeling warm inside knowing that the elders cared for him.

After jumping off the waterfall, although he didn’t die, he was in great pain all over his body and struggled to return home.

Now, when he encountered familiar uncles and cousins, before he could say anything, he immediately passed out.

To his surprise, when he woke up, everything was different.

First, the uncle who was best at medicine in the family sighed heavily and told him that his bones had been severely damaged and couldn’t be healed. Not only did his strength regress to level four, but he would never recover in this lifetime. Even on rainy days, he would suffer from unbearable pain all over his body.

Ma Ruiming was caught off guard.

While lying in bed trying to digest this news, someone suddenly burst into his room.

He looked up and saw the current head of the Ma family.

The family head first sternly rebuked Ma Ruiming for instigating his companion to sneak out without permission and then abandoning him to escape alone. Fortunately, Ma Ruian was lucky to escape.

Ma Ruiming was infuriated. Ma Ruian’s ability to turn black into white was truly astonishing.

He took the initiative to explain the truth.

Unexpectedly, before he could say a few words, the family head harshly interrupted him and sighed, “Making mistakes without repentance and blindly arguing. Ruiming, I’ve misjudged you.”

Ma Ruiming was at a loss.

Why didn’t they listen to his explanation? Why were their eyes filled with disappointment? Did the family head really not believe him?

The subsequent turn of events caught everyone off guard even more.

The family head announced that Ma Ruiming’s conduct was improper, abandoning his companion, and revoked his original qualification as heir. It was decided that Ma Ruian, who had performed great deeds, would become the new heir.

Upon hearing the news, Ma Ruiming was filled with hatred, blood vessels bulging in his eyes as he struggled to get up from the bed.

Anyone could replace him; why did it have to be that scoundrel, Ma Ruian! He needed to confront the family head about this.

But he was intercepted shortly after leaving the room.

Ma Ruiming realized it was one of his strict uncles who usually criticized him the most.

At this moment, the uncle unusually softened his tone: “Ruiming, don’t you understand yet?”

Ma Ruiming was puzzled, both by his uncle’s tone and the meaning behind his words.

“No matter who’s right or wrong, the outcome is that you’re injured and can’t progress further; meanwhile, Ruian returned with the Moonlight Flowers; his talent is actually quite good, second only to yours among the younger generation.”

Ma Ruiming finally understood, but he’d rather not.

He grimaced. “So, the family head believes only what he wants to, regardless of the truth.”

Because Ruian was the best candidate to replace him, as he was now a useless person.

His uncle sighed and said, “It’s come to this; just accept it. Going to the family head again will only lead to disappointment.”

With that, his uncle quietly left.

Ma Ruiming collapsed. In just a few days, his life had turned upside down.

The stern and fierce uncle, who unexpectedly offered advice in his darkest hour,.

The kind family head, who, in his time of need, abandoned him without hesitation.

The friends and usual companions who now turned to support Ruian.

He felt intense hatred, yet he was powerless.

He didn’t know if the accident was incidental or deliberate, but he knew deep down that Ruian was behind his current state.

This grudge must be settled.

Ma Ruiming desperately reminded himself, “Even if I’ve fallen from grace, I won’t allow myself to be bullied.”

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