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Chapter 47-Part 2

He knew his master had ulterior motives!

He refused to continue as her bodyguard, so she insisted on being his personal pharmacist. Initially, he clung to her; after agreeing, she clung to him. Was there really a difference?

She had some nerve to come up with that idea.

It seemed that the reason she had previously rejected him in bed was simply because she was shy. Deep down, she clearly wanted to be with him all the time.

Tang Xin’s face fell.

Why did he still need to consider it?

Her medical skills were superb and impressive.

If she offered herself up, shouldn’t Yan Hao eagerly agree?

Wasn’t he worried that if she got angry, she might find someone else to be her bodyguard? He needed to abandon this unnecessary reserve!


Everything proceeded according to plan, even more smoothly than he had anticipated.

It was all thanks to the new manager from the Ma family. Foolishly competing with him in three matches without any resistance.

Zhao Min couldn’t help but think, if all his opponents were as foolish as that person, how wonderful it would be. He could crush them with sheer intelligence without much effort.

After letting his thoughts wander for a few minutes, he shook his head and returned to reality.

Opponents as clueless as that were rare; he needed to be fully prepared for the retaliation to come.

Before entering the Ma family’s pharmacist, he had already bought a shop and had his men prepare it for opening.

After winning the three matches, he walked leisurely, followed by a group of people, and entered the newly opened shop.

The shop had just been cleaned, and the sign was hung at the entrance, with the characters “Tangmen” in flamboyant script.

Scattered medicines were placed on the shelves, and those who had followed Zhao Min rushed to buy them.

The staff were momentarily stunned but quickly reacted, having experienced the chaos during the opening of Zhao’s pharmacy. They each got busy with their posts.

The pricing was simple; he directly copied the Ma family’s price list.

There were two pharmacies on the same street with the same prices, but one had better quality. Anyone would know which to choose.

Watching the crowd eagerly buying up the medicines until the shelves were empty, Zhao Min sat on the sofa, sipping tea, and remarked, “This is a pretty good start.”



Ma Tao had been in charge of the Ma family for years and had never been so angry. Learning about Ma Rui’an’s stupid actions, he slapped him hard.

Ma Rui’an’s face was red and swollen, crying out, “Master, it’s not my fault! On my first day at the pharmacy, a super-skilled pharmacist caused trouble. Right! It must be Ma Ruiming’s revenge after being demoted. He must have hired someone to cause trouble for the Ma family. It must be that!”

Ma Tao was so infuriated that he laughed, kicking Ma Rui’an far away.

“Ruiming hiring outsiders to cause trouble? Think before you speak. Ruiming has been ill recently and hasn’t been able to leave the house. Do you know how many people worldwide could beat a Ma family pharmacist? And you think Ruiming could find someone that quickly?”

Ma Rui’an gasped, feeling the bruises from the kick. But he didn’t dare to cry out in pain, enduring it and defending himself, “What if, what if he got lucky?”

“If he had miraculous luck, he wouldn’t be in his current predicament because of you.” Ma Tao said coldly, “Do you think your actions are so secretive that no one knows? I know Ruiming’s character well; he would never abandon you.”

“I know you lied about gathering herbs. Not only I, but the elders in the family are aware too. You were chosen as the successor because you seemed the most suitable.”

“But if you fail to measure up, it won’t be anyone’s fault if you’re replaced.”

“Remember, I can lift you up, but I can also find someone to replace you.”

Ma Rui’an was shocked, staring blankly in a certain direction.

Other people knew what he had done? How could that be…

He thought he had kept it well hidden, always feeling proud. But others had seen it all, remaining silent, knowing everything.

Ma Rui’an was dazed, while Ma Tao continued to lecture him loudly.

He heard the words but couldn’t grasp the content.

His mind was filled with negative emotions, feeling like a joke.

Seeing his dazed expression, Ma Tao eventually softened.

Sighing, he said, “Forget it, it’s not entirely your fault. Ruiming handled these matters before, and you lack experience. It’s normal to mishandle your first tricky situation. Go back to your room and reflect, and learn from this.”

Ma Rui’an nodded numbly, his spirit seemed broken, a far cry from the vibrant man he had been at the pharmacy.

Ma Tao frowned slightly, feeling irritated just by looking at him, and waved his hand, “You may leave now.”

Ma Rui’an moved like a puppet, following the master’s orders, step by step, quietly walking out.

Ma Tao shook his head in dismay, “A useless pile of mud. Even without experience, he should have had some way to handle it. If he couldn’t manage, he should have reported to the family elders and let capable people deal with it. Ultimately, it shows his poor mental strength. Just a little flattery, and he forgets his place.”

Ma Tao felt a deep sense of helplessness.

He once believed that, although the younger generation of the family was generally mediocre, having a talent like Ruiming was enough.

As long as Ruiming was there, the Ma family had a future. The others just needed to stay out of trouble.

But recently, he realized relying on one person made the family too fragile.

Ruiming had a minor mishap, and the Ma family’s future became uncertain.

He knew well that Ma Rui’an was unreliable, but there was no better candidate.

He couldn’t let someone even more incompetent take over.

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