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Chapter 298: The Sect Leader Wakes Up Grumpy Every Day (46)

Her face flushed inexplicably, and Shen Mubai quickly got out of bed, saying, “Let me help the sect master change his clothes first.”

It wasn’t until the waiter brought in water that the ambiguous atmosphere in the room dissipated slightly.

Today’s meal was brought in by Wu Er. He looked at Shen Mubai with a complicated expression before quickly retreating.

Shen Mubai felt uncomfortable all over, especially when Jun Jiuling asked her to dine with him.

The strange implications in her heart grew stronger.

Although the other day, his attitude change had made her suspicious, today’s Jun Jiuling was even more off.

She nervously sat down and, after taking a sip of porridge, looked at him and asked tentatively, “Is the master in a good mood today?”

Jun Jiuling glanced at her, furrowing his brows.

Seeing him like this, Shen Mubai relaxed slightly, thinking, It’s good to see Jun Jiuling like this.

But unexpectedly, he frowned at her and said, “It tastes bad.”

His tone was quite willful, just like Jun Jiuling at midnight.

Shen Mubai felt something was wrong but didn’t dwell on it, simply saying, “Then I’ll go make some food for the master.”

Jun Jiuling’s frown gradually disappeared as he watched her leave, and he curved his lips slightly and said, “Okay.”

As soon as Shen Mubai stepped out, she saw Wu Er guarding outside. He still looked at her with that complicated expression, his rugged face showing a lot of conflict.

She greeted him, but Wu Er just snorted and didn’t say anything.

Shen Mubai didn’t mind and went to the kitchen to prepare food for Jun Jiuling.

After lunch, Yun Niang and the others came to discuss matters with Jun Jiuling.

Shen Mubai was about to leave when he stopped her. “You stay here; don’t go anywhere.”

Except for Fifth Hall Master Shen Qingfeng, the others didn’t show any surprise.

Shen Mubai noticed that You Yi kept looking her way, which made her feel even stranger.

Jun Jiuling casually glanced over and asked, “Is there a problem, You Yi?”

You Yi’s expression stiffened, and he awkwardly said, “Master, I know I was wrong and accept any punishment.”

Jun Jiuling, then let him off.

Their discussion mainly revolved around last night’s events. It was obvious that the group of people who came yesterday were descendants of the remnants expelled by the Fire Lotus Sect a hundred years ago, and their intentions were clear.

Yun Niang said, “I have almost finished handling the affairs of the sect, so I came to assist the sect master.”

Jun Jiuling nodded.

Zuo Yi added, “Master, the Fifth Hall Master was slightly injured last night while chasing those people.”

After he finished speaking, Jun Jiuling’s gaze turned towards Shen Qingfeng. “How’s the Fifth Hall Master’s injury?”

Shen Qingfeng concealed the seriousness in his eyes and smiled. “Master, I’m fine; it’s just that those people are very cunning. I almost fell into their trap.”

Jun Jiuling tossed him a bottle of medicine and said with an ambiguous tone, “You better properly recuperate, Fifth Hall Master.”

Shen Qingfeng took the medicine and said, “Thank you, master.”

After discussing for a while, Jun Jiuling suddenly asked, “What time is it now?”

Yun Niang replied, “Master, it’s already three-quarters past the hour of Shen (3 a.m.–5 p.m.).”

Jun Jiuling pondered for a moment, “Are there still candied haws for sale at the market?”

Everyone was stunned, and Yun Niang was the first to react, “There should be, master.”

Jun Jiuling turned to Shen Mubai and said, “I want to eat that.”

Before Shen Mubai could respond, the blunt Wu Er spoke first: “Master, if you want to eat…”

Before he could finish, Yun Niang pinched him, “Third Hall Master, you…”

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