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Chapter 291: The Sect Leader Wakes Up Grumpy Every Day (39)

The man in black chased for a while, looked around, and saw no trace of the two in the crowd. He frowned and muttered, “I’ve seen that woman once before. Even though she’s disguised, I’m sure it’s her. Could the man with her be from the Fire Lotus Sect?”

This man was a government constable known for his sharp observational skills. He had come south on this mission hoping to get lucky, and to his surprise, he had stumbled upon something so quickly.

When she returned to the inn, Jun Jiuling had not come back yet. Around the hour of Hai(9-10pm), Shen Mubai’s door was knocked on, and Zuo Yi’s voice called out, “Cuihua, go to the master’s room.”

Shen Mubai originally thought she was going to help Jun Jiuling with his bath after his late return. To her surprise, when she entered, he was already in his nightclothes, sitting on the bed. The bath barrel indicated he had already bathed.

Seeing her come in, Jun Jiuling said indifferently, “Come here.”

Although Shen Mubai found it strange, she obediently walked over and said, “Master.”

As she approached, Jun Jiuling, in a calm tone as if asking for food, said, “Warm the bed for me.”

Shen Mubai, “…..”

Seeing her hesitate, Jun Jiuling frowned and said displeasedly, “What are you standing there for?”

Shen Mubai said awkwardly, “master, this isn’t proper.”

After all, she had been kicked out of bed before.

Jun Jiuling sneered, “I’m not interested in a woman like you with no chest and no figure.”

Shen Mubai, “…..” Personal attack, too much!

Clearly, it was Jun Jiuling who had the wrong idea, but Shen Mubai reluctantly got on the bed to warm it for him.

After rolling around on the bed for a while, she looked up and asked, “Master, is it ready?”

Jun Jiuling looked at her as if she were an idiot and said, “Lie still and don’t move.”

Shen Mubai rolled inside and laid flat.

Jun Jiuling’s lips curved slightly.

A large shadow fell over her. When Shen Mubai realized it, Jun Jiuling’s face was inches away from hers. His breath brushed against her face, and her eyelashes tickled, causing her to blink.


Jun Jiuling’s extraordinarily handsome face was expressionless, his deep, narrow eyes as dark as the night.

Shen Mubai sensed that something was off and grew nervous. Tentatively, she said, “Master?”

Jun Jiuling didn’t respond or react to her, just stared at her, moving closer and closer.

Shen Mubai’s body stiffened. She doubted Jun Jiuling would do such a thing to her, but as his breath drew nearer, she couldn’t help but close her eyes. “Master! Men and women shouldn’t be so intimate!”

The expected kiss didn’t come. She opened her eyes to see Jun Jiuling’s impeccable face with an indescribable expression. When he saw her looking at him, he frowned and asked, “What did you eat today?”

Shen Mubai blinked innocently, “Nothing special.”

Jun Jiuling sneered.

Shen Mubai had no choice but to list, “Wonton, pancakes, bean cakes, spring rolls, Yangchun noodles, stinky tofu…”

Jun Jiuling glared at her coldly. “If I ever find out you eat stinky tofu again, I’ll break your legs.”

Shen Mubai felt aggrieved. “Stinky tofu is delicious, and it’s not that smelly. I even rinsed my mouth when I came back.”

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