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Chapter 138

Ning Ning thought this system was simply ridiculous.

Not only did it provide original content that was nothing but drivel, but it also disappeared most of the time, only to suddenly reappear like a ghost when there was a task to be done, exploiting her, a poor working person.

The ugly face of capitalism is nothing more.

Looking at the original text given,it is indeed a classic routine in ancient novels: the malicious female cannon fodder caused the male lead’s demonic energy to intensify and his consciousness to blur. In his confusion, he lost his mind and attacked his fellow disciples with his sword.

Then it described in detail how the elders of other sects outside the mystic mirror panicked and were shocked. Despite Tian Xianzi’s numerous attempts to defend Pei Ji, it had little effect.

In the end, the villain’s scheme succeeded, and Pei Ji’s reputation was ruined among the various sects. Although the original owner provoked him first because he injured his fellow disciple, he had to endure extremely harsh punishment after the trial, to the point where he couldn’t get out of bed for a while.

Just reading those words made Ning Ning’s whole body ache. Let alone having Pei Ji experience it firsthand. After pondering for a moment, she had an idea.

The system only said to “disrupt his mind” but never mentioned “not avoiding Pei Ji’s attack.”

The original owner intentionally got herself hurt as part of her scheme; however, Ning Ning didn’t want Pei Ji to bear infamy. She just needed to retreat safely. After all, Ning Ning specialized in body techniques and speed, so if she went all out, she wouldn’t get hurt.

This way, the premise of “injuring fellow disciples” wouldn’t exist, and then she could stand by Pei Ji and explain a few things, preventing the situation from escalating too much.

A perfect battle plan!

Ning Ning mentally gave herself a thumbs up, took a deep breath, and stepped into the water.

The cold water reached her waist and abdomen, its icy touch piercing her lower body. The swirling water lifted her skirt, gently brushing against her knees and ankles.

Step by step, Ning Ning walked forward in the water, just like in the original text, and tentatively called out, “Pei Ji?”

Pei Ji stood with his eyes closed in front of the waterfall. Her voice, mingling with the roaring water, wasn’t very clear.

Ning Ning was about to call again when she suddenly saw the demonic energy around him ripple. His long eyelashes trembled lightly, and he slowly opened his eyes.

The original text briefly described the scene, only mentioning the dark, surging energy and its extreme malice. Now that it was her turn to see it clearly, she finally understood some of the pain Pei Ji never spoke of.

His skin was originally a strikingly pale white. Now, with the demonic energy rampaging within him, causing unbearable pain, it was even more bloodless and weak.

His forehead was drenched in cold sweat and mist, with strands of black hair clinging messily to his temples. The stark contrast of black and white was beautiful, but it seemed as if he would shatter with the slightest touch.

Pei Ji seemed too exhausted to even open his eyes. When his lashes drooped wearily, they cast a heavy shadow. The gloom made his pupils appear pitch-black and lifeless, reminding her of deep, dark lakes at night.

In his eyes, besides pure black, there was also a reckless spread of red. Blood vessels filled almost the entire whites of his eyes, making it look as if his eyeballs were stained with blood and exuding a ferocious, beast-like aura.

Or rather, the current Pei Ji wasn’t much different from a wild beast.

Oppression, rage, and pain.

The overflowing demonic energy clashed with the sword energy, causing excruciating pain. In severe cases, it could even disturb the mind, making the host attack others indiscriminately.

Unfortunately, Ning Ning was that “other.”

Pei Ji’s gaze was so fierce that it made her extremely uncomfortable. Bracing herself, she took another step forward and recited the lines from the original text: “Why are you here alone?”

Just like in the original story, he gave no response except for opening his eyes earlier than described.

Ning Ning had to suppress her nervousness and pretend to be calm as she continued to approach.

The closer she got to Pei Ji, the more she could feel the cold, snakelike killing intent, invisible but wrapping around her. The black mist-like demonic energy floated like dust, intertwining with the waterfall behind him, even tinging the water vapor with a faint black.

In this atmosphere, the girl’s clear voice was particularly jarring: “Are you feeling unwell? Or… is the demonic energy acting up again?”

“Demonic energy?”

Outside the mystic mirror, Lin Qian’s brows furrowed slightly, remembering that this young disciple under Tian Xianzi’s tutelage had a special background as the offspring of a demon cultivator.

During the war between the immortals and demons, many from the various sects perished, causing some elders to harbor prejudices against those with demon blood. Some had even openly declared that they would never take in the offspring of demons as disciples.

Tian Xianzi pursed his lips.

“What about the demonic energy? Has the demonic energy eaten your rice?”

Lin Qian glared at him.

She had spent many years in the company of beasts and didn’t care much about bloodlines, but…

Qu Feiqing, standing nearby, restrained her smile and finished the unspoken thought for her: “If Pei Ji’s demonic energy acts up and he injures Ning Ning, what then? He—”

The word “he” got stuck in her throat, producing only a low whisper.

Qu Feiqing stopped talking at this point, staring intently at the scene within the mystic mirror.

Ning Ning moved forward slowly, stopping when she was just a person’s distance away from Pei Ji.

She called his name several times but received no response. Just as she was about to look up and check on him, the black-clad youth before her suddenly frowned.

—Then, without warning, he stepped forward, causing the water and black mist to surge like waves. Before Ning Ning could react, he grabbed her arm.

Ning Ning was stunned.

This wasn’t part of the original plot. According to the established storyline, it should have been: “The sword energy shatters, rushing towards the intruder’s face. Ning Ning, not expecting him to go for the kill directly, hurriedly retreats a few steps.”

That’s how it was supposed to go!

She thought she knew Pei Ji’s next move, so she focused all her attention on the surrounding aura, trying to dodge the sword energy the moment it burst forth.

…But why did he grab her directly?

Caught off guard; Ning Ning didn’t resist much.

Pei Ji didn’t use much force either. With a swift pull, he forced Ning Ning to move closer to him, almost crashing into his chest.

If this were a romantic scene in a love story, the next development might have been “pinned against the wall and kissed” or a waist-grabbing confession.

Unfortunately, Ning Ning wasn’t that lucky. As they stood close, Pei Ji grabbed her by the neck.

…Alright then.

Pei Ji didn’t use much force; his fingers were cold, like dark iron against her skin. His eyes were muddy and murky, resembling stagnant water filled with sludge. Staring at her like this, he had a rather eerie aura.

Ning Ning held her breath and subtly gripped the Xinghen Sword at her waist.

When the demonic energy overflowed, his mind became the most unstable. Once he was affected, it was easy for him to go on a killing spree.

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