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Chapter 132

On the high platform of the City Lord’s Mansion, within the mystic mirror, a scene of tragedy was faithfully reflected.

Six disciples of Niguang Island stood in the pool, vibrating at an incomprehensible frequency, resembling a disco in the water and zombies coming out of the cage.

Outside the mirror, the elders of the Xuanxu Sect and Qu Feiqing exchanged varied expressions, their gazes converging on the scene.

Silence is golden.

“No way! We circled around the jade pendant for so long, only to find out the door was fake?”

Breaking the dead silence in the room, a wail came from an elder of Niguang Island in the corner: “Who could have guessed this!”

Then came another person’s contemplation: “If something goes wrong, it must be the work of demons. It’s too easy to get the jade pendant. Rong Ci needs to be extra careful.”

In the mirror of Niguang Island, the scene naturally followed the perspectives of Rong Ci and others.

The elders felt deeply immersed; even if the younger disciples couldn’t hear them firsthand, they were still actively making suggestions along the way, showing their true feelings.

Ever since encountering Ning Ning and others, the elders were eager to join in the excitement, chatting away enthusiastically, discussing everything from selling oneself to poisoning, even suggesting that “Rong Ci should marry Ning Ning as her little husband.”.

However, amidst all the commotion, in the eyes of the majority, Rong Ci’s actions were logical and unnoticed. Barring any unforeseen circumstances, the Sun Blaze Bow would undoubtedly fall into the hands of Niguang Island.

In the end, they were utterly devastated to find out that they were just as wrong as Rong Ci, tossed around by the real and fake jade pendants.

Life truly is full of surprises.

“These disciples are used to smooth sailing, always acting recklessly. It’s good for them to occasionally face some hardships.”

Qu Feiqing came to her senses after being speechless for a long time and recovered her composure, showing no signs of distress but rather a slight smile on her lips. “As for that child, Rong Ci, I wonder if he still has any thoughts for Ning Ning.”

More accurately, it’s whether he “dares” or not.

“But speaking of which,”

Lin Qian propped her chin with her right hand, lightly tapping her left fingers on the table. “What should we do about the matter with the Fox Clan and the Demon Clan? The Secret Realm has always been sealed, but unexpectedly, remnants of demons have been left behind, causing trouble in the region—”

“We can’t enter now; we can only observe the performance of our young disciples.”

Tian Xianzi narrowed his eyes thoughtfully, seeming to ponder something, slightly furrowing his brow. “But I always feel something strange about the Secret Realm… though I can’t pinpoint exactly where.”

Ji Yunkai shook his two short legs, desperately swallowing a large piece of pastry in his mouth, almost choking half to death. The sword immortal of this generation,who almost met his end with green bean cake: “We still have too little information at hand; we might as well continue observing.”

He smiled faintly, but unfortunately,he could no longer evoke the feeling of being a detached immortal as he once was, as the flesh on his cheeks suddenly swelled, resembling a foolish son of the landlord caught stealing snacks: “I’m quite looking forward to what they’ll do next.”


Within the trial-secret realm, the waterfall rushed with a deafening roar, lifting layers of snow.

Now that the lightning had passed, everyone from Niguang Island had lost consciousness, collapsing unconscious in the water and being brought out of the pool by Ning Ning and others.

Since it was stipulated beforehand that the tokens couldn’t be put into storage bags and it wasn’t safe to leave them in the scarcely guarded encampment, after careful consideration, almost all the participants chose to carry all their tokens with them to ensure absolute control.

It was precisely for this reason that, after a brief search, the group easily collected more than twenty tokens.

“As expected of Niguang Island, what a big deal!”

He Zhizhou hugged the tokens he had evenly distributed to himself, looking pleased the whole time. “Isn’t this just warming up? It’s great that they came to deliver them personally.”

Having obtained the jade pendants and incidentally resolved the major problem of Niguang Island, they were now being led by Qiao Yan towards the real door.

Ning Ning obediently followed the little fox, and as they approached their destination, she couldn’t help but sigh inwardly.

—Poor Niguang Island would never know in the end that the Fox Clan didn’t store the Sun Blaze Bow elsewhere but right behind a hidden door in the ancestral shrine’s underground chamber.

“Then… I’ll open the door.”

Qiao Yan was particularly nervous, her lips trembling, and the pair of furry ears on her head also trembled slightly. Clearly taking a deep breath, she tried to calm herself down.

Ning Ning watched as she took out the jade pendant and carefully placed it in the recess on the stone door.

The illusion behind the waterfall was actually very well done; whether it was the weathered and ancient lines on the rocks or the imposing aura of the entire door, it was all identical to the real thing.

For a young fox from the Fox Clan to have such a high level of skill at creating illusions at such a young age, it’s really hard to say if it’s innate talent or natural aptitude.

The shrine had been dilapidated for many years, and the underground chamber was dimly lit, surrounded by pitch-black darkness where one couldn’t see their own hand in front of their face. Although Ning Ning lit a flame, it still gave off an eerie and chilling atmosphere.

The crimson tongues of fire licked the darkness wantonly, and within the dancing red flames, the stone door made a soft click.

Then, as if receiving a command, it slowly lifted upward.


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