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Chapter 134

As a result, from afar, they saw two round and shiny bald heads.

“Isn’t that Master Mingkong!”

Xu Ye had a chance encounter with Master Mingkong before, and upon seeing him, he smiled with joy.

However, when his gaze fell on the person next to him, he showed a puzzled expression. “Strange, who is that?”

He didn’t notice that He Zhizhou beside him had turned dark-faced, with a sinister expression akin to Snow White’s stepmom. He forcibly squeezed out two words from his throat: “Mingjing.”

By the way, he once intervened when he saw injustice, only to be thoroughly deceived by Mingjing. When the monk sneaked away, the one who beat He Zhizhou was ten people combined, or thirty percent plus seventy percent.

It was miserable—truly miserable.

Mingkong and Mingjing were both disciples of the Fanyin Temple, and it seemed like they had a good relationship—

This was evident as Mingjing danced with the brahma bell and pestle while Mingkong sat leisurely beside him with a head like a light bulb, melodiously reciting with a broadcasting tone, “Senior brother, like the wind and water, flowers fall without a trace. Listening to your song, I feel life has regained its meaning; everything has become eternal.”

Mingjing’s bell striking was no different from the drumming at the Spring Festival Gala, becoming faster and more intense, eventually even resembling the rhythm of a drum set, banging and clanging, causing Ning Ning’s ears to ache.

He Zhizhou twisted his facial features and covered his ears, unwilling to take another step forward. “What kind of ghost song is this? Did they turn the volume up on a funeral song?”

They felt uncomfortable, and the man and woman confronting the two were even more miserable.

These two should be disciples of the Beast Taming Sect, dressed in cyan-colored uniforms, with several sturdy spiritual beasts lying around them, seemingly affected by the spiritual contamination of the brahma bell, twitching and fainting.

“There’s no such music cultivation as you, despicable!”

Seeing Mingjing swing the brahma bell and pestle towards them, the woman trembled with anger. The young man beside her was also panicked, shouting anxiously, “Junior sister, we can’t delay any longer. It seems we have to summon those two!”

The woman’s expression turned stern. “Those two? But they are the ultimate treasures in our bag—”

She paused for a moment, then gritted her teeth. “Fine!”

With these words, not only Ning Ning and the others, but even the elders outside the mirror, showed curiosity.

“The ultimate treasures?”

Ji Yunkai stared at Lin Qian with eyes as big as black grapes, his voice naturally carrying a hint of softness, like a spoiled child.

“What are those?”

Lin Qian’s lips twitched. “Take your time; no rush.”

As Mingjing swung the brahma bell and pestle with a formidable force, breaking the calm air in the village and directly rushing towards the two beast tamers, the woman trembled and bowed her head, a golden light flashing in her storage bag—

In an instant, the sky and earth changed color, and even the fierce Mingjing froze in place, his face filled with extreme horror!

“No, no way!”

Xu Ye’s eyes widened, almost breaking into a falsetto. “How could it be them!”

Suddenly, the light faded, and lo and behold, in the hands of the female cultivator appeared—

A cat and a rabbit.

And they were both very ordinary, devoid of any spiritual power.

Ning Ning: …?

The cat was petite, the rabbit adorable, both curled up in the palms of the female cultivator’s hands, showing no trace of hostility.

With a gentle exhale, the woman spoke with a determined tone, “Let’s begin!”

The two animals received the command, their ears twitching slightly.

The rabbit opened its big red eyes, its long ears swaying softly, lifting its paws as if in contentment, and rubbing its chubby face.

The cat’s tail stood straight, its eyes like glass soaked in water reflecting dazzling lights, and finally, it obediently rolled over, emitting a soft and gentle “meow” from its throat.

Xu Ye was astonished.

Are you crazy! Is this the treasure of your Beast Taming Sect? Who would stop attacking just because of a rabbit or a cat? Even an idiot won’t fall for this kind of mentally retarded method, okay?

He bet a spirit stone that the woman would be struck in the head by the bell pestle in the next instant, treating her to a little cerebral palsy.

Unexpectedly, Mingjing’s pupils shook violently, showing extreme terror. “Ah, damn it!”

—No! Way!

The monk in mid-air suddenly froze, but the vast and surging spiritual energy around him couldn’t be retracted. Mingjing glanced at the watery eyes of the cat and rabbit, a faint smile appearing at the corner of his mouth.

Then he abruptly pulled back the pestle. As the spiritual energy reverberated and the pestle thundered, all the attacks immediately rebounded—

He ended up performing “I will kill myself “on the spot, being hammered three meters high into the air!

Xu Ye fell silent, Ning Ning was stunned, and there was no light in Pei Ji’s pitch-black eyes as he furrowed his brows while holding his sword.

But seeing Mingjing being knocked far away by his own pestle, his bald head traced a beautiful arc in the air and finally landed tragically, spewing out a mouthful of blood.

—It turned out that this person was even sicker! ! !

Xu Ye’s eyes were about to fall to the ground, and Ning Ning’s mood was also complicated.

These two are really daredevils; if they were born in the 21st century, they would definitely meet in a psychiatric hospital or a neurological ward someday, singing, “Though the seas may separate us, we are like neighbors under the same sky.”

“Senior Brother!”

Mingkong was shocked to see this and quickly ran to his senior brother’s side, his head like a soybean stewed egg, showing deep sorrow: “Your clanging of the bell was a mistake; what kind of hurried falling leaves led to such a brilliant and calm death.”

—What is this bald guy saying?

“As a monk, I intended to kill them, but they are just too cute.”

Mingjing smiled weakly, his voice as light as a thread: “In fact, along the way, every season has its flaws, and every story has hidden wounds. I am tired of fighting and killing; I just want to guard a tree like a pear blossom, guard a pool of plain lotus, and slowly watch the passing of time.”

—What is this bald guy talking about???

The disciples of the Beast Taming Sect beside them showed expressions as if they had eaten flies.

While they were fighting fiercely, with a classic martial arts drama atmosphere, the two monks from the Fanyin Temple were earnestly performing a melodramatic scene. It was so disgusting—so fucking disgusting, so utterly disgusting.

“Are all the monks from the Fanyin Temple like this?”

Ning Ning frowned.

“They are like this, and they still insist on acting like cultured people?”

The bell pestle, being impacted by spiritual energy, did not have the same power to protect itself as the Fanyin Temple monks, and in an instant, it turned into powder.

Mingkong and Mingjing acted out the desolation of a black-haired person giving away a white-haired person.

(T/N: scene where the younger generation mourns the older)

The woman retrieved the rabbit and the cat, a cold smile flickering in her eyes. “Now that you are weaponless and your only junior brother is just a defensive shield, you two are doomed to escape, so you might as well surrender!”

“Who says I am weaponless?”

Mingjing wiped away the blood from the corner of his mouth and coughed softly: “As long as there is martial spirit in the heart, everything can be a weapon.”

Ning Ning hesitated slightly. “Could it be that he has another bell pestle?”


Pei Ji responded in a low voice, “The material used for his bell pestle is extraordinary. It must be difficult to replicate… The monk intends to use other objects as weapons.”

Other objects?

But Mingjing’s spiritual energy was formidable. Even if it was just a regular object used as a substitute for the bell pestle, it would instantly shatter upon impact from the spiritual energy.

To find an object that is sturdy enough to withstand the impact without breaking—

Ning Ning’s pupils suddenly contracted.

No, it can’t be.

Mingjing smiled faintly as he struggled to get up from the ground. However, his words were chilling: “Mingkong, are you ready?”

Mingkong clasped his hands together, radiating a shimmering golden light all over his body, resembling an eggshell just lifted from the brine. “Senior Brother, I’m ready.”


The young man from the Beast Taming Sect exclaimed in shock, “You mustn’t do this!”

The two monks simultaneously revealed inscrutable smiles.

“The Buddha said, I can only be my senior brother’s bell pestle for three days.”

Mingkong clasped his hands together, his gaze falling gently, emanating compassion and warmth.

And his voice drifted through the air, carrying the sincere emotion of a male broadcaster, each word delivered deliberately: “Yesterday, today, tomorrow.”

In the gradually dimming night, the tall figure of the monk lifted another body straight up, as if wielding a large club.

Mingkong still wore a smile on his face as the luminous head swung in a 180-degree curve, heavily crashing onto the large bell.

A burst of Buddhist light erupted, accompanied by a resounding hum.

Xu Ye had lost all his words.

The disciples of the Beast Taming Sect took over his role, roaring with hoarse voices, expressing the words deeply engraved in their hearts: “You must be sick!!!”


Even He Zhizhou was dumbfounded, exclaiming in admiration, “With this level of enlightenment, I won’t bother to watch the ‘Touching China’ top ten figures if they are not in it.”

(T/N: “Touching China” is a spiritual brand column created by CCTV. It is launched around February every year and has been held for many years. Through various voting methods, the annual event features shocking and impressive characters and teams.

The “Touching China” program has introduced many figures to the national audience, including celebrities such as Jackie Chan and many more. Each character has a spiritual power that shocks the audience. “Touching China” was hailed by the media as “the Chinese people’s annual spiritual epic”.)




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