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Chapter 35

The time spent watching the execution was not long, but Jiang Xiurun’s face turned pale.

She wasn’t afraid of death; what was there to fear for someone who had died once before? But she feared that if she made a wrong move, it might implicate her brother and lead to him being executed.

The observation platform was close to the execution ground, and the smell of blood wafted over with the cold wind, making her stomach uncomfortable…

So before she could even get off the observation platform, she vomited with a “wa” sound.

It was just that she had rushed out early in the morning and hadn’t eaten breakfast, so what came out was just clear water.

Seeing his sister vomit, Jiang Zhi hurriedly helped her down from the high platform, found a sheltered place from the wind, let her stand firm, and Qian’er quickly poured water from the water bag she carried with her to rinse her mouth.

The commotion on this side of the observation platform was all seen by Feng Liwu, who was on the main observation platform. When he caught sight of his little tutor’s pale face and staggering appearance, his brow furrowed slightly.

He thought to himself: He is usually so arrogant; why is he so cowardly now? Where is the slightest hint of manly demeanor?

But when he saw Jiang Xiurun vomit, Feng Liwu was filled with regret—knowing that he couldn’t bear the sight of blood, he shouldn’t have let him watch. His body was already frail, and being frightened like this would probably make him unable to eat well for several days.

So he got up and walked straight towards the observation platform with long strides.

As for the hostages on this observation platform, although none of them vomited like Jiang Xiurun, they were all as nervous as monkeys who had just watched a chicken being slaughtered.

But at this moment, seeing the Crown Prince of Great Qi, with a solemn expression on his face, walk towards them, everyone’s hearts trembled, suspecting whether the Crown Prince hadn’t killed enough and was coming to grab another unlucky soul to send under the butcher’s knife.

Unexpectedly, the Crown Prince didn’t even look at anyone else but went straight to the two brothers from Bo State.

After the hostages breathed a sigh of relief, they also understood: This was right! The person the Crown Prince dislikes the most right now should be Young Master Jiang!

After all, it was widely rumored that he had slept with the Crown Prince’s favored candidate for crown princess, and the rumors were detailed and credible.

The reason why the boy was so scared just now was probably because he knew he was the next one to be killed, right?

Thinking like this, since they were safe and sound, they could naturally leisurely watch others’ misfortune.

So the ‘kind-hearted’ people all slowed down their pace, wanting to see how the Crown Prince would discipline this arrogant young man.

However, when the Crown Prince walked up to Young Master Jiang, his expression was full of concern. He lowered his head and asked Young Master Jiang, who had just vomited in fear.

He even personally took out a fine silk handkerchief from his sleeve and handed it to Young Master Jiang’s mouth, letting him wipe away the traces of water after rinsing his mouth…

Everyone said the Crown Prince was respectful to the wise and humble to the worthy, but hearing was not as good as seeing. This… was too respectful!

Ask yourself: Where is the slightest intention of coldly confronting a love rival with a frown?

So suddenly everyone remembered that Young Master Jiang had recently entered the academy, and it was said that it was also at the Crown Prince’s instruction. Young Master Jiang’s older brother also benefited from this, as he also entered the academy to receive teachings from the great scholars.

Unlike them, who had to report to the so-called ministry of rites even when they went out to visit the scholars in Luo’an City, to prevent them from secretly communicating with Qi’s important people and doing evil things.

All these, mixed together, made people feel an impulse to flee to the Crown Prince’s side and not hesitate to endure any hardship for him.

But this touching scene of cherishing talents did not taste good in one person’s eyes.

Today, all the hostages in Luo’an City were all present, and Tian Ying was naturally no exception.

The Crown Prince had said to her that if he dealt with Young Master Jiang, it would confirm her tarnished reputation and damage her own reputation, so he let Young Master Jiang go.

But Tian Ying couldn’t help but worry. She was afraid that the news might leak out and change the Crown Prince’s mind. She knew that the rumormonger was the real culprit who had instructed someone to frame her.

Without much thought, it must be Cao Xi’s doing.

Tian Ying, in her anger, found the Crown Prince’s thoughts even more unpredictable.

Now, seeing Feng Liwu looking at Jiang Xiurun with gentle eyes, it made her heart full of suspicion—if the Crown Prince truly admired him, even if he didn’t find a reason to kill Young Master Jiang later, he wouldn’t treat him so well, right?

Before she could figure it out, her old enemy, Cao Xi, walked over, smiling insincerely at her.

“Have you heard, sister, that you and I will serve His Highness together in the future? I hope sister can practice more on how to serve His Highness!”

Tian Ying heard this with a lack of patience. She had indeed heard that Cao Xi was among those selected. With this woman in the Crown Prince’s residence in the future, just the thought of it made her resentful!

After hastily responding to a few words, she looked up again, only to not see the Crown Prince and Young Master Jiang’s figures.

This made Tian Ying, who had been unable to see the Crown Prince for several days, so angry that she stomped her feet.

As for Feng Liwu, seeing that his little tutor only had stomach discomfort, which was not a big deal, but still worried, he quickly asked Jiang Herun to go back to the mansion with him to find a physician for a check-up.

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